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Bob Marley earthday

Time Zone: EST (New York, Toronto)
Messenger: Ras Joseph Sent: 2/6/2010 4:48:59 AM

Robert Nesta Marley was born at 2:30am on Tuesday,February 6,1945,in di village of Nine Miles in di mountainous rural parish of St.Ann,northern Jamaica...His mother was a young unsophisicated black woman,di 19-year-old Cedella Marley,a daughter of farmer Omeriah Malcolm,Nine Miles' unofficial head citizen.Di child's father war Captain Norval Sinclair Marley,a diminutive,softly-spoken white man more den 30 years his wife's senior,and one of two sons of a middle-class Jamaican family wid English antecedents,originally from di parish of Clarendon...Wen Cedella found in 1944 det she was pregnant,Norval Marley,to her family's considerable surprise and not inconsiderable concern,pledged to marry her and to support his child.A rapidly convened wedding took place on di second Friaday in June and den,on di very next day,Captain Marley departed on horseback to Kingston,effectively riding out of his new family's life.... Long live Bob Marley

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