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A song

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Messenger: Fikre Jahnhoi Sent: 2/10/2010 7:06:26 PM

Well even a wrong and right way to write a song
everything follow the fullness, Emmanuel, Marcus and Selassie I
Power of the Trinity, so, three inna one,one inna three, a song show yuh seh, the chorus stands, the chorus dont eva change,
its like di first verse is like how Marcus will
bring it to you,and the second verse is like how
Emmanuel will bring it to you,and the third verse is
due to overs and understand everything and overcoming,
you nah a mean, and the fullness come back to the
chorus again, Rastafari still stand


Messenger: Eleazar Sent: 2/10/2010 8:07:18 PM

Irie song

Does the I play guitar?

Messenger: Fikre Jahnhoi Sent: 2/10/2010 10:25:56 PM

If the i nah know who mi a talk bout, it is i honor to introduce the i to Ahdah, Sabbatical Ahdah that is

Word sound and power dash inna babylon heart

"Play Bob Marley music and remember what he gave to I and I."

mi love how Ark I said that, yes i, and the works itinue

Messenger: Ark I Sent: 2/10/2010 10:36:04 PM

Bless I, that is an High Song.

Messenger: Ras Joseph Sent: 2/10/2010 11:41:23 PM

Good song like a Iditation from de heart.Selassie I

Messenger: Fikre Jahnhoi Sent: 2/12/2010 10:40:46 AM

As i itinue with i iditations dis week on Marley and Rastafari Music, I woulda like to recall dis man whom i had the honor and pleasure of meeting and talkin wid. I remember meeting him and thinking he is such an upful and humble man, soon after i was saddened to hear the he had dropped flesh, but Jah know, the man live on, ye, mi still sight di Golden Locks blowin in the wind

Bim Sherman

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Haile Selassie I