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All is Blessed

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Messenger: Ark I Sent: 7/18/2009 11:06:37 PM

When I come to know Iself in RasTafarI, I could see the Guidance of Selassie I and how Jah RasTafarI makes everything happen in due time and season. When I and I are trodding with Selassie I, I and I must know that All is Blessed, because Selassie I will only do what is Best for HIM children.

When a person came forward in I Life, it was Blessed, when a person left, it was Blessed. Some people I have come across in I Trod are still in I Trod today, others are not, and others come and go from season to season. Also, when things changed in I Life, it was Blessed, it might have sometimes led up to a period of tribulation, but I always Remembered and had Faith in the Most High Jah RasTafarI and never forgot or left HIM, and I would come out of the tribulation higher than I was before it.

When Ones and Ones would come together to Reason, if a person would not show up who said they would show, some in the room would feel bad feelings about the person not coming forward. I showed them that they didn't come forward because the Reasoning was not meant for them. Or if a person or people would fall asleep, I would show the others that those fell asleep because the Reasoning that was for that time didn't involve them, so they were quieted so that the Reasoning would be the way it was supposed to be. Often when those things would happen, the person or people present and awake either had an issue they needed to Reason about, or Jah had a Heights to show One or more of I and I.

All was as it was supposed to be, so I didn't wish for anything different and I didn't make attempts to make things reverse. Sometimes the I will Iverstand why it is so, right when it happens, and other times the I will sight at a later date.

Don't let the malice and hate that people love to keep within themselves come into the I. Many such people, when they sight the I going through tribulation feel better within themselves over your suffering, and will often, whether while revealing themselves as an enemy or pretending to be a friend, try to spread that wickedness of spirit to the I. Other times, it is those same people who perform wickedness against the I. Because of their sickness, they want that malice and hatred to spread to the I, so that the I can fall as low as they are and be like them. Never allow such things to happen, those thoughts are the thoughts of men, not God. So let I and I Learn to be as I and I Father Haile Selassie I and Burn out such things. Let the hate and malice within them stay within them and consume their own self. Don't let it enter your Irits at all because those things don't belong in RasTafarI Irits. Let what belongs with the devil stay with the devil, if the person who is dealing with wickedness Learned that and instead left the evil with the devil, they would not be in the low state they are in and would not be spreading that sickness to others.

Some people love to see bad things happen to others, but if only they knew that what they love belongs to them and they will reap of the same. Their weapons only work against their own kind. When they try to use their weapons against those that are not their kind, their weapons just fall upon their own self and consume them. That is why I and I must not allow ourselves to be their kind. I and I kind is not them, I and I kind is Selassie I.

Messenger: Ark I Sent: 1/31/2010 10:03:34 PM

A few weeks ago, I was visiting an Idren of mine, and something that I mentioned above happened.

As I was trodding on I way to I Idren's place, I had a vibe that I and I should chant some Psalms that night. I didn't know why, but when I Irits show I something, I follow it.

When I arrived I mentioned to him that I got that vibe and he agreed that it would be a good idea. A cousin of his was visiting from the Caribbean, and the three of us Reasoned for a while, but didn't get around to chanting Psalms.

The Idren's Empress wasn't home at the first part of the night, but she eventually forwarded. When it was almost time for I to Trod out, I asked I Idren for his Ible so I and I can chant. He brought it and I started chanting first. After only a few versed, his cousin fell asleep in the chair he was sitting in.

I and I Idren passed the Ible to eachother and chanted several different Psalms and his cousin stayed asleep the whole time.

After we finished reading, I pointed at the Idren's cousin and mentioned that several times in the past the same thing happened where a person would leave from the place, if it wasn't for them to be there, and showed him some examples I experienced in the past. I showed him that the the Psalms was for him and his Empress and child and not for his cousin, so that is why he left.

After I and I Reasoned for a few more minutes, I was about to stand up to Trod out, and his cousin all of a sudden awoke, and remained awake, at least until I left the door.

I Itinually give Thanks and Praises to Jah RasTafarI for the mystics Jah brings to RasTafarI people.

Messenger: Fikre Jahnhoi Sent: 2/1/2010 11:08:33 AM

This is very interesting to i

I can agree with most of what the i said, Ark I
but I man might have a problem agreeing if what the i said is meant to be taken as an absolute truth.

