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Sizzla performance in Zimbabwe

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Messenger: SunofMan Sent: 3/7/2010 9:18:17 PM

I got the story from the Zimbabwe Times website, how do we know it's not true? Even if the figures are off, does anyone really think that Mugabe wasn't doin' it large at his party?

Okay, the Chinese funded they party, that makes plenty of sense too. The Chinese are some of the most active colonizers of Africa today, what better way to gain sway than fund Mugabe's birthday party. Why not throw a party and invite those you oppress...get'em right where you want'em.

Is this true?

mugabe and mengistu


Messenger: Fikre Jahnhoi Sent: 3/7/2010 11:16:44 PM

First let i say, Give thanks Ten, for letting ini know about the misinformtion being spread around


"Rasta nah gwan to Mugabe's bash because of the abusive treatment of Rases by the police. Why would Rastas not be invited to such an event yet everyday Rasta is looked down upon by society and downtrodden by the State? In 2005 when there was the Operation Clean Up the flower stalls and curio stalls at the markets were destroyed - most of these belonged to Rastas and for months they could not trade in the City Centre because the markets had been destroyed. Although things are normal now and Rastas can do their trade; Rastas have been downpressed alot."

Mi know say my people are a forgiving people, slow to anger, quick to reason, but mi neva know seh my people are a forgetful people.
Have we forgotten what it was like for ini forefathers in Jamaica?
Have we forgotten how it used to be for Rastaman and Rastawoman?
How them used to capture Rasta like theives, how they cut off ini crowns ?
How ini camps used to be bulldozed to the ground ?
You a talk about how Rasta is looked down upon on society ? The i them forget how worse it ised to be in those imes
Have we forgotten His Imperia Majesty visit in 1966 ?
Have we forgotten how much validation Rastafari got among the society after the visit ?
Have we forgotten who and who was there walking with the Father ?
Have we forgotten it was ini Elders who were there ?
Bobo, Nyahbinghi, Orthodox Elders who were there with the very same people who were trying to crucify Rasta people everyday on every corner and lane.
Have we forgotten even Emmanuel I was there while the politicians were there same way drinking their champagne and eating their lobster ?
Even if there is still much works to be done, Have we forgotten how much that day did for ini people ?

And the i Sunofman, who still keep up this foolishness that you somehow have "personal circumstances" that is any different than any of ini, vex mi vex with the i right now, mi nah care who say what.
"my resentment is personal" Burn dat, straight. You cyant tell i nothing about no personal circumstance

You are so busy trying to figure out why they invited Rasta for and what they are trying to use ini for, that you dont even consider what ini can use them for
Uno nah know say Good will overcome evil ?
What is it that the i dem are scared of?
Its funny to i, the i dem almost talk as if if Rastaman went to them place yah, He is going to enter saying burn babylon and come out saying i love babylon

Mi proud of the bredda Sizzla now more than ever. Mi even say Forgive I jah, because in the past i have complained about him, i burn fyah pon iself for that
Yes, i used to say when is Sizzla going to start using his unique position to do what he should do
And finally mi see the bredda moving in the right direction,, finally doing greater works than just music music music

But now all i see is bad mind business, Rastafari nah support them thing there
Sizzla a man like any of ini, whatever mistakes he makes along the way, him a do his best, and mi give thanks for that, what more can we ask of one another but to do we best.

This one man work work work, music like dirt, and finally put himself in a position that he can get a call from the president of Zimbabwe, and the i dem vex?
wha a gwaan mi people, wha a gwaan ???

Ark i said, "One thing Sizzla should have done is told Mugabe to send mengistu to face the consequences of his wickedness."

a true dat, but here wha mi a say, the Rastaman and Rastawoman them ALL, elders and youths, should have been there, they should have been there to tell Sizzla these things.
They should have been there to remind Sizzla, to tell him the issues that they face everyday
InI people should have been there to demand the Rights of all downtrodden people, instead of sitting on your computer screens and your little corners and complain

How do you squander such an opportunity to go into the heart of the governement and speak for all of ini, ini people inna Africa, ini people out here inna babylon ?
Uno nah know say Jah Jah nah Love dem ting deh?
What a waste, and Rastafari are not a wasteful people

