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Sizzla performance in Zimbabwe

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Messenger: RasRanga Sent: 3/4/2010 5:05:19 AM

Greetingz idren of the most High Jah!

Iman is from zimbabwe, the country where sizzla kalonji recently
held a live show as part of the president's bithday gala. Many rasta
that i know did not attend as they did not like the associations that were there. how do other rasta feel about sizzla performing at the gala, and was holding a bandana from the ruling political party
in zimbabwe during the performance.

Jah Guide.

Messenger: SunofMan Sent: 3/4/2010 7:39:14 AM
Reply're saying that Sizzla played at a party for Mugabe? Is Mugabe's party the ruling political party? I think it is, but before I sound off on this one I need to go do some research...


Messenger: Fikre Jahnhoi Sent: 3/4/2010 12:51:03 PM

What...yuh are saying that Kalonji was invited by the government of Zimbabwe, the President no less, and Rastafari people, My people,dem nah attend and support the youth, take over the whole place and show dem what Rastafari is all about because "they did not like the associations that were there." ???
Wha a gwaan mi people ? In these times when ini need fe get the dialogue of Repatriation moving, yuh a say these things ?
I doubt if Kalonji is a political scientist, i doubt if he knows all the ins and outs of all the politics that a gwaan inna Africa, all him know is Rastafari and Africa and music, a Bobo youth dat, a musician dat. Maybe if the i dem was there to support him and show him some things of the runnings of the country, perhaps he would have been conscious of the bandana or whatever he was holding
That no matter anyways. Who dont know say the leaders and politicians will always try to use your good works for their own purposes ?
So what, yuh a go stop your works now ??
The government invite him, yes, but yuh really think he go there for the government ? He go there for the people, for Africa, for Rastafari and for himself.

And how comes yuh mention these things, but yuh nah mention his visit to the ghettos?
What about all the doors he is opening for those who will follow in his footsteps ?
Bob did his works, been thirty years now inna zimbabwe, and today mi sight nuff a we inna Africa stand for Rastafari, and mi know tomorrow i will see nuff more

Gwaan do your works Kalonji, mi nah haffe research nuthin

Make i wonder, when King Selassie I a visit all them places and all the governments, how many woulda say, them nah walk with HIM because dem nah like the assiciations there

Messenger: Fikre Jahnhoi Sent: 3/4/2010 12:54:53 PM

lol, A God bless youth dat

love dat clip around di 3min mark with Bob inna the background......fitting

Messenger: SunofMan Sent: 3/4/2010 7:01:47 PM


Fikre Jahnhoi, Love of His Majesty (as your name suggests)is what prompted my response. Are you aware that president Mugabe has been harboring Mengistu Haile Mariam since he fled Ethiopia? It is for that reason alone that I would imagine no Rastafari would wish to have anything to do with the Zimbabwean president, or his birthday party. You are entitled to your opinion, and I'm not trying to discount it, however, as stupid as I think some of Sizzla's lyrics are these days I don't think Kalonji is so naive that he doesn't know enough Ethiopian history to know what Mengistu did to Ethiopian people, and the world, and what Mugabe has done to contribute to it, not to mention what Mugabe has done to his own people.

I thought that after all the election issues of late, that I fail to pay too much attention to, that I may have been unaware of some kind of power shift in Zimbabwe, that maybe Mugabe had agreed to some kind of power sharing. A little research confirmed that: "Desperate to rebuild his battered image Mugabe personally pleaded with Sizzla during a phone call to come and perform at his birthday bash."

I hope Sizzla dropped some consciousness...


Messenger: SunofMan Sent: 3/4/2010 7:13:33 PM

"Mugabe, in power since independence 30 years ago, now leads a restive nation, many of whose citizens are anxious for his departure. In totally different circumstances Jamaican reggae legend Bob Marley, now late, wowed Zimbabweans with a sizzling performance at the height of Mugabeís popularity at the independence celebrations in April 1980.

Zanu-PF organizers have of late resorted to luring popular musicians from outside in a bid to boost attendance at functions such as the Presidentís birthday party where attendance has declined over the years.

