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Obama in Africa

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Messenger: Ten Sent: 7/11/2009 11:31:36 AM

Blessed Love Ites

I just watched President Obama's speech to the House of Parliament in Accra, Ghana and although it was a good speech in seeing the positive potential of the Motherland. However there was also another side, I was sorely disappointed by Obama's lack of acknowledgement of the US's political and economic interests in Africa which are nothing short of modern day pillage and plunder. Of course I didn't expect him to be so blunt but some kind of acknowledgement of the US's role in African conflict and depletion of resources is what I wanted. But he went on and on and at times it felt downright patronising and hypocritcal for him to stand there and say terrorism and conflict will not be tolerated when jst months ago he ordered the killing of Somali pirates and since his selection/election he's not said anything substantial about Darfur. It was nothing new; jst a different face with the same agenda - "Africa sort out your mess, but give us your resources with no questions asked."

I know I fiercely defended Obama on many occassions on this forum against those who tried to tell I different, but now I've my own questions as to whose interests he's defending. Too many times he's not risen to the occassion whether in America or on the international stage. Even though there are some things I will applaud in his administration, the growing number of negatives since his first insurgence on Afghanistan are indefensible. And today in Accra he stands up on there talking abt Nkrumah but forgets who killed Lumumba. He talks African dictatorships and terrorism yet he doesn't talk abt the US as a major player in these systems. He's doing what white power expects him to do, "go and scold your African brothers and make them look inward for what they've done, but be sure not to anger the Ghanaians too much because Ghana has oil."
That's why Ghana was chosen, nothing to do with democracy or its historical symbolism.

Africa may have its own internal problems, but the causes are numerous and extend beyond the Motherland's border.

Give Thanks for the space to air out I frustrations.


Messenger: Ark I Sent: 7/13/2009 11:53:55 PM

The US would not take responsibility for their wickedness, then there would be pressure on them to compensate Africa for the wickedness they have done and are continuing to do.

The "good" things done by Obama's administration are just part of the illusion to gain trust.

Remember The Project for the New American Century that I reasoned about. Their slogan is:

American leadership is good both for America and for the world

That is what Obama went to Africa to promote, american rulership. That is his whole purpose, to gain the trust of the american citizens and of the world.

Messenger: Sheba.. Sent: 7/14/2009 6:05:23 PM


the I has hit the nail on the head...
worded perfectly Ark I
love how the I speaks....

peace n love...

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