SunofMan mi see you almost happy to hear about the chinese, as if now you found something to support your thinking

But my thinking is different, seen. To hear about the chinese involvement, only mek i know for sure that InI people shoulda have been there in FULL FORCE, in NUMBERS

Mi nah know what really happened there, mi nah know how many went and how many never went, but there shouldnt have even been a question, Rastafari Cut and Clear, ini shoulda have been there

but yes, the i dem stay there on your computer screen and badmind your brethren
The i dem can continue to complain that police are destroying your little market stall.....i bet some even go to the local police station to make a complaint....but uno get a real chance to go
and demand your rights from the highest offices of government, and what do uno do, uno turn up your nose and say, mi nah go dere with them politicians
alright, stay there then

SunofMan said something earlier and , i just thought i would let it slide, but to see Ten say such a similiar thing, and on the same post, now mi cyant let it pass

Sunofman said, "Fikre Jahnhoi, what the I said about resentment is good advice, I appreciate it"

and then right pon the next line he say, "My resentment is personal"

Please bredda, do not say you appreciate i advice, and come right back to what i advice you against, cos in truth if you did apprecilove what mi a say, you wouldnt say the same thing again.

Forgive i if i take that as a mockery of i words

And Ten, what the i said, actually made i smile a little, but not inna good way
When speaking of why Sizzla came there now and not before, you said

"I don't know and don't want to speculate"

but what did you say right before that ?

"perhaps he was offered more money and decided to cancel the 22/23 December show or the promoters decided "
AFTER you mek your speculation, THEN you waan fe say, you nah waan fe speculate ????

A so di i dem a use dem Word Sound ?

Mi done talk

Messenger: Ark I Sent: 3/8/2010 12:00:34 AM

No need to get vex over this thing.

Both viewpoints on this issue have validity. I can see why people would use the opportunity and exposure for good works. Selassie I went to the Pope and other wicked rulers and was even able promote and encourage the good in them. I can also see why people would not want anything to do with him or anything associated with him, how much wickedness can a person do before association with him in any way becomes out of the question?

I and I need to be able to Iverstand why other people do the things they do, or think the things they think. Just because the viewpoint is different, it isn't always the case that the other person is just not thinking straight, there are various possible reasons for people to think the things they do. After searching and Iverstanding, the I them may still disagree, but at least the I them will see what experiences and thought processes could have lead another to think differently.

Messenger: Fikre Jahnhoi Sent: 3/8/2010 4:41:52 AM

"I can also see why people would not want anything to do with him or anything associated with him, how much wickedness can a person do before association with him in any way becomes out of the question?"

People turned their back and bad mind mi good Prophet Marcus Garvey I because he went and visited.... who ??

Yes, who waan remember can remember

So the i dem can guess what my answer to that question would be.

Moses haffe go to Pharoah

Messenger: Ark I Sent: 3/8/2010 9:36:13 AM

The I is missing I point. It is not about your opinion on that quote, it is about Iverstanding other people's opinion.

It really shouldn't be surprising that many would have something against promoting Mugabe. And whether or not Sizzla had the intention to promote Mugabe, performing at his birthday bash, especially without blazing his wickedness, will give him promotion.

If I and I follow the example of Yeshua and Haile Selassie I. I and I should be able to forgive and love even a person like Mengistu, but I am not for a second going to pretend that I am at a point where I could do that.

Most people are lacking at least some of the qualities of Christ, The I has your lack, other people have their lack.

Messenger: SunofMan Sent: 3/8/2010 10:48:34 AM

Fikre Jahnhoi, the I's advice was true, and I can acknowledge that, no? It doesn't mean that I'm suddenly over the issue.

Forgiveness, sure, an exemplary characteristic, but in not forgetting I am unable to justify jumping into a situation with ones who have clearly proven their level of wicked intent. There is so much damning history surrounding Mugabe and Mengistu, it has touched my life perhaps in a way unlike yours...that's not something to vex over, it's just a matter of circumstance.

Your opinions are your own, and I never said you were wrong, I just expressed my view, which happens to be in opposition to yours, I never meant it as an attack or a disrespect.

