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Who is Rastawombman?

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Messenger: SisMenenI Sent: 7/7/2004 1:50:45 AM

Msg from Mama Farika Birhan (circa 1983 or earlier)

Who is Rastawoman?
Who is a Rastafari Woman? What is she all about? Is there such a
person as the Rastafari Woman? If she does live, where is she? How is
it that so little is know about her. Is it because she has no
counterpart in Rastafari Culture? Is the Rastafari Woman therefore
nothing but a second-hand, version of the Rastafari?
These are some of the questions people are asking today about who has
heard about the Rastafari woman. So let s take a brief look at what
the Rastafari Woman is all about. I m relying on what I have found out
through the hard knocks of experience, what I ve seen through
inspiration and what I ve observed as a Rastafri Journalist,
documenting the state of the Movement from its rising until this
present time.
Rastafari know Babylon to be a Queendom whose harlot queens are
manipulated by homosexual males. This being the case, Babylon has a
vested interest in having no queen with integrity, such as the
Rastafari Woman, reign but instead put up its harlot queens to rule
the world and draw the innocent into wickedness. The centre of this
pollution by harlot queen, is the movie industry and television.
It should be no surprise then, to learn that the Rastafari woman, as
Queen Omega, the rightful Queen Mother of Iration, is a threat to
Babylon. Every Rastafari is the son of King Alpha, Father of Iration
and rules with her Mother, as the daughter is a continuation of the
Mother. So a Rastafari Woman s highest title is Queen Omega. Babylon
has used every trick, to hide Queen Omeaga from the world. The most
crucial trick is to keep the Rastafari Woman, from ascending to her
spiritual heights as Queen Omega and African Queen, Mother Earth,
Mother Nature Herself! This was accomplished by stealing away the
majority of woman who entered into the Rastafari Way of life during
its early days, back into Babylon through the jailing of many
Rastafari and leaving the woman unprotected, the Starting of a
whispering campaign leading to the scorn of the Rastafari woman by her
family and society and the denial of the Rastafari of a land base and
Woman and youths being stability to a Movement. The overlords,
encouraged the Rastafari Movement to be nomadic,
in order to discourage women from entering it and stablizing it. The
destabilization thrust in Babylon promoted the Rastafari without
family ties as the essence of the Rastaman - the Romantic mystic
Seer/priest walking the streets bringing the judgement and fire upon
the peoples of the earth the Rastafari Queen Mother symbolized by the
moon grew dim in the uproar of attention directed at the lion.
Empress Menen wife of Haile Selassie I, is Queen Omega within this
dispensation. Makede Queen of Sheba ( who established the Solomonic
line through the son Menelik, the fruit of her union with Solomon) is
Queen Omega within her dispensation as was Mary, the Mother of Iesus.
Empress Mene s name is taken as a sign that she will bring an end to
men (unrighteous, wicked males).
The Role of Queen Omega, the Rastafari Woman, has outlined by Leonard
P. Howell in his book The promised Key ( written under the name
Gangunguru Maragh). Howell sated "Queen Omega, the Ethiopian woman, is
the crown woman of this world. She hands us the role book from the
poles of Supreme Authority. She is the Canon Mistress of Creation..."
Howell also records that after the Duke of Gloucester handed the key
of England Kings and Lord of Lords, Emperor Haile Selassie I, accept
of solid gold which had been stolen from Ethiopia by England a
thousand years ago, he handed to Queen Omega, "Empress Menen, the
Empress of Ethiopia, a sceptre of gold and Ivory, the shaft being in
the form of a spray of lilies. Howell also records King Alpha asking
Queen Omega to hand Him the Militant Balance sheet and the pay roll.
The lack of focus on Queen Omega is partly due to the fact that her
representative on earth, Empress Menen, disappeared from earth life
early in the rise of the movement. There was never a clearly iniversal
iclaration upon the disappearance of the Emperor s Queen withdrew His
presence from the eyes of sinful men. Modern writers, found it more
lucrative to build up the exotic male image to titillate harlot women
into unbridled expectations of dreadlocks sexuality ( as they see no
use for the possession of maleness except to indulge in excessive
sexuality and ignored the meaning of the presence of the Empress to
the movement within its early days.
Empress Menen s effect on the Rastafari during her earthly reign was
profound. Rastafari addressed the woman in the congregation as Queen.
The Rastafari Woman had a female model to model herself after and
followed Empress Mene s movement with close scrutiny. The Rastafari
saw in every Rastafari Woman, Empress Menen and respect was high. One
must realize that on the same day that Haile Selassie was crowned
Emperor of Ithiopia, Empress Menen, his Queen, was crowned Empress of
Ithiopia and iceived also the homage paid from the 72 nations of the
world. And just as HIM coronation symbolized the Blackman coming into
his King and his Kingdom, HER coronation symbolized the Black woman
coming into her Queenship. The Psychological effect upon the Black
woman to have an African woman reigning as Empress in regal splendour
and being paid homage has never been stressed by so called writers on
Rastafari culture. It must never be over looked by those of us
searching for the woman in the Rastafari culture.

