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Sizzla performance in Zimbabwe

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Messenger: SunofMan Sent: 3/5/2010 12:54:32 PM


In America we hear about the U.S. Gov's excesses, and this nation's shortcomings, everyday, I'm well aware.

My point is that the U.S. is not going out of their way to harbor Ethiopia's No..1 genocidal maniac. Mugabe is personally responsible for Mengistu's luxurious and protected lifestyle. I cannot overs how any Rastafari would have anything to do with Mugabe after what he's done for Mengistu. I hope and pray Mugabe does something for his people, but no matter what he does, he will always go down as Mengistu's bed buddy in my book.

Of course Zimbabweans party...I just wonder why Sizzla couldn't perform at a different party...Mugabe is not someone who must be gone through to get to the youth...Is harboring Mengistu the act of a black empowerment icon? What do ya'll really think Mugabe thinks of I Majesty ?


Messenger: Fikre Jahnhoi Sent: 3/5/2010 1:33:22 PM

First of Sunofman, mi haffe say, no disrespect but personally, i am disapointed that you would even post all that about how much money they spent, it only adds to my disapointment that yuh woulda post that on this particular topic, as if Sizzla have anything to do with that, as if dem politicians wouldnt still have their lobster and champagne whether Sizzla is dere or not
I am at least thankful that unlike the last Mandela concert i saw, im glad they didnt spend as much if not a whole lot more money as in Zimbababwe, and the people had to settle for people like Will Smith to sing for them

"I cannot overs how any Rastafari would have anything to do with Mugabe"

Yes i sight the i dont overs, but i do, simply because i would do the same, if thats the price of getting to reach i people i will do it

and i dont really overs this talk about mengistu
i am well aware of who he is and what he has done....but what is that yuh want....yuh want him to face justice, whose justice ? Justice from man ? what do yuh want ? Revenge ? Vengeance ?
Would it make you happy if yuh saw dem string him up like saddam?
Well, I nah give a damn about dem thing there
Mek him stay there
Even after all he done, it no matter me if he die peaceful inna him bed, thru mi know that no man cant get away from Justice, Real Justice.Judgement.
Mi know say everything a gwaan according to the Fathers will, so i murmur not

but all that aside, let i say what makes i sad about all this talk.

What makes i sad is that, knowing iself, knowing that i would do anything, go anywhere, talk to anyone in order to plead the cause of ini people, it saddens i to know that if i went certain places, or if i spoke to certain people, my own people would start to talk about me as if dem already forget what i stand for

"My point is that the U.S. is not going out of their way to harbor Ethiopia's No..1 genocidal maniac."

Is that the i point for real ?
Perhaps the i can start maybe around the times of Nazi Germany and tell i how many "maniacs" from how many countries they have harboured, nurtured, and set loose to wreck havoc on the world.

The president of the country calls him and yuh a ask why Sizzla do it...because, like i, and i can only pray like many more of ini, he wouldnt squander such a chance to get such an access to the country.

A black empowerment icon, yes,Mugabe is dat, if the i nah see it that way ini can agree to disagree on that

One thing that always amazes i is a man who sees his idren down in the mud and dirt and he wont stoop down and help him idren for fear of getting his hands a little dirty

Yuh a warrior fe Rastafari Kalonji, and i for one just waan fe see the tv broadcast, somebody betta show i something

Yes i, a Love still Sunofman, Ark I, give thanks for that, well written and well reasoned

i wonder how its going inna Ghana today

Messenger: SunofMan Sent: 3/5/2010 4:40:15 PM

Give Thanks Fikre Jahnhoi ena ArkI...

I see that my own resentment towards this issue is more personal than the I's and only I can see it through mine own eyes. Your points are valid we all come as individuals to our varied perspectives.


Messenger: Fikre Jahnhoi Sent: 3/5/2010 9:52:36 PM

"we all come as individuals to our varied perspectives."

Yes i, dat is most true

To say dat this issue is more personal to the i than any of ini is however a huge assumption on the i part

But if i can say one thing, a little advice, it is this, Burn and remove all resentment from di i heart, as ini all should strive to do, because what doesnt bring ini any good is what ? Sin, dat nah true?

Like hatred and anger and such things, resentment will cause as much if not more harm to the i as it will to others.
In i opinion, resentment is not much more than self torture.
I doubt if what im saying is anything new to the i
Im sure the i know full well, that we as Black Africans, at some point or another in our life feel a certain resentment to how the world and the white race in particular has treated us over the ages, but, the i know, who a trod Rastafari cannot walk with dem things inna dem hearts for Selassie I is ini only example, true ?

Not only will resentment cloud ones judgements, but i man can say, i have seen it torture individuals, i have seen it tear families apart, and i have seen it destroy nations

Love mi bredda
Rastafari ever faithful ever sure

Messenger: Eleazar Sent: 3/5/2010 11:24:34 PM

Much Raspect to Sizzla, I hope Mugabe changes his attitude against RasTafarI.

Fikre Jahnhoi said,

"But if i can say one thing, a little advice, it is this, Burn and remove all resentment from di i heart, as ini all should strive to do, because what doesnt bring ini any good is what ? Sin, dat nah true?"

Yes I, I sight that as True.

