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One last time

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Messenger: Ras KebreAB Sent: 11/23/2009 12:33:49 PM

Blessed Love

I have other things to attend to and i wont be having the time to continue on this forum any longer. This will
therefore have to be my final post.
I was reading the other day and Young Lion said, " i appreciate the concern for this very sacred site"
But, in truth, there is nothing sacred about the site, what is sacred is the hearts of those who come to reason with clean hands and pure hearts, them that are saved by salvation of the Black God in Flesh. I have been reasoning on this forum for quiet a while, and in my time here, i have been fortunate enough to reason with those sacred ones, gods and goddesses, and it is i privilege and honor to call them i idren. I give thanks for every word that was shared in love and raspect. I give thanks for all the advice and support. I can only hope that i have touched others even half as much as i bredrin and sistren have touched i. Isreal children, there is none like them for they are those that walk in the light of the Most High God Jah Rastafari. I say more life, health and strength. Keep the fire burning Holy I Selassie I Jah Rastafari King Alpha Queen Omega One Perfect Inity

Same way, i chant fire pon the weak heart heathen, fire pon the wolves in sheep clothing who mislead i people. None shall escape the judgement in this time. The best place to hide is the last place anyone thinks to look. What them think ? Are they going to hide amongst the sheep and the shepherd wont see them ?
I was glad when they said unto ini, come now let us go into the House of the Lord God Jah Rastafari. I never expect to see them heathen in i Fathers House
But , through they see the glory that is in the House of Rastafari, they want to live in that house
Nothing wrong with that, Rastafari say come one come all
But yo, i live in my little apartment, and i have to give my hard earned money, dollars and cents to pay my light bills, my rent , so i can continue to live in my apartment
So what these people think, they want to live in the most glorious house pon earth, and not pay rent ?
Well, i say, you must pay your rent same way, only, not with hard earned dollars and cents, but with the Love and Righteousness that is already given unto all equally
so i ask them, what is it you do with yours ?
But many dont know yet, in this final judgement many shall get their final eviction notice, when it say, Come Out, then shall they run to the rocks.

Rastafari bless all the youths, sons and daughters, growing up

Love to one and all, Rastafari Royal Ingels four corners of the earth.

Holy I Jah Rastafari

Messenger: Ark I Sent: 11/23/2009 1:23:21 PM

Blessings and Strength in the I Trod, the I presence will be missed here. There is a lot of Good Word Sound on this forum from the I. I know the I has already made up your mind and I Iverstand the necessity of your decision, so I won't try to convince the I to change it.

Make sure the I keeps in touch, at least through email.

Messenger: Eleazar Sent: 11/25/2009 12:03:06 AM

Ras KebreAB,

I will miss reasoning with the I. I have learned much from the I. May the mercy of Our Great God and Savior, JAH RasTafarI, be upon the I always.

JAH See, JAH Know, who will stay and who must go.

Glory Be Unto the Almighty Father, JAH RasTafarI Haile Selassie I

Messenger: Jah Bird Sent: 11/29/2009 11:24:14 AM

Blessed Idren,
I wish the i all the blessings of live. It is sad to i to hear that you are living this forum, the i had to much to give.
hopefully one day I and I will reason more.
More love more live !!!
Jah Rastafari

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Haile Selassie I