The i said, "when things changed in I Life, it was Blessed, it might have sometimes led up to a period of tribulation, but I always Remembered and had Faith in the Most High Jah RasTafarI and never forgot or left HIM, and I would come out of the tribulation higher than I was before it."
That is what i man woulda call an absolute truth

but the rest is interesting to i because it brings up the question what is the relationship between what is destined or meant to be and what is in ini control

I can put it like this, what if one day the i saw a man who is about to be harmed in some way. What would the i do ? Would the i say, everything is how it is meant to be so it makes no difference if i help him or not because no matter what i do,if he is meant to come to harm he will come to harm , if he is meant to be saved from harm then he will be saved from harm.

As the i wrote about the i idren and and him cousin.
The i say the cousin fell asleep
And the i reasoned that he was silenced because the reasoning was not meant for him, and because he was silenced the reasoning went as how it was supposed to go.
That is fine, and it coulda well be the truth

But then mi haffe ask
What if what was meant to happen was for the i to wake up the cousin for the chant ?
What if, if the cousin had been awake for the chant and reasoning, then THAT was how the reasoning was supposed to go ?
Personally, mi sight that in this world there are forces of good and evil, spiritual wickedness and spiritual cleanliness.
So, if the cousin fell asleep from the chant because some evil forces were holding him down, then what if it was upto the i to wake this man from his slumber ?

Do nah get i wrong, i am not saying maybe the i did wrong.
I am sure the i was doing according to what the i irits showed the i for that time, so i dont doubt thats how it was supposed to be.

I just find the whole thing very interesting to iditate pon.

Jah Works through many ways, and one way is through I and I

InI must always have and must alway abide by Jah guidance so ini can know when a certain work is supposed to be performed by ini, and when to leave things alone, because sometimes, to try to do anything would just be interfering

Selassie I

Messenger: Ark I Sent: 2/1/2010 11:30:51 PM

When I said this,

when things changed in I Life, it was Blessed, it might have sometimes led up to a period of tribulation, but I always Remembered and had Faith in the Most High Jah RasTafarI and never forgot or left HIM, and I would come out of the tribulation higher than I was before it.

It was about I own experience in I Trod. No matter what tribulation I went through, I Faith in Selassie I only rose, it never lowered, and I didn't become stagnant, so when I passed a tribulation, I Faith and Trust in the Most High only became stronger, and I Irits rose higher.

About I Idren's cousin, If I was meant to wake him up, I would have. If there was somekind of evil forces to blame for the cousin falling asleep, then those things would not be able to hide from Fire, they would be blazed just the same.

But it wasn't that sort of thing, the chanting just wasn't for the cousin, I don't know why I Idren and his family (meaning wife and child) needed the Chanting, but I knew it was for them. I could also see afterwards that the Reason it took until that time for the chanting to start, was because before that the Idren's Empress was not yet home from work, and she was supposed to be present for it, and after she came home, her Irits needed to settle first to separate from the work day.

Messenger: Ark I Sent: 2/1/2010 11:35:31 PM

In regard to the relationship between what is destined or meant to be and what is in I and I control.

This shows what I think about it.

Everything is the will of Jah, except for one thing, our mind(meaning what we think). Jah has given us the power to choose, because this was the power man and woman wanted from the time of our days in the Garden of Eden.

So we have the choice to be with Jah, or work against Jah. RasTafarI is always there to guide us in the path of harmony if we choose to listen. But Jah has given us the choice to make our own path, whatever path it is.

So I see life as a combination of the consequences of the choices we make and the will of Jah.

Jah has the power and strength to intervene and cause things to happen. Jah can help those that want and ask for Jah help and Jah can stop those that need to be stopped.

But in general, Jah gives us our choice and the world reacts to these actions.

And I think that Jah granted us our desire of choice for a good reason. For now RasTafarI will see who will remain with Jah when given the choice and who will go away. And also, who will return to Jah again.

It is much better to have a son that stays with you, not because he has no other choice, but because this is what he wants. Then Jah will know who is truly One with Jah.

The world is full of actions and reactions. If you see fire and touch it, you will get burned. It is not that we are punished by Jah for touching the fire. It is that fire has a certain structure, and we have a certain structure. And when fire comes in contact with us, our flesh is damaged.

This is how I see the world as a whole. It has a certain structure, and we have to know how to harmonize with it, or we will recieve the reactions to our actions. For example, the reactions we receive as a result of our destruction of our environment.

I see Jah as the One who can show us how to get through and harmonize. To be our rudder so that the waves don't overtake us. Jah made creation to work and harmonize as One, just as he made our own bodies to work and harmonize as One. And in the same way that we can destroy our body if we don't use our parts for the benefit of our body, we can destroy some of creation and ourselves by not living as One with creation.

Free Will vs. Destiny


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Haile Selassie I