Enticed by the huge payments, the musicians have reciprocated by singing praises of Zimbabwe and its leader in front of ZBC-TV cameras.

Mugabeís lavish birthday bashes have largely been viewed as tasteless in a country where the majority languishes in abject poverty.

It was widely reported last week that guests at Mugabeís party will tuck into 8 000 lobsters, 100 kilograms of prawns and an amazing 4 000 portions of caviar, the delight of the affluent in the West, all to be washed down with 500 bottles of Johnnie Walker Blue Label and Chevas Regal Scotch whisky.

ďIt does not help for a country to spend time and resources organizing a birthday party for one man when the countryís civil servants are on strike over poor salaries,Ē said a disgruntled teacher at a Harare Primary school, who requested not to be identified.

ďThe money that they are trying to raise for a single birthday party can actually pay the salaries of more than 3000 civil servants.Ē

Messenger: Fikre Jahnhoi Sent: 3/4/2010 7:45:01 PM

Yes I,lol, dat is i name. Yes mi bredda, a mi ipinion dat, and i nah discount the i ipinion either, but dats yuh.

yes, trust, mi well aware of the things that the i talking about, but it no matter i, and it no matter the i dem who share i ipinion.
If a mugabe ini haffe go thru fe get to the people, then ini will go thru, Selassie I guide and itect
What? Kalonji chantin truths and rights pon Zimbabwe national tv ?
haha, go thru Kalonji

"Desperate to rebuild his battered image Mugabe personally pleaded with Sizzla during a phone call to come and perform at his birthday bash."

lol, dat was funny, mi wonda who was there when mugabe was pleading haha

and what dem say after dat ?
"Not many international artists agree to be associated with Mugabe and his regime but Jamaican artists tend hero worship him because of their naÔve and simplistic understanding of the land reform exercise in Zimbabwe."

If the i nah sight what dem a do, mi still sight it, a who dem a try fe fool ?
There is a reason why the headline dat dem choose is...

"Riot police beat up Sizzla fans at Bob party"

NEGATIVE is all dey know, and with all due raspect mi idren, just because the i put it inna quotes, the i shouldnt help dem spread what dem a spread, negativity

a just mi ipinion

Ras Ranga tell i about his visit to the ghetto,, tell i bout the tv broadcast, tell i if he had a chance to sit with mugabe, tell i somethings he was saying pon stage, tell i bout the idren who DID attend.

Messenger: Fikre Jahnhoi Sent: 3/4/2010 8:11:08 PM

Jamaican dancehall star Sizzla was in Zimbabwe recently and spoke to the state owned papers. Below is a transcript of the interview.

Q: How did you get to be invited to perform in Zimbabwe?

A: It was all because of the efforts of Nhamo (Chitimbe) who tried to bring me here about 10 years ago. We are good friends but I have been busy and this time I had time plus I was called by the President of Zimbabwe, so I couldnít turn that down.

I immediately started writing a song for Zimbabwe and Iím going to be performing it for the first time at the birthday celebrations. Actually I gave up some shows in Europe to come here for these shows ó so that I can dispel the lies being told about Zimbabwe.

Q: Which other African countries have you performed in?

A: I have been to Ethiopia, Senegal, Gambia and now Iím in Zimbabwe.

Q: Why is it that you guys talk about repatriation but most of you have not set foot in a handful of African countries?

A: Itís the system. A lot of lies are told about Africa and in the end we all just get scared. Plus there are not many reggae music promoters on the continent. We need the money, thatís how we artistes survive; in fact, I think you journalists are not doing your job right.

You need to propagate Africa and conscientise the people, tell them about the Africa you live in, this Africa that Iím experiencing right here.

Q: You have only been here for a few hours. What do you think of the country?

A: Beautiful! Really, itís an honour for me to be here at the request of the President plus I have seen so much love around. You people are very hospitable ó everything is different and I love it.

But let me also point out that I support President Mugabeís efforts as a black empowerment icon. However, I feel that he should take it further by being a champion of black repatriation for black people living in the Western world.

