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Messenger: ras menelik Sent: 3/6/2009 7:42:15 AM

South Africa is still a settler criminal colony

South Africa is still a settler criminal terrorist state, ruled and run by the same emperialists, colonialists, terrorist forces as it was before 1994. There is no fundamental change in the structure and the framework of this euro state though now we have new managers who are trying by all means to convince us that south Africa is AFRIKAN. South Africa was created by white European terrorists, murderers, those bloodsuckers who killed my people and raped man, woman and even babies. The structure of south Africa is white, European, colonial and emperial in form and substance. South Africa was created for the purpose of exploiting AFRIKA, its people and its resources. The laws that were created was for the protection of white colonial interests, and the so called Rule of LAW for the justification of the exploitation of AFRIKA by these vampires hence the GREEK, ROMAN, DUTCH, ANGLO,AMERICAN LAW.
South Africa is still a criminal settler colony which must be liberated by AFRIKANS. What happened in 1994 was a transfer of managerial task from white colonialist to their African neo colonialists represented by ANC. Nelson Mandela and his company sold AFRIKA in the altar of white supremacy to these barbarians from Europe who still continues exploiting our country unmercifully. The ANC managerial staff is the agent of de beers, oppeinheimer, anglo american, rino tinto, and all the exploiters of human and natural resources. It is a lie that AZANIA is liberated from white emperial colonial bondage. They only want to deceive us by creating a sham government who get funding from the same raper of our mother country of our mother AFRIKA. Some of us are not confused or deceived by what is going on. Rainbow nation of Tutu, De klerk and Mandela is an illusion, it is not reality. Actually AFRIKA will always be for AFRIKANS those of us here at home and those who are abroad mostly through enslavement. Mandela and de klerk can fool some people but they can not fool all the people all the time. Revolution by a united BLACK REVOLUTIONARY MOVEMENT against this south African white power structure is the only way to liberate AZANIA. No negotiated settlement with white supremacy can bring change to our BLACK situation. If we are serious as AFRIKANS about our AFRIKAN BEING, our state of consciousness, we suppose to know that white man is a thief, robbery, raper, bloodsucker, a barbarian who only survive here in AZANIA through the exploitation of AFRIKAN resources. We must stop this madness that keeps on destroying our AFRIKANNESS. Negotiating with the thief won’t solve anything instead it will make things worse and more complicated. We must fight for our freedom. We can not beg for our freedom. H.I.M HAILE SELASSIE put it clear when he said “However this achievement can not redound to the credit of AFRIKAN peoples if independence attained is one in name only. In such a situation, the emergence from colonialism is but illusory, and the use of the word “independence” would constitute not only a distortion, but also a disservice to the cause of AFRIKAN freedom by erecting a screen behind which those same foreign influences which hitherto were revealed to the world as colonialist interest could, in disguise, continue to operate. In other words, those who seek independence must be prepared to struggle for it rather than accept it; and having won it, to stand on their feet without dependence and without favours. The must be prepared to assert their ability to maintain independence without exchanging it for financial support or for subsidies. Independence can not be a simple word devoid of meaning, it must remain a principle admitting of no compromise or suspicion, a principle demanding respect for self and at the same time equal respect for the rights of others”. South Africa must be destroyed.


Messenger: Ark I Sent: 3/9/2009 12:15:47 AM

Yes I,

Babylon just changes the way they control things to make people think that there is change.

Ark I

Itinual Praises unto Jah RasTafarI Haile Selassie I Menen I

Messenger: Thundah Moh Fayah Sent: 4/3/2009 6:16:24 AM

Selassie I Jah Rastafari

it was the painted lie, as the time pass by it fade away and the conscious will see the truth, the worriers will stand for what is right.
the point that i am coming with is these, they had took away that time of physical slavery, that time of hard work to empower the white master, but now instant, they have put poor people in the situation that they will begg for more and they won't be any prosperity, they have jailed the minds poor people and now they are in minds slave-men ship. policians/white masters is them i talk about when i reffer to they, to them its business as usual.

One blaq love

Thundah Moh Fayah

Messenger: ras menelik Sent: 5/21/2009 3:55:17 AM

Dear Sir/Madam

Thanking you very much for co=ing back to us.

