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Lord and Empress

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Messenger: Ras KebreAB Sent: 7/2/2009 2:44:24 PM

Love Jah first. Put Jah first in all your doings and sayings

"Mi love mi woman cos she know what life worth
Before she love i, she love Selassie (the) First"

A King should love his Empress. But he must love Jah first
An Empress should love her King. But she must love Jah first

For Jah is Love, Truth and Right.
If one doesnt love these first, how could one love anyone else?

Thats why this world is so strange now. Everyone trying to please eachother, no one remembers Jah
If you do not know how to be pleasing in the Father sight, how can you please anyone.?

A woman should never put her love for a man above her love for Jah.
A man should never put his love for a woman above his love for Jah.

King Solomon sought to be with many women. But that was not his greater folly. His greater folly was he began to love his women more than he loved Jah.
He wanted to please his Zidonian woman so much that he went after her goddess Ashtoreth, instead of seeking to please Jah, who had commanded him not to.
He wanted to please his Ammonite wife so much that he went after Milcom, when Jah had commanded him not to.
Solomons greater folly was that his heart was turned away from Jah for the sake of a woman.

Jah gave unto i an Empress to be i most precious gift.
But no matter how precious the gift is, i cannot love the gift more than the One who gave i the gift
And i am given as a gift unto i Empress. Likewise, she cannot love her gift more than the One who gave her the gift.

Have you ever recieved a crappy gift which you didnt really need or want from someone, but that gift remains precious to you, because it was given to you by someone special to you.?
You see, if the gift giver is special to you, that will make any gift from that person precious to you, whether or not you needed or wanted that gift

So, if we keep Jah as the most special One to ini, and He gives ini a gift which is exactly what we wanted and needed in our life......imagine how special and precious we will hold our gift.

Put Jah First. Love ye one another
My Lord and Empress

Messenger: Ark I Sent: 7/2/2009 9:36:14 PM

Yes I. Yanting Truth.

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Haile Selassie I