Q: I understand you were made to sign some documents that forbid you from singing anti-gay songs when you are in Europe. What is your position on gay relationships?

A: The preachings and teachings of the Most High say that it is not right for a man to be with another man or a woman with another woman. All of us wouldnít be here if it wasnít for the union of a man and woman. Family is a basic unit in society.

I support the royal family set-up of a king and a queen. I did not sign any papers, it is just an agreement I have with certain promoters ó it is their system. I cannot stop singing those songs because there is a message in those songs which people should hear.

Q: And the marijuana thing?

A: Yes, I smoke marijuana. I believe itís a holy sacrament, used long before us for righteous purposes. In fact, I was recently charged for possession of marijuana in Jamaica.

Q: Which Rastafarian church do you belong to?

A: Every one of them. Iím an African and Rastafarianism is all about Africa.

Q: What is your inspiration?

A: Jah, Africa, Bob Marley, Rastafarianism and the domestic life of every human being.

Q: What is your comment on the Buju Banton saga?

A: To tell the truth, I donít believe anything bad said about Rastaman. Rastaman provides the light to the dark world in the west and they donít like it so they try to destroy. Buju is a talented and very famous artiste ó I donít like what is being done to him and I know his fans donít like it either.

Q: Some of your fans say that you have gone soft in your music and that you are no longer releasing music like you used to. Whatís your take?

A: I make a lot of music for different people. My audience is varied so I use different tempos for different music in order to satisfy my many fans. I have not gone soft at all I just try to reach out to as many people as possible.

And to say that Iím no longer churning out music as I used to when I have 60 commercial albums and many other underground products is an insult to me. Itís only that the market enjoys gangster and sex music, and when I donít give them that they say Iím not releasing. Actually I have increased not reduced the amount of music I release.

I also use a strategy of making people wait for my music ó to whet their appetites.

Q: Do you classify yourself as a reggae or dancehall artiste?

A: As players of instruments, it is our duty to reach out and give light to those in the dark in whatever way that we can. All my actions are a fulfilment of all the African music genres ó Iím only trying to maintain the culture and the tradition. I am a musician.

Q: Should we expect any collaborations between you and local acts?

A: Iím expecting to be doing something before I leave the country some time next week. Are there any good singers locally?

Messenger: Fikre Jahnhoi Sent: 3/4/2010 8:18:50 PM

lol, mi cyant help it

Messenger: Ark I Sent: 3/5/2010 11:06:47 AM

Zimbabwe times, the source of the article quoted above (not the interview), is a US based news company.

Here is a comment made by someone on that sizzla video.

Please stop the nonsense cost of the bash estimated to have been $150,000 which was all raised by a volunteer committee. How much did Obama's? inauguration cost - hundreds of millions. Do you know how many people are homeless in the U.S, do you know how many people are dying because they do not have healthcare? why do we hear some of this automated pro-imperialist talk over expenses by westerns leaders. What rank hypocricy! I am zimbabwean myself and i can tell u that we still party !

I think it was necessary for Mugabe to remove the white colonizers, so that control of the country begins the process of returning to its people. They are the same colonizers that occupied the country before, they just shifting things for their own benefit. When they had full control of the country, the disadvantage they had was responsibility for the situation of poor people in the country, and as time has passed and news has become worldwide, the responsibility has a more negative affect, compared to the days when the rest of the world didn't know or didn't care.

With economic colonization, they benefit from profiting from the country, but are free from blame, because the government is to blame instead. So the economical colonizers can just reap from the country and watch and laugh as people fight against eachother over the economical problems caused by the colonizers themselves.

This is related to this Reasoning I made before. If the I them decide to look at the link, the first Reasoning I made is mainly a question, it is the follow up Reasoning that expresses more of I thoughts on the matter.
Question for white skinned people who want to live in Africa.

By kicking out the economical colonizers, of course Zimbabwe has been put at a disadvantage for a time. The business men who dealt with the colonizers are not likely to deal with those that took control away from them, and also friends (personal, diplomatic, political) of the colonizers are not likely to do business. And on top of not doing business, many of these babylonians will do things to cripple Zimbabwe and encourage fighting among the citizens. But as time goes and Africa gains more control over their Nations, things will change.