I am not sending any name yet=but the submission in case we are unable to send any of our members to attend.<=:p>

In South Africa more than 75%=of our Land is still in the hands of the European Invaders who robbed us of our Land with all its natural resources inclusive of human, animal and minerals, who took some of our people captive into foreign lands, dislocated our peop=e within the boundaries of our land, who killed many of our people including =ur leadership thereby destabilizing our royal African Governments of Kings and Queens and imposed a sequence of colonial government systems from colonial apartheid to demoncrazy system of maintaining and sustaining the status aqu= of colonial genocide that is continuous and seem to be everlasting.=/span>

In Zimbabwe large portions of=our land is still in the hands of foreign invader and children of the soil are =ot allowed to take it back with the English children promising to buy and later reneging from the Lancaster Agreement that was just an attempt to fool our =frican leaders while exploiting the labour of our people and depleting our mineral resources for the manufacturing of weapons to destroy us while recruiting a=d sponsoring our fellow African brothers as terrorists against themselves, against one another and against us as Black nation destabilizing the African governments.

In African States in general =uropean Invasion deprived Africans of the rule by themselves grooming pupperts and imposing them as rulers while removing and killing any leader who deviate f=om the colonial agenda, deprived Africans of the use of African Languages, gave Africans foreign names and identities, imposed foreign names on our places =nd natural resources like rivers, mountains, streets etc, imposed contaminated false education that teaches our people against themselves to be incompetent and to always feel inferior etc the list is not exhaustive.

Our special request is for the United Nations to as an everlasting solution to this monstrous European ear=h pollution is as follows:

1. Removal of stubborn white people who still hold that South Africa belongs to them and who mistakenly think =hey are Africans from South Africa and other African states bac= to where they come from.
2. The teaching of all foreigners to know and appreciate that they are foreig= in the lands that they invaded and should have willingly withdrew from Af=ica and returned stolen Africans having failed not to invade Africa and no= to take Africans captive, without a need for Africans to resort to libera=ion struggles and guerrilla war-fares in defense of the innocent armless a=d vulnerable peace-loving Africans and their territories.
3. Restoration of all the land back to Africans to if need be willingly leased to foreigners if still available for appropriation the benefit of childre= of the soil.
4. Repatriation of all Africans taken captive to foreign lands forward to Africa and relocation of all dislocated and re=ugees.
5. Declaration of Islands in the Caribbean and the surrounding which are populated by=the majority of Black people as African States under their own governance =s Africans with affiliation to the African Union as independent Sovereign African States.
6. Reparation payments for the genocide of Invasion of our African soil and enslavem=nt of its people, to be used for relocation costs, reconstruction and development to the level of England and America and Rome as African st=tes could have been but for the organized criminal invasion and slavery of colonial European nations.
7. Reparations to sponsor the restoration of African Languages, Cultures, Names and everything that was taken away from an African though proper and true educational exchange programs aimed at restoring the humanity and inte=rity of an African as an equal living human being.=/li>
8. Ensuring through Impartial, Efficient and Effective International Law enforceme=t and International Criminal Justice Tribunal that Never again should any nation rise against another nation and remain un-reprimanded.
9. Removal of all races that forced themselves unto the lands of all other nation= of the world to free all races and nations of the world.
10. Compensate honour and reward all liberation struggle fighters for having to defend the African territories unnecessarily but out of necessity including t=e Honourable President Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe.
11. Bring to the ICC all the colonial invaders and apartheid architects still al=ve and put them in jail to destroy their continuous role in plotting evil against Africa and African heroic leadership.

The UN has since its establis=ment from the League of Nations been a cover-up of European vigilantism and the =riminal syndicalism of European states in Africa at the expense of Africa and the Africans.

Now straight to the solution,=give Africa what belongs to Africa and get out of Africa<=st1:place>. The solution to African internal problems not created by foreigners like education, infrastructural development and economic stability rest in we Africans ourselves and the Almighty God though deprived us of evil hearts to pursue other nations, has never deprived of intelligence and wiseminds to l=ad our lives collectively taking care of one another filled with the spirit of Ubuntu for a prosperous human living.

