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Oh very young what will they leave us in this time

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Messenger: wahdahdah Sent: 2/13/2009 4:59:25 PM

RastafarI Live, Greetings all Bredren and Sistren.
I have two very conscious Daughters, who attend the amerikan public school. Both are very knowledgable of the "good things" in Life. Both also have friends who chase after the amerikan dream. It seems as though the latest craze is this Youth at age 16 named miley cyrus. Iman daughters have brought it to I queen and I that she is worth over 4-7 "billion dollars". What is going on there I ask. Many of the daughters friends look up to this youth, and wear her clothing and listen to her "pop" music. I wonder what this is doing to the youth of today and what kind of message this sends to young people. It amazes I what is going on in this world. How could the children of the world possibly compete with this. I&I children are taught the best things in life are not things but to LOVE, what about those youth who see young "super stars" making so much money and wish to be like them. I and I Queen can teach our children to Love and respect, but they too ask if it is posible to reach this kind of stardum. As the World deals with it's so called "bad" economic shituation. there are those who show no shame in making this kind of money.
I am very blessed to have children who realize these things are passing and not what life is really about. Yet many of their friends look up to these young Idols. It is Alarming. Babylon continues to put it's spell on the youth. It often apears the spells are cast deeper and deeper. I&I know that the children that I&I am raising will stand firm in this world. I am just Amazed by the financial prostitution that is brought upon the youth of today.
Selassie I Live

Messenger: Ras I-Tom Sent: 2/13/2009 7:04:05 PM

Greetings Bredrin.
Selassie I live!

I and I can really relate to what the I is saying as I and I have a young sister, and it hurts I heart to see her worrying herself over what is not important.

I and I sister see these 'pop' stars and this fashion thing which is enslaving many of the youths from an early age. I and I sister reads the magazines and watches the TV and sights the 'fashion' or 'style' that these people promote and then she and her friends sight these things as things in which they must obtain in order to be 'trendy' or 'hip' or 'pop' or whatever they call it.

It hurts I heart to see people spending more unnecessary money to buy what is in 'style' or what has a certain brand name, when there is people all over the world that would be happy to wear any piece of clothing.

I sight that this finiancial prostitution, as the I called it, is leading youths astray to focus on the wrong things, causing the youths to fall into their trap to use the youth as nothing but tools for making their money, and fueling their greed even more.

I and I see the news everyday and just sight that Babylon is destroying itself. Time will tell and prophecy must fulfill.
JUDGMENT on the heathen that put stumbling blocks before the children!

RasTafarI tell I and I
'But Jesus called them unto him, and said, Suffer little children to come unto me, and forbid them not: for of such is the kingdom of God.' (Luke 18:16)

Messenger: wahdahdah Sent: 2/13/2009 10:38:19 PM

YES I, Thanks and Praise To JAH RASTAFARI
Nice RAS I-TOM, I Love the Quote the I bring forward from LUKE. Iman hope the sister the I speak of finds the true meaning of LIFE. As I sid I&I am very blessed with the children Jah has shared with I. I watch with vigilance to guide them much yet allow them to make their way. I Queen and I can only lead by example. Yet still they stay a conscious path. I know their so called friends do try to lead them astray but they manage to stay strong even at a young age. Loving the Heartical Life. Many of thier friends do not overstand them but this does not stop them. In fact when certain types of events come up and they majority want to go and get a "convienent" bite to eat at the local mc donalds I have witnessed the daughters telling their friends about the way the animals are treated and how eating dead things create a dead body within. Very serious for a child to stand and deliver conviction at a young age to their peers. It is difficult sometimes as a father to let the children walk amongst the dead , but I know JAH guide them. As for the Child Stars it makes things difficult and time and time again I watch the peers of I children loose themselves in the fashion and silly music.
As the I said Babylon is destroying itself, and on those days when the daughters come home from school and feel abit weak I remind them they are in this world and not of it. Sometimes I even show them the coarse of impermenence of past "pop" stars that have fallen away like burned wood. Everyday I remind all three of I&I children how Love is the Reality and is truelly the Richness of who we are as a people. Meanwhile they watch their peers crave for whatever is the "new thing" for that week. It is amazing to raise youth in this amerikan society in this time. I know I was not concsious of the economic situation and these things when I was a youth. It was kept hidden from I by the parents. I supose they thought it was better for I to live in the dream than to live in Reality.LOL. What will become of these young pop super stars the day the dollar dies. As the I mentioned the amount of money spent on these so called youth stars. It is no wonder our country is suffering so horibly. Every one complains about the economy yet people still buy their children the latest fashion that these pop stars are endorsing. Book bags, shoes shirts CELL PHONES, etc... craven dogs. I tell the daughters constantly that this is not Real and soon a time will come when it shall pass. Yet daily they share with I and I queen the collective thinking of their peers and how every one in their age group strive to be like these Idols. I&I saving grace is them Saying, " Don't worry Pops we know LoVE is the Power that last for ever." as they dance around shouting RASTAFARI. Even the 5 year old will give a shout to JAH. It it a BLESSED thing to I and I Queen.
As for the Lost Souls of the modern day YOUTH well Time Will Tell.
Selassie I LIVE

Messenger: Ras I-Tom Sent: 2/14/2009 5:00:03 AM

Blessed love!

wahdahdah, it sounds like the I and the I's Queen are really setting the example that should be set. It is sad however to see some parents in todays world leading the children away by encouraging the wrong things. I and I am happy to hear the I's children are concious; keep setting the example I, RasTafarI will guide them.

