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Messenger: Ras power Sent: 5/12/2009 6:11:39 PM

the search on this forum is fantastic, now i can see all post i have ever put? hope so but can see a lot, and we can all see the consistency of our thinking,

i am confident that except for calling Marcus Garvey racist, when reading a speech of his saying of his white friends, but i said that because he was convinced that black and white cannot live together,

but am confident of the consistency of my thoughts and the defending of His Majesty's words.

i shall search for those of interest to i

blessed love

Messenger: Ark I Sent: 5/12/2009 10:35:09 PM

There was an error on the search.

The part where it says "If "Search Words" is blank, it will search all posts from that user" wasn't working. If somebody only put a user name, it came up with a blank search.

I fixed it so it should work fine now.

Messenger: Ras power Sent: 5/12/2009 11:46:10 PM



Messenger: Arkon I Sent: 6/3/2009 12:20:22 PM

Give thanks

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Haile Selassie I