Messenger: Ark I Sent: 3/6/2010 3:08:55 AM

One thing Sizzla should have done is told Mugabe to send mengustu to face the consequences of his wickedness. I know mengustu will be judged whether or not men judge him, but he should have told him that anyway.

That way Mugabe would hear that word sound from RastafarI.

Messenger: SunofMan Sent: 3/6/2010 12:43:44 PM


Fikre Jahnhoi, what the I said about resentment is good advice, I appreciate it.

My resentment is personal because it comes from my personal circumstances and my own opinions. I never said that to diminish the validity of anybody's own feelings on the issue, I was just speaking on my own perspective. I've said it here before and been blasted for it, but Sizzla is also a point of disappointment for me.

The whole thing, Sizzla..playing for Mugabe, sitting there eating caviar and drinking champagne, on top of an impoverished nation, with Mengistu not only holed up in a little palace, but advising Mugabe's intelligence organization...feels like they got us right where they want, it doesn't sit right with me at all.


Messenger: Fikre Jahnhoi Sent: 3/6/2010 3:13:24 PM


I pray all the i dem had a blessed Sabbath

Messenger: Ark I Sent: 3/6/2010 11:49:08 PM

One thing to Iverstand from Mugabe's perspective. Mengistu played a key role in the Independence of Zimbabwe, and Mugabe's loyalty to him stems from that.

I am not excusing any of the wickedness that Mugabe has done, and I have no loyalty to him, but I recognize what he did for Zimbabwe, from independence to removing some of the direct economical control from babylon by taking away their plantations. Zimbabwe would have been continually downpressed by those plantation owners. They will still feel downpression from babylon, but at least one of babylon's tools was removed.

I have posted these words from Haile Selassie I many times, because they are essential

By the word "neutral" We do not, of course, mean that abstention from political activity which has been for so long the hallmark of a Switzerland. We can no more refrain from political activity in the year 1961 than man today can voluntarily refrain from partaking of the radioactive fall-out which will be bestowed upon him should a nuclear holocaust erupt on this globe. Nor does neutrality mean that without taking sides, we content ourselves with urging that the powers most intimately concerned negotiate in good faith to the solution of the issues in dispute between them; we have passed the point where prayerful pleading serves any purpose other than to debase those who thereby abdicate any responsibility or power to influence events.

To be neutral is to be impartial, impartial to judge actions and policies objectively, as we see them either contributing to or detracting from the resolution of the world's problems, the preservation of peace and the improvement of the general level of man's living conditions. Thus, we may find ourselves now opposing, now supporting. now voting with, now voting against, first the East, next the West. It is the worth of the policies themselves, and not their source or sponsor, which determines the position of one who is truly neutral.

This, We maintain, is the essence of non-alignment. Those who would righteously denounce one side on every major problem or issue while reserving nothing but praise for the other cannot claim to be non-aligned, nor can those whose policies are shaped for them elsewhere and who wait patiently to be instructed whether they are to be for or against be called uncommitted.

I don't think I personally would want to deal with Mugabe. There is too much filth in his hands for I, but that doesn't prevent I from Iverstanding why some others would or do. Especially since I haven't Reasoned with Sizzla, so I don't know his intentions. And that doesn't prevent I from recognizing the things Mugabe has done which are good. Even a man like George Bush, the Pope or other babylonians, I recognize their wickedness, but can't ignore the good they have done.

Messenger: Ten Sent: 3/7/2010 6:49:52 AM

Blessed Love Ites,

SunofMan posted this story
"It was widely reported last week that guests at Mugabe’s party will tuck into 8 000 lobsters, 100 kilograms of prawns and an amazing 4 000 portions of caviar, the delight of the affluent in the West, all to be washed down with 500 bottles of Johnnie Walker Blue Label and Chevas Regal Scotch whisky."

Where did the I get this from? This story is not true, it has been floating around the internet, but there's no truth to it, this is taken from an another untrue story about Mugabe that ran in the French press last year. The Party was not funded by the Zim Govt but by the Chinese government - the Washington Post and the Mail and Guardian South Africa have this story. In his birthday speech Mugabe thanked the Chinese for having been so generous, the Chinese Foreign Ministry said: "Mugabe thanked the Chinese embassy for its painstaking preparations for the birthday celebration and ... hoped to further expand friendly cooperative relations in every field between the two nations."

Concerning Sizzla; Sizzla was meant to come to Zim in December just before XMas to perform in a show with other reggae stars from South Africa, but he only did the South African leg of the tour. I don't know why he performed at the Mugabe bash - perhaps he was offered more money and decided to cancel the 22/23 December show or the promoters decided it was better to perform on 21st Feb. I don't know and don't want to speculate, but I point is there is more to this than what ones know.

Also aside from Mengistu, Rasta nah gwan to Mugabe's bash because of the abusive treatment of Rases by the police. Why would Rastas not be invited to such an event yet everyday Rasta is looked down upon by society and downtrodden by the State? In 2005 when there was the Operation Clean Up the flower stalls and curio stalls at the markets were destroyed - most of these belonged to Rastas and for months they could not trade in the City Centre because the markets had been destroyed. Although things are normal now and Rastas can do their trade; Rastas have been downpressed alot. Why then would Rasta now be invited - ISelf am suspicious as to why they'd be invited or if there ever was such an invitation.

One love

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