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Messenger: WiseUp Sent: 6/14/2009 3:11:22 AM

Greetings in de name of His Imperial Majesty Jah Haile I Selassie I RastafarI!

InI new to this forum so I thought I introduce myself to I bredren.

InI from Brazil, RastafarI eversince. Brazil was "discovered" by Portugal, in 1500. enslaved I people, robbed I gold and trees and many things. I people have suffered many years and still do because of the Shitstem. InI people still slaves even to this day.

Thanks and Praises to The Most High!

Selassie-I Rule!

Messenger: Ras KebreAB Sent: 6/14/2009 6:04:27 AM

Blessed I

Welcome WiseUp, InI look forward to more upful reasonings with the i. Each one teach one, iron sharpen iron.

I would be most interested to know how the Rastafari community is growing in Brazil. Perhaps the i can tell ini a little about how Rastafari word is reaching there....and also how the wider society views ini Family in Brazil. I would also like to hear how in tune the people are to their African heritage and culture.......and such things

Blessed Royal Love

Messenger: WiseUp Sent: 6/15/2009 11:41:00 PM

Thanks KebreAB

Rastafari keeps rising in Brazil. Brazil is 5th biggest country inna world, ini from Rio de Janeiro. There are lots of rastas around where i live, righteous men. All over Brazil rastafari keepin da fya burning. Lots of fishermen communities with no electricity in beautiful beaches, and on top of the hills where people very humble. Spreadin His word. Comin together. Around the world ini see di youth more aware of this Inity. rastas or not rastas, all religions comin together for a better world. however majority of people still blind by the shitstem ya know. hard for a rasta to make a living decently. lots of discrimination. But ini server Selassie-I continually.
Brazil like I say, was colonized like Africa. You look in the map you see Africa was once one with Brazil. In all di past Brazil was robbed. Robbed I people and trees and gold and roots! thats why Brazil is 5th biggest country inna world, with Amazon, petroleum, and Amazon river the biggest river inna world, all these natural resources, and still a 3rd world country. Still my people suffer. Burn di Babylon give me back my roots!!!!

Selassie-I Live! Keep Hotta Fya Burning!!!

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Haile Selassie I