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Lost Kingdoms of Ehtiopia/Africa - BBC4

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Messenger: Black Christ Salvation Sent: 3/8/2010 11:29:44 AM

Neglected African History - Lost Kingdoms of Africa Nubia

Holy Honey / "Honey Church" - Lost Kingdoms of Africa - Ethiopia

Good to know that the "wine" used in communion in EOC is a honey mead.

Watch the Ethiopia clip.

Blessed love, guidance and protection to One and All.

Messenger: Eleazar Sent: 3/8/2010 12:21:46 PM

Give Thanks My Lord,

I thought the part about honey was interesting. It reminded I of a section in Chapter 4 of Selassie I's Autobiography. Selassie I is giving a Proclamation to His Officials in this section.


You who are Abagaz, look out for thieves and brigands in the country which you govern as deputy. If I hear it being said that in a certain province people have been robbed, it is the Abagaz who will pay them. You who have no master and are unemployed, enter the town which I have given to the Abagaz and stay there; but do not disturb the peasants by being in the villages. If the roads in your respective governorates fall into disrepair, build roads in order not to make things difficult for the traders going up and down the country. Hitherto work on the Sabbath was forbidden; now you will, in fact, be punished when found working on the Sabbath. As for you who are liable to honey tax and possess honey, I have indicated to your Abagaz the proper measure; hence render your honey in that measure. But if you do not have honey, then give in lieu of the honey 4 dollars if you are a Garada, 3 dollars as a Shebata, two as a tenant and one as a shepherd. If, however, you possess honey and say 'I would rather give cash', then you have to pay double the quantity of honey if you are found selling your honey. You being a Garada paying the same amount of tax as a Shebata, spend three dollars, like a Shebata, for your honey. Garada, Shebata, tenant, and shepherd, except if it is difficult for you, your tax is honey; hence hang up your bee hives. And you, Malkafma (district collector), do not touch the honey before it is ready; in future, as in the past, work with your Damina in all the work that is to be done. Previously I told you by proclamation as follows 'having wandered from province to province, yet you have not acquired a new country; hence do not eat up the kobe basa'. Now I have heard it being said that you are receiving it from the peasants; therefore return to the peasants this money which you have received beyond the terms of this proclamation. And for the future, you, the Abagaz and Damina, watch lest the Malkanna (district collector), going beyond what has been assigned to them, take away the peasants' money. If the peasants tell you about the money which has been extorted in excess and if you persist in not returning it to them, and if then the peasants do no work and come to me to complain, then the loss is yours and you will have to pay the money and will then have to get it back from the person who had taken it from the peasants. And as for you, peasants, do not come to me before you have spoken to the Abagaz and the Damina. For the three annual festivals, i.e. for Masqal, Christmas, and Easter, receive two dollars each in lieu of castrated goats, but beyond this you will not receive anything.

"Hitherto work on the Sabbath was forbidden; now you will, in fact, be punished when found working on the Sabbath"

Holy King Emmanuel 7th, Selassie I JAH RasTafarI

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Haile Selassie I