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Messenger: the rock Sent: 6/3/2009 12:29:47 AM

the rock Sent: 2/27/2005 10:44:23 AM

I hear a little rumbling
Lord have mercy on our souls
It starts out as a mumbling....
then like most rebals mumbles it would not be humble
that rumble made the earth shake..
first back, then forth, then all of the sudden things got off course
In Tai Chi they say all things are moved without force
what happen to the teaching of his Mah-Jah-Sty's
and the truth of ancient harmony
so is now all the people can only be disrespectful as dem devils be
So one by one them solders fall
fighting one another they missed their call....
One by one they fall to there own fears
As weeping mothers count their tears....
ALL would be lost if not for those that did not loose their faith
Standing up for you rights should not make you an oppersor of rights... JAH Almighty got a PLAN so we have to stay in the doing our Rites right.... do them in our holy place and not like vanity men do in open place
With a rumble the mumble starts to bring the vane work of man down
They are murmuring about to many sets of truth clashing
but there more like opinions with reasoning going no where like a wheel with no axle
Ruthless times got the supposed clean liveing fithy...and who is to judge one from the other anyway
INI am hear to do the RIGHT

I saw a man the other day who needed gas and could not pay
He started to murmur about time aint what it use to be
no more free lunches
I sent him a prayer peacefuly
the words from G's-Us you see
not circumsize
nor by uncircumcsize
but by faith which works by love
will you reach were you are suppose to be
INI say i feel the rumbling
earth shaking rumbling that got most men fumbling
not truth they seek
they seek to make other men meek
fall to his feet
learn the same lie
so he can go out and teach the people the art of defeat
That kind of teaching must be made absoleat

More over behold there is a noble woman
In whom the whole heavens adored
because of her greatness of faith
and the loyal way in which she fought to save Ethiopia
and her generations from everlasting down fall
Place her at thy side
for great wisdom is in her.... says the Lord
and send thy also another
that they go and prepare a home for the annointed of mine

Love God
Love People
Love Ourselves

This is not time to murmur without reason
They say this is Lent season
so make sure on positve intent your energy is spent.....

"Humble as a Mumble in the jungle, thats the way the cookie crumbles so I guess Ive got to reroute my dreams" Outkast.

Messenger: love is Sent: 6/3/2009 8:49:03 AM


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