"SunofMan mi see you almost happy to hear about the chinese, as if now you found something to support your thinking"

- That comment, however.......I kept typing and erasing..... I'm not trying to dis you King.....I felt it was a shame.


Messenger: Fikre Jahnhoi Sent: 3/8/2010 7:40:48 PM

lol, shame, good, good, then the i know how i feel about this whole thread.

But know this
As long as yuh a keep thinkin that mi vex thru i feel any disrespect or attack from yuh, which i dont, then you wont overstand.
As long as yuh think that mi vex thru we have a difference of ipinion, yuh wont overstand.

I met a man one day who just happened to be from the Blessed land of Ethiopia. We a reason a bit, and he told i he know the scripture, and so mi did ask him how comes he nah sight His Majesty yet ?
He told i he tries to, but his "personal circumstances" make it difficult for him

Petty vanity, which no Ras is supposed to partake in. LOW thoughts not fit for a HIGH trodding Ras. Dem ya vanities keep mankind blinded, a dat mi a say, and dats all mi have fe say

Messenger: Ten Sent: 3/8/2010 8:07:06 PM

Greetings SunofMan,
The Zimbabwe Times is a paper for Zimbabweans in the Diaspora and sometimes they source their stories on Zimbabwe from Reuters - it seems having a Western stamp of approval on a story carries more weight than the truth - even for Zimbabwean journalists who ought to know their own country better. Just the sheer practicality of getting lobster, prawns and caviar in *such large quantities* flown in from South Africa should have tipped them off - Lol!

Anyway yes the Chinese are moving in on Africa - they promise to build roads and hospitals and give money in exchange for mines and land and to flood the markets with their cheap goods and cigarettes.

Fyah Burn!

I can't say for certain if that Mengistu story is true, I have heard it before from others, but I don't know how much involvement he had in the urban removals but I know it was a political move to crush the opposition. As far as I know Mengistu has been very ill for the past few years and I will ask one of I brethren for more info and get back to the I.

Jah Bless

Greetings Fikre Jahnoi,

I don’t know where the I lives or if the I has ever been mushed down by the Babylon police, but if the I has then you must overstand that one does not just rise up and go and “demand the Rights of all downtrodden people, instead of sitting on your computer screens”. Some of the I’s remarks were rather insensitive to what Rastas go through in Zimbabwe but you call upon the I them to remember what happened in Jamaica. What tribulations I n I go through anywhere in the world today is as important as then, if not more saddening because it shows how after all this time Rasta still fight for basic Raspect and Recognition as RighTeous People.

Do you really think Sizzla would be given an audience with Mugabe to air out Rasta grievances when he was hired to come and perform? And why must I n I now take our ‘complaints’ to Sizzla like he’s any assurance that downpression will end? Man n Man must do for self. The political leaders are still struggling to get along after they made a pact to work together – a pact can be made with Sizzla and broken tomorrow.

This makes I wonder what overstanding the I has of the kind of things that went on in 2005:
“The i dem can continue to complain that police are destroying your little market stall.....i bet some even go to the local police station to make a complaint....but uno get a real chance to go
and demand your rights from the highest offices of government, and what do uno do, uno turn up your nose and say, mi nah go dere with them politicians alright, stay there then”

Those times were heavy; it was not some “little market” but a whole informal economy that was destroyed, houses destroyed and people displaced, countrywide. And as far as I know two children died as houses were being bulldozed. If the I thinks the I can gwan a police station and demand rights when the police themselves are the downpressors, then I encourage you to get up from behind your computer and go to Zimbabwe and show Rastas how it should be done, if not you can find a Zimbabwe Rastas group on Facebook and post some *practical solutions* of what they can do. Like Sizzla say, words without work, is not enough.

This last remark by the I:
“And Ten, what the i said, actually made i smile a little, but not inna good way When speaking of why Sizzla came there now and not before …“
That comment really is no big thing to fuss over; if we were physically speaking then you might not take I so literally.

Give Thanks

Messenger: Fikre Jahnhoi Sent: 3/8/2010 9:49:29 PM

Give thanks Ten

Mi want you fe know that everything the i say only strengthens i iviction that IandI should have been there.