Also, babylon propaganda doesn't care about the downpression of people. If the downpression is done by their friends, they don't mention it, they only mention it when it is done by their enemies. And most countries in the process of freeing themselves from colonization will have corruption and wickedness. Wicked people always try to fill the void of other wicked people who lose control. Things will take time to change, but they will change.

Even though I think some of what Mugabe has done was necessary, I can't support or justify his wickedness. I don't believe every accusation, because babylon propaganda is full of lies, but I am not under any illusion that Zimbabwe is free from wickedness and corruption of politricksters and others.

Also this thing with Mengustu, I would not be able to support someone who is so close to that devil, he did not only give him exile, he even made him a security advisor.

But, did Sizzla go to the concert to support Mugabe, or to support the people of Zimbabwe and spread his words to empower them?

As Sizzla said in the video "Clean up the city, clean up the place"

Also, in the interview posted by Fikre Jahnhoi, Sizzla said "But let me also point out that I support President Mugabeís efforts as a black empowerment icon."

He is clear what he supports in regard to Mugabe, and what he said is true. Mugabe is showing an example to return control of Africa to the Africans. He is also showing other bad examples, including holding too much of the control he took from colonizers to himself, but what he is doing is a first step in returning control to the people.

Also, what must always be remembered, is that a big part of the suffering of Zimbabwe is because of babylon sanctions which are made to cause people to suffer, not leaders. Here is a Reasoning I made three years ago about that.

From: Zim Elections 2008

I don't know of the details of what goes on in Zimbabwe, but when we talk about blame, it is unlikely that it will be in only one place. Mugabe has his part and the babylonians that downpressed them had their part. babylonians get vex when their downpression is hindered by the people they downpress. History shows this over and over again.

When I went to Cuba, a guide was saying that a foreigner is not allowed to walk around with a Cuban, if they are seen the police will make them go their separate ways. Only Cubans that are registered guides or other registered tourist personnel that deals with foreigners are allowed to walk with them. One man on the bus thought this policy was wrong. I said that Fidel Castro is a very smart man for making this law. If it wasn't so, Cuba would be a territory of the united states. This law is to prevent american cia or whatever other related organization to cause strife amongst Cubans and cause unrest in their country. Castro knows that the united states are always trying to find a way to destroy his country, and he is smart enough to know what is necessary to stop them.

It is terrible that Castro had to do this, but people are looking in the wrong direction when they think they see the cause. If Castro didn't have to worry about his country being taken over or exploited by america, he would never think to make such a law.

People don't Iverstand babylon war strategy, it has many layers.

This is a reasoning I made over a year ago,

Economical Warfare

Here is a quote from a reasoning I made two years ago
Babylon puts sanctions on the country to starve the men, woman and children. The sanctions prevents the people from selling their product to get money to survive. Long established trading routes are severed, so people lose their jobs, and companies go bankrupt. So the country becomes poorer and poorer. And if they need to buy some food or supplies from another country with the little money they still have, they are prevented from doing this; and since these things were purchased from others for such a long time, they are not able to produce enough themselves for their people, and for certain things, they don't even have the means to produce any.

This is a silent killer because the world doesn't regard these economical weapons as weapons of war. And the world thinks it is alright to starve children indirectly, but there is outrage if you drop a bomb on them. Because instead of blaming Babylon for the starvation of the children, they blame the government of the country that is being starved. This economical warfare is the most cruel warfare of these times, because it is tolerated and ignored by much of the world so it continues for a long time, and the parents must watch their children slowly starve and die.

I just came across this today:
President Woodrow Wilson of the United States stated in 1919:

A nation that is boycotted is a nation that is in sight of surrender. Apply this economic, peaceful, silent, deadly remedy and there will be no need for force.

Quoted in G.C. Hufbauer, J.J. Schott, K.A. Elliott, Economic Sanctions Reconsidered: History and Current Policy, Second Edition, Institute for International Economics, Washington, 1990, p. 9.
Here is the link to that reasoning:

Economical Warfare

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