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what will the year be

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Messenger: Young Lion Sent: 12/3/2009 7:45:20 PM

when Rastafarians will be free from all walks of life and return to Zion with the Highest of ites, and not even knowing sin, not thinking about it

Its depressing here in Babylon sun does not even like to shine here, many people commit suicides this time of dark year

Messenger: Ark I Sent: 12/3/2009 9:46:07 PM

Don't wait for a time to come when the I will sin no more, because if the I waits for that, the I will fall in the last days.

I and I can be free from sin right this second, every single one of us has always had that choice and will continue to have that choice while I and I still have breath.

In all the centuries and millenniums before, we all had that choice, but we chose not, and still we choose not. And still Jah RasTafarI in His Mercy and Kindness still gave I and I breath, and let I and I continue generation after generation in folly.

No sin shall not enter into Zion, so all who are waiting until they get to Zion to be free from sin, will never enter through the gates.

It is a simple choice, the problem is that people still prefer sin to Righteousness. There may be part of us that wants to Live in Righteousness, but not enough of a part to change our preference yet.

So, since we refuse to make the choice in an instant, those who have enough of a desire to make that choice in the future must make the choice to train themselves.

When sin enters your mind, rebuke yourself, don't hold back Fire on yourself, but blaze it stronger than anywhere else. Fire blazing within I and I self is the most important thing, no Fire can be pushed out greater than what is within. As I Reasoned before.

Fire is Good

It is important to remember that the point of blazing Fire within is not to be able to blaze Fire outside, having that goal will always keep the Fire low. Blaze Fire within for Correction, Purification, Righteousness.

Here is a Reasoning I made before

I was chanting to RasTafarI a few days ago and I asked Jah how I and I can keep away from temptation. I have reasoned in the past that if I and I only resist the physical manifestation of wickedness then the temptation will never be defeated. As long as the thought is there, it is possible for it to manifest into physical actions. So I and I must resist the thought of temptation, because if I and I don't allow the thought to arise, then I and I can no longer be tempted by it because it is blazed and defeated. But until the day comes where we blot out the transgression, it can sometimes be hard to resist the undesireable thoughts. Because as we try to resist, the thought keeps on trying to slip in from behind. So I asked Jah what to do when it is hard to resist.

But before I reason about the answer I received. I will show some reasonings about resisting temptation, because I feel that it is an important part of the battle.

To build up Righteousness, I and I need to resist and cast away wickedness. I and I should resist wicked thoughts as they come so they can't become action. It can be hard to do this because we have been giving in to temptation for generations. So in the beginning, the I might find yourself with more wicked thoughts and actions then you should. But as times goes on, and I and I Itinue to resist temptation, temptation will flee away and there will be much more Righteousness.

To resist temptation, I and I need to resist and stop the thought as it starts to rise. The sooner I and I resist, the closer I and I come to casting away temptation entirely. This is a process over time. Fasting builds up discipline in our mind, and cleans I and I vessel. This discipline to resist hunger, builds up I and I mental discipline in general. I and I can learn to resist hunger when necessary, resist sleep when necessary, and resist other things also.

In time, the I will gain more control over your own self, and be able to resist temptation in many situations, and eventually, if the I Faith is strong enough, the I will resist temptation in all situations.

Here is another reasoning about it:


So when I was chanting to Jah, another way I saw to keep away from tempation is to Praise Jah RasTafarI. If an undesirable thought arises and we are not able to resist the thought, then I and I can first Blaze Fire on our wickedness to sever it and Praise RasTafarI to take our mind and Spirit away from that and into Jah RasTafarI Praise. Let Jah Praise fill our thought and Spirit so that there is no room for wickedness. Also, by Praising RasTafarI I and I will receive help and strength from Jah to take our Spirit away from iniquity. And when I say Praise, I don't just mean to say Jah RasTafarI and done. I am saying to chant praises for whatever amount of time necessary. Chant in your mind or out loud if appropriate. Remember, the Pharisees love people to see them praise, but I and I are Praising Jah for Jah, not for other people.