Messenger: Zion Child Sent: 7/7/2004 2:41:13 AM

Blessed Peace,

Mother Farika, bring it home everytime I-man hear her speak. Is this Mother Farika who resides in D.C with the Ethiopian Rastifarian Community, Nyabinghi Order?

Messenger: Ark I Sent: 7/7/2004 11:05:27 AM

Woman is very important and essential to I and I trod. The reason we still exist today is because of the oneness of man and woman. If they were separate, we would no longer exist.

Babylon wants to separate RasTafarI man and woman to make I and I weak. Without Inity and Oneness, our children suffer and grow weak. Both the mother's and the father's guidance are important for Jah children. Our children are the next generation, and I and I need to build up their foundation together, male and female as One, so that they can rise higher than I and I have. And they must do the same, so that the following generation Itinue to rise.

Ark I
Haile Selassie I

Messenger: seeking Sent: 7/8/2004 6:22:01 AM

Greetings InI

Is there a difference between sistren and Queen? If so, what is that difference?

More fiyah ...

Messenger: Ark I Sent: 7/8/2004 8:30:59 PM

It depends on who says it. For some people there is no difference, for others there is.

Ark I
Haile Selassie I

Messenger: SisMenenI Sent: 7/8/2004 10:23:18 PM

Blessed Greetings Seeking...

What is the difference between sistren and queen?.. very good question. I am a young sistren so here is my perspective... Queen/Empress is a title that is earned. Just as royalty traditionally goes through steps of ranking.. ie: a youth would be a princess and eventually reach Empress or Queen, I sight InI are all bredren and sistren... but the titles of "Ras" and "Empress" are earned... these days it seems ones label themselves with these titles quite carelessly, just as we see dreadlocks everywhere. His Majesty went through rankings, Lij to Ras and finally coronated as Haile Sellassie I - and I'm sure I have missed others between!

InI as RastafarI know that RasTafarI dwells within InI so therefore the royalty is given by meditation and knowing HIM within. I know I must hold that royalty within, keeping my head high and stature militant, yet HUMBLED.

Here is a clip from a writing done by a RastafarI elder recently:
"first I will start with the names that we choose …very important thing as it is a or supposed to be by tradition a description of the person who wears the title or name.
Now I know that some of I n I like the sound of these titles or names as it makes us feel or become important within the circles that we function in.
Names and or titles like Ras and Empress is not a fun thing, these are either by tradition, given or earned by virtue of ones actions and visible productive works, also longevity within the Rastafari nation.
The choosing or giving of names rests not with the individual but with the elders and leadership of any Rasta house or Organization or community, names which will be given or chosen by virtue of the wearer’s actions , commitment or visible contributions to the development of the Rastafari Diaspora, names which should be dispensed within the proper framework ceremonial traditions, and not wantonly picked up by individuals."

Maybe that made things a little clearer for the I? I pray only more guidance and blessings bestowed... JAH RasTafarI

Blessed Love

Messenger: Ark I Sent: 7/8/2004 11:27:24 PM

That is a good way to sight it Menen I.

Empress and Queen are High titles that have meaning that has been established since ancient times.

Humbleness is a great quality, it is the only way to rise higher. If a person gets swell headed, they won't pay attention to what still needs to be corrected, and they won't seek to rise closer to Jah. Through humbleness, I and I open our eyes to truth and see what parts of ourselves remain that are unacceptable to Jah, and also see what more heights there is, that we haven't discovered yet.

Ark I
Haile Selassie I

Messenger: Empress Nzingha Sent: 7/9/2004 1:28:14 AM

Be not distracted by a society that has nothing to do with God. No matter what name is called in prayer, does not the same voice answer back. The important question is not who is the Rasta woman, the question is who is she not. And in the end there were 144 thousand, and at the helm a woman with locks peeking from her crown. She who's name has been lost, she who birthplace has been forgotton, and by her side he who has been lost though he is remembered. What you believe in your heart is what will save or damn you. Love is the only way.
JAH! Rastafari.

Messenger: seeking Sent: 7/9/2004 5:37:57 AM

Blessings and I give thanks ...

SisMenen, it is rather confusing for me at this point ... I have trod with a brother for some time now -- going on six years ... and in the past few months the I has called this I Queen ... it has felt uncomfortable as I am not one to take on titles, for in doing so one becomes constrained and also much expectations laid at one's feet ...

I want to go my way quietly, asking and seeking Jah's advice on life and how my purpose will be fulfilled ...

so thank you SisMenen for a comprehensive answer ...

as always, more fiyah

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Haile Selassie I