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From Former to Future

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Messenger: Yaa Asantewa Sent: 12/10/2009 9:36:02 AM

I am a little CONfused for a second. Nazarite vow... and hunting animals for food? Christ is a fisherman...

ah! the confusion and the folly.

Messenger: Nyah Nicholas Sent: 12/10/2009 12:05:45 PM

I have heard the I answer certain questions and tell people that their are all types of RasTafarI Idren among the world.

Idren that Read the Ible...

Idren that dont...

Idren that cite Marcus Garvey and prince Emmanuel teachings....

Idren that dont...

Idren that Cite RasTafarI as Christ....

Idren that wouldnt....

Idren of Selassie I still gonna be Idren of Selassie I...

there are plenty of Idren out there living right now under a directive other than that of the vow of a doesnt change who they are...

i am getting a feeling of being cast out because of hunting? thats rediculous to I...

what of the passage that speaks of clean and unclean animals...?

Messenger: Ark I Sent: 12/10/2009 1:58:24 PM

Like I said in the other Reasoning about the I claim that the I didn't post that message over and over on purpose.

I will assume that what the I just said is true. Even though there were five messages and three variations of the message, which makes I suspicious about your claim.

I would never say that there are all types of RasTafarI people. There are some variations, but there are also very common things that all RasTafarI feel the same about.

Whether or not a RasTafarI person has taken the Nazarite vow as a whole, I and I are Hola people still and I don't know any that hunt and eat their kill because that would defile I and I consecration. This thing about eating flesh is common knowledge amongst RasTafarI people. You have more to Learn about RasTafarI people if the I thinks that is what you are, because you have shown that you don't know much, you are trying to debate common RasTafarI Knowledge and Precepts.

About your question about clean an unclean animals. RasTafarI people are not the same as everybody else, the I can use the search function to sight what I have already said about clean and unclean animals and what RasTafarI people eat if the I wants.

Messenger: Jah Bird Sent: 12/10/2009 4:40:11 PM

wow what have i missed.......
Yaa blessed empress good to know the i is well your wisdom still moves this site.
Talking about the site i can overs what Yaa is saying true ..true, but on this one I have to say i and i that passed thru this place learnt something about I trod those who want more overstanding stay and read and learn. Those that are foolish ,show thier foolishness. with patience every fool will be show his face and will be trampled upon.

Holy I Selassie I Jah RastafarI

Messenger: Ark I Sent: 12/10/2009 5:04:37 PM

Yes I, Jah Bird

It is people like the I that makes I want to keep it going

Messenger: NordMan Sent: 12/12/2009 2:59:34 AM


Love to one and all. I call myself NordMan.

I have been on the site reading for the last seven or so years without posting. Praises to the most High for the words of wisdom that have come through.

I give humble thanks for the initial post by Ark I in this reasoning.

Through the years I have cut many people of to early and did again the same day as the post by Ark I. At least I was to harsh, too quickly. With that behavior I miss out on the chance to lead the person who intended to mess with I to better ways because they can't
see my righteous intentions due to the angry manner i showed.

Many times I should have let people do their folly towards I without me going of in harsh way. Their foolishness should then have stayed theirs and not mine. Now instead they dragged me into their energy and I became their fool instead.

I give thanks for the ability to see my own foolishness and the ability to correct myself and to work towards perfection. Its only a matter of inner strength and strength can be built, by doing the right things, starting with small matters.

Jah Bless

Messenger: Ark I Sent: 12/13/2009 9:44:10 PM

Yes I NordMan, also think about this when the I is Reasoning with somebody who is dealing with wickedness.

Sometimes when I and I see someone deal with folly, it is not the best to tell them right away, but it is better to wait until later.

I don't want to speak in vanity, so if a person is in a mind state where they will just ignore what I say, then it might be better to hold those words. When their mind state is more willing to hear, then the words can be spoken and they will be heard.

When I and I see somebody we know doing wrong, I and I shouldn't wait a long time to tell the person that they are dealing with wrong. Sometimes it can be said right away, and the person will hear it. But other times it will go on deaf ears. I don't want to only speak the right, but I want the right to also be heard. If I tell someone that something they did was against Jah, I don't say it for my benefit or to embarrass them, and I don't say it so I can go to Jah and tell Jah that I did my part by telling them. I also don't say it to judge them, but I say it so they can correct theirself and save theirself from judgment.

One situation I can use to explain what I am saying is that if you are with a group of people and one person speaks or does some wickedness. Sometimes it is necessary to immediately speak. But when it is not necessary to immediately speak, then it is better to take the person aside and tell them the problem, instead of saying it in front of everyone and embarrass the person. In some cases it might be necessary to embarrass the person so that they see it, but other times it will cause them to ignore it and only be vex.

Another situation is this. One time I was with a Bredren of mine. He brought I to his Queen's house and we were reasoning. He had brought I as a mediator between them because they were having a lot of problems. But he didn't tell I until afterwards that he brought I for this purpose. They were speaking and they started arguing, I can't remember exactly what they were arguing about. They then involved I by asking I questions about their argument. I could tell from the Irits of I bredren, that he was confident and thought that I would be on his side in the matter. And I could tell from the Irits of the woman, that she was very defensive, because she perceived that it was two against her.

Both were in the wrong, but I knew that if I spoke about the woman at that time, that she would not listen to a word and would only increase in vexation. So I first spoke about what the bredren dealt with. She started to feel less defensive as I was speaking, because I was speaking of his wrongs. After a little while her confidence rose up higher and I could tell that she was in a better mindset to hear I words. So I spoke about the things that she was dealing with, and she heard I words without any vexation at all.

Afterwards, I told her how I perceived her spirit in the beginning, and that I waited until I perceived that she was able to hear what I said. She looked so surprised and asked I how I knew. I told her that it was Jah.

These are the kind of situations that I am speaking about. I and I are not here to just tell people that they are wrong, Jah has already shown us that a long time ago. I and I are here to turn people away from wrong, unto the righteousness of Jah.

Know When to Speak


Messenger: NordMan Sent: 12/14/2009 12:46:50 AM

I give thanks for the words. I and I walk towards a brighter future and these words will and have to be kept in I mind. Not only that, they have to be part of I daily work as no other way can be the way of Jah.

Praises to the most High
Jah Rastafari

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Haile Selassie I