" Don't worry Pops we know LoVE is the Power that last for ever." as they dance around shouting RASTAFARI. Even the 5 year old will give a shout to JAH. It it a BLESSED thing to I and I Queen.

What the I said made I spirit rise high and a smile come upon I face. How I and I love to see children walking the path which is righteouss.

RasTafarI liveth forIver more!

Messenger: Ark I Sent: 2/14/2009 11:11:58 PM

What the I them are doing is the Right thing to keep your children away from foolishness. As long as the I them are Teaching your children the ways of Life and make them aware of every thing in due time and season, they will not fall into the wrong path. Just remember that the many seasons of growth often come sooner than the parents expect (or want) it to. From the many seasons of a baby and toddler, all the way through to the seasons of a teenager and adult.

Ark I

Itinual Praises unto Jah RasTafarI Haile Selassie I Menen I

Messenger: wahdahdah Sent: 2/15/2009 8:43:57 AM

Yes I, Ark I that is so very true, as I&I had been thinking that very idea of the development of i children. All that I&I can do is lead by example and Livity. The youth will come discover they are guided by JAH and JAH alone (unless they give way to peer pressure). And the Seasons do come quick and even sooner than the parent expect or wish. I have a responsibility to the youth and do realize they also have free will.
I as a parent realize It is a ust to show them the "GOOD LIFE", even then the stumbling blocks of wich I&I speak of in this pos as with many others will have to be delt with in due season.
Which brings I to the thought of how "Herb" is put into the saame classification of heroin , cocain, crack etc... in this society. The police come to there schools and tell them how dangerous "drugs" are. I and I queen have alwaysed used many herbs aside from Ishence. So we have taught our youth Herb is a food. and that society has deemed some foods illegal. Yet still mariwanna is again and again stigmatized as a dangerous food. As children, I&I do not feed our youth Ishence nor do we leave it about the house. It is a subject that has always been outlawed in the amerikan society therefore discretion is a must. In the school systems here the police go as far as telling the students what sighns to look for in the home and what smells to be aware of, trying to create snitches or rats out of the youngest of children. They in turn tell the "authorities" that there parents are "using drugs" the chidren are removed from the home put into "foster care" the parents become criminal and Babylon is fed. I&I have seen this time and time again. The blood suckers turn the youh against the parents. All over a plant. YET, it is totally fine for a household to have unlimited amounts of alcohal and cigarette smoke around the youth. I have witnessed parents allowing wine or beer to be ingested by very young children. this is "OK" in this society. How messed up is that? Our family values have become so distorted it is no wonder the youth have become so disguntled to the point of violence and murfer in the schools. I&I lived in Colorado at the time oof the Columbine shootings and witnessed first hand the misguided youth in that area. I&I had seen it coming long before it took place, so many youth carrying weapons.
I do not hold the youth responsible, it is through LACK of comunication and Positive feedback of the PARENTS to TEACH the children. AS a culture that relys on Television and POP culture to "babysit" our youth so mass fornication and financial prostitution can continue without the henderance of a so called sexual accident that took place one night while drunk. Basically children having children. In this country one must take a drivers test to drive a potential killing machine yet there is no laws or test given to people before having a child. It is AMAZING to I.
At present time in FLA. a young mother sits in jail for killing her 2 year old child: putting the remains of the childin a garbage bag and throwing her less than a mile into the woods near her home. WHY? So she could go out and party with her friends. she would tape the childs mouth, put a rag with cloriform over the childs face and put the child in the trunk of the car and then go party at the local strip bar. It was socalled accidental, she did not mean to kill the baby, just dope her up so she would not have to pay the babysitter or have her own parents nag at her for going out and partying. It is Amazing how this goes on and unnoticed. This is a common among young parents who want to get out and "cut loose" the woman was thought to have taken the idea from other young parents who post these ideas on the internet. It is a state of emergency our youth are in as well as this society.
So Yes I&I can work at doing the Right thing and Teach I&I children what is GOOD. MAY JAH BLESS the YOUTH of TODAY. They are truelly the Future of tomarrow. JAH GUIDE and Protect.

Messenger: Ark I Sent: 2/19/2009 11:31:44 PM

It is messed up that a person can think that doing that to their child is acceptable. It shows how far people have gone away from sense.

It is too bad as the I was saying that parents don't teach their children. Even the teenagers who happen to get pregnant would be much better parents if their own parents taught them about Life and Livity. Part of the problem is that the parents are so far from Right, that they are not able to teach the children even if they tried.

So it must be, so that the judgements can pass.

Ark I

Itinual Praises unto Jah RasTafarI Haile Selassie I Menen I

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