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Seek and Ye shall Find

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Messenger: Ark I Sent: 2/17/2010 11:57:29 PM

Exploring the Irits is very important for I and I. RasTafarI people have been given many tasks from Selassie I. I and I must never forget about the Iritual tasks, because they are the most important and are the Driving Force for every other task. Without concentration on the Irits, I and I will be lacking part of our Trod, and also will be lessening the effects of the other parts of I and I Trod.

The Irits is Strength and Guidance and so much more, because the Irits is I and I Innection with Haile Selassie I.

By exploring I and I Irits, I and I Learn the things that no person can teach I and I. I and I Learn how to access the various Actions of I and I Irits. If the I wills it within yourself to Search the Irits, it will be accomplished. The more the I Learns, the faster the I will Learn more, because before the I can Find the things the I needs to Find, the I must Learn how to Find them, Learn how to Search. This happens through experience and will, at first the I might not Iverstand what to do, but by having that idea and will within yourself to Search, and by putting the effort to Search, the I will eventually come across the Keys. And when the I starts finding Keys, the I will have more Iverstanding about what the Keys look like, and what Movements need to be accomplished in the Irits to Find them. As more Keys are found, the I will Learn more details of Searching, and more types of Keys, and this will Lead to even more.

Don't wait for somebody to show the I how. The I already knows how, the I just needs to remember. And nobody can really show the I how anyway, they can only direct the I to Search within.

Messenger: Ark I Sent: 2/19/2010 10:33:27 PM

When people consciously and intentionally Seek and Search their Irits, instead of just waiting for something to appear, they exercise the parts of themselves that are needed to open up the various Actions of the Irits.

When I and I train any part of I and I self, whether Iritually, mentally or physically, the rate of improvement increases, compared to not training. Things are figured out more quickly, and new (new in remembrance) things are discovered that might not have been seen if a person wasn't actively training.

If the I wants to find a particular Action, then first set the Intention within yourself to seek it, then try to do it. As long as the trying is not a try to fail, a try with doubt, but a try as silver tried in a furnace of earth, purified seven times. If it is something that is for the I to do, then the I will Find it.

One example is to push out your thoughts and send messages to people the I knows, especially people who deal with their Irits. It doesn't matter how many times they don't hear. That will happen because both the sender is generations out of practice for sending it, and the hearer is generations out of practice for hearing it. This doesn't matter, because trying it is exercising that part of yourself, and giving the I opportunities to figure it out. In time, the I will sometimes send out a thought that others who are supposed to hear will hear, sometimes even without the I intention for them to hear, and probably more often, the I will start to hear other people's vibes, so the I will know when they are thinking of the I or in need of council with the I.

Eventually, when the I gets the vibes from somebody and thinks the I should call or see them, more often than not, they will tell the I that they were just at that moment thinking of the I, or talking about the I to others surrounding them. That situation happens to people from time to time, even when they don't seek it out, because it is a natural part of I and I. The difference will be in how often it happens, and how sometimes the I will even know some details of what they are thinking about.

And when the I seeks out other Actions, the I will find some things that most people never experience.

Too many people are not Active in seeking out the Actions of the Irits, and that is a great weakness to I and I, because the Irits are so Powerful, not only by itself, but also as an enhancement to both the Mind and Body.

Messenger: Eleazar Sent: 5/18/2010 10:13:26 PM

Yes I,

I and I must exercise I and I Iritual capabilities. The Irits are the connection to Selassie I, JAH RasTafarI, the body is merely a vehicle for the Irits.

Messenger: Ark I Sent: 5/20/2010 12:17:47 AM

There is so much to Learn about I and I Irits. Jah RasTafarI Haile Selassie I is the Highest of High.

