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original sin

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Messenger: the rock Sent: 6/6/2009 1:24:37 PM

Whose fault is it?
That I canít read and write
That I scream and fight
and can't sleep throw the night?

Who fault is it
I canít find a job
I was trained to kill and rob
Eat the weak
Lust for cream
They call it the American dream

Whose fault is that I am on the earth?
They say we are cursed,
They blame us first
I am a shamed of my worth
My anger bleeds
So I blow some weed

Whose fault is that?
I feel from grace
I ran the race but could not take the pace
I lost my mind

Why canít I push rewind?

Why did I let them take,
My hope, for ideas on a rope
I looked to the east,
To find my peace,
for people with skin like brass
Shit they sold my ass.

Is it my fault?
I let them play me out
Take my life
Give me stress and strife
They name me Nergro
The African American

Obama is president
So I guess it fair again

Itís my fault I let them in
Weather woman or man
That was my original sin

Messenger: JudahC Sent: 6/17/2009 5:11:48 PM

the rock

i enjoy reading you peoms

there nice and very lovely to readd hopefully i will be able to readmore


Messenger: the rock Sent: 6/17/2009 5:32:01 PM

thank u

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