It is harder to go back into the wicked thought after Praising Jah, because it won't feel right to transgress into wickedness immediately after you Praise Jah. And the Strength that Jah provides will make I and I stronger in resistance.

And what is even better is to spend your days and nights Praising RasTafarI. Even while you work you can Praise RasTafarI. If our minds are filled with Jah Praise all the time, wickedness will have no place. The more I and I Praise RasTafarI, the less time I and I will give I and I mind to go unto temptation.



Messenger: Eleazar Sent: 7/12/2010 5:31:14 PM

Give Thanks for this Reasoning,I and I must be Pure to enter Zion, no sin shall not enter into Zion.

And what is even better is to spend your days and nights Praising RasTafarI. Even while you work you can Praise RasTafarI. If our minds are filled with Jah Praise all the time, wickedness will have no place. The more I and I Praise RasTafarI, the less time I and I will give I and I mind to go unto temptation.

Yes I

Messenger: Danel Sent: 7/13/2010 12:32:31 PM

@ Young Lion

Ark I has given you the best answer imaginable to resist tempataion. I myself found that bit of reasoning very helpful for me. You see when you have EL JAH GOD on your mind, and the one Selassie I who sits on the throne, then you can not do wickedly, for Rastafari watches you daily. Jah called you to be his, so when evil thoughts arise, just think of HIM who sits on the throne. That works for me. Selassie I is the creator of all creations. When you see HIM, you see the face of God manifest in the flesh. He had to come in flesh so that we could behold his face and live.

However you asked a direct question about "the year". Let us not pretend young lion. There is a time and year that JAH know will be the end of all things. When we say the end, we are talking about the end of the Babylonian system aka enerting into Zion. Jah waites for nobody. When he has had enough, he will cast the wicked from this earth. Now here is the catch. If we as a people are to wait for all Israelites to get their act together, and stop sinning, then we will never enter zion as a people. This is why JAH will destroy 2/3rds of Israel, and leave only the 1/3rd who are pure and riteous. Those few 1/3rd will enter into Zion.

Now that we got that out of the way, our last focus on this topic is the year. I have heard many theories. Israel fears revolution, so we look for mystery dates and times for our freedom, instead of taking it. However the date will be 2012. Do not look for miracles during this time Jan 1st of 2012. The Mayans stated 2012. However it will not be on New Years' eve. It will be December of 2012, more so closer to 2013. That year will mark the fall of the great whore, that mystery Babylon, killer of the saints.

Now many expect that an era of riteousness will come to fruition simply because Babylon the Great will fall. Not likely! I have seen every empire fall from the Romans, Persians, Greeks, Ottamans, and still each time evil has remained! YES our natural enemy will fall in 2012, but evil will remain. Simply becasue evil was not originaly pregenorated by our natural enemy soley in and of itself alone. There is a spirit behind these great empires that must be defeated. Defeating the empire is only half the battle. You must kill the spirit, before you can kill the man.

What you will see happen, is mankind will be free, and each man will return to his own fig tree. Meaning that each man will govern himself. There will be many militias, and groups uniting themselves with one another for protection. This period of time will last for 1000 years. The devil/deciever will be in chains. (another topic for another time).

Once the 1000 years are up by then it will be 3012, and the devil will be free from his chains and make war on the Israelites. JAH at this time will come again in the flesh to fight the devil/deciever and destroy him forever. This new era that we will enter without devils is not described in the bible. That is the year that we shall enter zion. The bible does not go beyond the war and the saints winning. However I am a firm believer in reincarnation, so I quess I will see for myself when I am there.

Messenger: Young Lion Sent: 7/13/2010 2:26:37 PM


I posted this topic last december it is july now, and well i can say i'm much better. I tried fighting the temptation and it works, i have longer periods of cleanliness, i appreciate all the advice Ark I. As far as going back to Zion danel...''one bright morning when my work is over i will fly away home'' Rastaman Chant!

Jah Bless

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