Messenger: Mzizi Sent: 5/20/2010 1:24:13 PM

Haile I Congo Ark I...LOVE to One and all InI in H.I.M house. Give thanks for the reasoning my lord. Babylon come mash up the Irits of within producing nttn but pure CON-fusion to ones and ones. InI living in the society still sight this thing within InI and seek to burn it through Itations and str8 livity. All around the I see pleasure being promoted to the point where even the elders of communities loose touch with them-Self to pursue pure materialism, sensuality and such promoting worldliness as "knowledge". This in turn trickle down to the youth dem who see no guidance from these certain "elders", who stay busy trying to stay "young and hip"(Iternal fire bun all kinda hippy trapping!!!), pursuing the same things as the youth when by nature they are already past these things and should be at a certain place within the Irits where the outer world is trivial compared to what is within. This leads to loss of Ras-pect btwn the generations and erosion of inate moral values and King-ciples that are Ital in InI livity. It then goes to search for pleasure in various ways such as the newest gadgets,clothes and over-excess in sensuality and sexuality. This builds up the CON-fusion even more and a one knows not what is what from who is who turning towards the same things as their "elders" and even deeper wickedness bringing about an endless cycle my lord where death is promoted as life and "VICE versa"<<<--- the I overs.
While all this a gwaan, Babylon laugh and make thier money...because they want to maximize profit at any cost they will always come up with new ways to spew the filth and extend it to whatever border them waan reach never giving a care for life. Promoting pure wickedness culture and prostitution of all that IS (both in flesh and Irits) as those who stay righteous get burned in this hell because they seek not what is on the outside but what is provided by the Almighty Natty with-In.
"Too many people are not Active in seeking out the Actions of the Irits, and that is a great weakness to I and I, because the Irits are so Powerful, not only by itself, but also as an enhancement to both the Mind and Body."
InInI could not have sed it any better than how the I put it my lord. Only time InI fall short is when InI loose InI place at H.I.M feet...Ises and supplication unto the Holy 1...SELAH Selah-See-I.

Messenger: Ark I Sent: 5/20/2010 1:31:08 PM

There has been a push by some to make people think that the Mystics of the Irits are not real. They think that it is imagination and try to turn RasTafarI trod into a completely physical thing.

Many of these people think they are doing their Idrens and Istrens a good service by "revealing" it to them, but it is not a good service, that kind of thought is weakness for I and I. They must always remember who it was that began to make people forget about Mystics. It was babylon that started this thing, because they don't want people to Trust the Most High, they want people to trust babylon. And the more they can convince people to forget the Irits and Mystics, the more they will get them to depend on the physical powers of babylon.

Just because a person has not yet realized the Power of the Irits, doesn't mean they should turn their back on the Irits. It requires Patience and Faith to Iverstand the Mystics.

On the other side of it, people must still be objective, because sometimes people put significance into many things that are actually physical things. This kind of thinking is also a problem, because people don't Learn to distinguish between the physical and Mystical, so it makes it harder for them to grasp the Mystical, because they are grasping at too many physical things thinking that they are Mystical.

Messenger: Ark I Sent: 5/20/2010 1:32:06 PM


I posted I previous post before sighting the I post, the I must have posted yours before I finished writing mine. It seems like I and I were on the same vibes when I and I were writing.

Messenger: Ark I Sent: 5/20/2010 1:42:11 PM

Yes I Mzizi,

That is part of babylon plan, the more elder ones they can promote their unspirituality to, the easier it is to promote it to the younger generation, because the youth seeking RasTafarI will seek the elders in their community instead of babylon.

Messenger: bredren aaron Sent: 5/20/2010 3:08:11 PM

Greetings, InI was i-ditaing earlier this week cause InI was letting the physical things InI sight around I was getting to I.Before InI started, the scripture Valley of Dry Bones;EZEKEIL chp37,kept going through InI's mind.So InI opened the Ible to the page and read it and after that InI put on the House of Bobo site to listen to music and chanting while InI i-ditate. Now this site the music is random when it comes on and when InI log on the first chant was DRY BONES. InI looked at this as a spiritual and physical cuase at first it was in InI's head and then it showed physical with reading the passage and the same chant coming on at the same time. Blessed HAILE SELASSIE

Messenger: Mzizi Sent: 5/20/2010 5:36:22 PM

Haile I Bongo Ark I...true thing still from the days of Wilie Lynch where they say get the muma to bow and the Idrens shall follow suit. It is a sad situation inna babywrong where the nuturers(womb-men)consider "independence" before even the lives of their own seeds my lord."Babywrong independence" that is, which the I kno is complete non-sense as there is no independence in babywrong but pure downpression clothed in silk."Independent womb-men" them claim say to the point where even the man is considered unneccessary and more of a achieve what? the I dont kno. To all the Ital sistren that might read this and think InI bun fya on all womb-men it is not so ,Menen I bless up still, cuh InI kno that nuff men(Baal-head & locksman) in the society falter sed way by not handling their youth and caring for them uprising as InI father showed all InI. InI remember there was a reasoning on here about the female rights mvmnt and how it was entwined with the Civil rights mvmnt whereby the black womb-men were involved in the mvmnt and bore a little to none of the sed mvmnts fruits, while already having cast out and cussed out the man dem all in the name of breaking some glass ceiling.
The I kno that was off tangent but bear with all ties in to the sed reasoning in that the erosion of society is babywrongs tool of CON-trol and CON-fusion whereby they start the problem in order to create the solution so as to regulate the outcome by hook or crook and create the dependance on babywrong like the I Ras stated above my lord.
More reasoning come forward my lord duty calls...Ises and supplication unto H.I.M...SELAH Selah-See-I.

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