The i say that its sad that ini still have fe go through this same downpression, and i say that it will itinue as long as we sit and squander such opportunities to make ini grievances heard.
This is not about Sizzla, i never did say for ini to take we complaints to Sizzla, mi nah know where the i get that from, why would i want to complain to Sizzla
To say man and man mus do fiself is well and good, but its not for this reasoning. Here,we are not reasoning about no selfish business, we a talk about ini nation, Ini for InI, not everyman for himself
One of InI bredrin put himself in a position to be able to walk into the highest office in the land, as soon as he walk thru that door, te whole nation shoulda follow thru
Then yuh a say that the leaders make a pact and cant get along with those they make a pact with
So what ?
Look pon the i Father, and Look pon the united nations, look how much of their pacts and promises they have broken.
Did that stop INI Father from doing His Work
So why is it supposed to stop InI His Children from doing our works ?
And mi nah even ever say we need to make a pact with them
But mi a say, we haffe go thru and do the works no matter what, cos wha ? if ini can change one mind at a time, ini reward will be great. No work is too big or too small when ini people are suffering everyday.
As i said earlier, Moses haffe go to Pharoah, and Aaron haffe stand beside his bredrin. Who else but pharoah a go let i people go??

Yuh cant talk to i about get up from behind your computer, mi a do my works to the best of i ability, yuh nah haffe worry about that, Selassie I know, but this is not about i, i am not in Zimbabwe, i was not in Zimbabwe when all this take place. Africa is a continent, and we cant all be in the same place, and I works and i trod is not in Zimbabwe.
So yes, mi talk to them who are there. who were there, and those whose work is there for the future

Yuh say, its more than just some little market stalls, and mi say, that only makes i more sad that we squander such opportunities.

Its sad to i that the i would even suggest to i that i should show Rasta how it should be done. Rasta need a little youth like i to show dem how its done ??? Then we are inna serious trouble

Blessed, it is not for i to post practical solutions to the problems inna Zim. As i said, i trod and i works in Africa is not in Zim.
You know much more about Zim than i do, you know more of the problems the people face there, you know the more of the politics, you know more of what form and fashon the downpression takes there. Just as how in the land of i trod and i works, i am sure i know a lot more about the everyday shituations more than the i

You know what i would be like if i went to Zim now ?
I would be just like Sizzla.
I would know the problems, in a general sense, because generally speaking , problems are the same everywhere, but i wouldnt know the details, the ins and outs of everyday life in Zim
And just like Sizzla, i would need the advice and counsel of i Elders who live there, i would need to hear the grievances of the Ras youths who face the police and the shitstem everyday.

But if i went there, and i own people shy away from i just thru they dont like where im going, then we are all inna problem

Mi really waan fe stop talk about this, so, please, if the i dem wish to continue, please do so without calling i name. I do not mean any disrespect or anything,, i just dont have nothing more to say about this, and i feel im just repeating iself now. Feel free to disagree with i, but dont address your disagreement to i, i give thanks

Oh about the last remark, the i is right, its most likely i wouldnt have taken it literally, it was just a surprise to see such a similar thing on the same thread from two idren
No disrespect intended, but im glad i said it, for we all need to be wary about such things and watch ini word sound carefully

Love Love

Messenger: Fikre Jahnhoi Sent: 3/9/2010 12:11:32 AM

a couple of things to conclude i part in this

I am not so foolish as to think that they would invite Kalonji or any Ras because they want any good for ini. No doubt its for their own use.

But i have Trust and Faith in the strength of I People, The Powers of the King, the guidance and itection that He provides unto those that trust in HIM, that whatever they would want to use ini for, ini can use them instead. Trickery cannot stand against Wisemind. It is only for ini to push through.
InI Father has already shown InI. Selassie I walk amonst the biggest heathen whose wickidness would make Mugabe look almost like a saint. And nothin no different then, same way they try to use His goodness for their own use, but in the end, they all end up doing His bidding, willing or unwilling through His wisemind
Some might say, well, thats the Almighty, we cant do as HIM
Unto them i would say, Thy Father said, Verily, verily, I say unto you, He that believeth on me, the works that I do shall he do also; and greater works than these shall he do.

And, i forgot to mention earlier, Ten, mi fulljoy that first part of your post, made i smile, a good way


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