Right after the Durban confer=nce, it has been proven beyond doubt in South Africa our beloved land through Xenophobic Attacks that resulted in the killings of our innocent fellow Afr=can brothers and sisters for nothing at all, that talks that have been taking p=ace from since invasion of our land without focusing on the real solution will never bring us anything while our African land are continually in the hands=of foreigners abusing them to continue to dominate and exploit our people and =ur resources.

All other initiatives have pr=ven useless and very dangerous as we continue to loose our people while organiz=d thuggery governments commit genocidal offences and sit around the table pre=ending to be looking for solution to a problem that they caused themselves.

Not only Africans should be F=eed, but all nations of the world Indians, Pakistanis, Chinese, Romans, English, Dutch all nations must be Free to live their lives enjoy their languages, c=ltures and heritages and pass them through to their generations without any evil m=nners of invasion.

Africans are not a Racist and cannot practice Racism against themselves, Deprivation of African land and =ll its resources bring about Xenophobic Attacks as no living human being can l=ve a life in the sky but on the land, Africans are more Ubuntu spirited to tolerate one another as Africans but for the influence of colonial fight for resources that lead to survival of the fittest and thus Intolerance.

It is only Europeans who brou=ht Racial Discrimination to South Africa and Africa, taught it to other nation= to spread thoughout human race and until now No European Nation has ever come forward deliberately, willingly and un-coerced to openly apologise for their Terror on fellow human beings but instead are still trying their best to re=ist with our land and our resources while continuously terrorizing our nations =nd sweating our leaders who fought bitterly against colonial invasion(Unnecess=rily) and who at this point in time where supposed to be compensated and rewarded=to deviating from focus on improving the life conditions of their fellow commu=ities and unnecessarily and unexpectedly had to defend their boundaries.

Forward to an everlasting sol=tion to Racism, Racial Discrimination, Xenophobia and Related Intolerence.<=o:p>

Continuous Failure of UN will=soon lead to withdrawal of conscious sovereign African States from affiliation to the UN and the removal of UN offices and UN related images from out of Africa.

Rastafari Community of South Africa

This e-mail and all of its contents are subject to the National Pro=ecuting Authority of South Africa+IBk-s disclaimer available at:

Messenger: irie ivan Sent: 5/28/2009 4:58:59 PM

1. Removal of stubborn white people who still hold that South Africa belongs to them and who mistakenly think =hey are Africans from South Africa and other African states bac= to where they come from.

Could the I please elaborate on this....

I and I see I as an African, I and I was born here, and born here I was for a reason, areasonJah knows. I and I am a white people, do I reason mistakenly if I believe I am an African?

Messenger: Ten Sent: 5/29/2009 8:27:43 PM

ras menelik I nah know where the I come from with that statement about Zimbabwe; its simply untrue. The Lancaster Agreement was '79, '92 was the willing buyer willing seller scheme & land re-distribution programme, 2000 was the land seizures. Some White farmer legally bought those farms post-1980 just as some Black farmers did. Look at where the land lies today and you'll find that although there are White-owned farms a significant number lie in the hands of govt ministers as their personal estates, others are have been re-distributed but the land remains under-utilised. And your comments on SA again are untrue. It might be that power is unevenly divided between Black and White but don't forget the rise of the new Black elite in SA; the BEE who have economic and political power; and at this time SA was under Thabo Mbeki's administration. As people we must see where where African leaders are oppressors inasmuch as colonial and Western capitalism are to blame. (They forget to rule with incient principles of humanity, unity, love and ras-pect and the meanings of struggle & liberation get lost in politrickery - partly their own failures and partly due to historic and external imperial forces.)
How can we remain frozen in discourses of slavery, apartheid and colonialism and fail to recognise the injustices of the present and the new ways in which our people are being oppressed? With the vision of Africa that His Majesty has blessed I n I with, we must apply it to the here and now and help liberate the Africa we live in today.


RasTafarI Is

Messenger: the rock Sent: 5/29/2009 8:37:34 PM

ras tafari

Messenger: ras menelik Sent: 6/7/2009 11:08:38 AM


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