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The wolves amongst the sheep

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Messenger: Ras I-Tom Sent: 1/11/2009 10:58:57 AM

This is related to a reasoning I and I had with an elder.

We were reasoning about the observations each of us have made and we were reasoning about the problem of those who give RasTafarI a bad name. (I do not know if this is such a problem in other parts, but it is something I and I see a lot on I island.)

I and I was telling the elder that I and I observe so many walking around with the colours of Ethiopia and the Lion of Judah as if it is some style, yet they know nothing of the spiritual significance of the two of these things. Because these people wear these things as a style, more and more people see these colours and symbol as 'cool' or whatever and more and more wear it, yet know nothing of the Mysics of RasTafarI or HIM Haile Selassie I. I and I have even witnessed photos of people posing at parties with alchohol in hands, posing using the hand symbol of Jah RasTafarI Selassie I, the sign of the Holy Trinity. It is these observances that make I burn more hotta fiyah.

The elder was telling I that people wearing RasTa as some sort of style and the people think RasTa is some watered down thing; but RasTa is no weak heart thing!

I and I tell him that it is true and through the observations I and I make I see people that think RasTa is some watered down thing. It is these people that then give RasTafarI a bad name, because RasTafarI is no weak heart thing in truth. They know nothing of the spirt living livity of RasTafarI.

He then tell I that these people could never sit in the council of the Nyabinghi. Not anyone can chant the chant of Jah RasTafarI with the Nyabinghi because not all can take the heat of absolute impartiality, death to all white and black oppressors. He then sa that RasTafarI is no weak heart thing, because no weak heart can stand before the Most High Selassie I Jah RasTafarI!

I and I am posting this reasoning because I and I feel it is something that affects us, as it is giving people the wrong impression of what RasTafarI is. Some people wear the colours of Ethiopia, yet they do not even know this, or know HIM. Babylon has used what is sacred to RasTafarI as a way of making money. Using the colours of the I Majesty and the symbol of the Lion of Judah to make money. I and I see people who think they can chant Jah RasTafarI and wear the colours of Ethiopia because they smoke herbs.

I and I vaguely remember a Bob Marley interview where he was asked about something negative associated with RasTafarI, and Bob's response was something like 'Those people are not RasTafarI, they give RasTafarI a bad name.' This is not exactly what he said, as I cannot remember exactly, but it is roughly along these lines.

The elder was telling I that there are wolves everywhere, even amongst RasTafarI people.

This is true, as I and I see many wolves, and it is up to us, RasTafarI, to reveal these wolves that hide under the sheeps clothing. We know the wolves becaue spiritual RasTafarI live by the spirit and thus a wolf who does not live by the spirit will be revealed.

Just as the Holy Sacrament is given a bad name because of the way society abuses it and the violence that is associated with it because of the greed. I and I sight that RasTafarI is being given a bad name because of these people who wear things that Identify to RasTafarI, yet they know nothing of the spiritual and Mystical aspects of RasTafarI. Thus some people today do not even see RasTafarI as spiritual, yet RasTafarI livity is the livity most pleasing in the eyes of the creator, Selassie I Jah RasTafarI.

Just as we have to educate people of the other half of the story that has not been told, we have to educate people of the truth which is RasTafarI.

Messenger: wahdahdah Sent: 1/11/2009 4:38:11 PM

There is not a body or energy, thought or person etc... that can give RASTAFARI a Bad NAME. Only RASTAFARI can GIVE RASTAFARI any thing. What is good what is bad? what people say from there own misinterpretations is the only label they can hold. It is there Label not RASTAFARI. JAH IS, RASTAFARI IS. Whatever people the I speak of I&I all Know who and what they represent in these times.Wood for the Fire perhaps. It is not I to say what is on there Heart. Only JAH know. What is a wolf to One is the Pereception of there own mind sometimes. I&I say worry not what any ONE may say or believe. It really matters not to what IS RASTAFARI. Stay on that Trod and these things shall pass too. What does it matter to the I what some one does or say. I&I am not the JUDGE. If a man is in the picture holding up a beer in one hand and a Symbol of RASTAFARI, look at it this way, at least ONE had holds true. What I am saying is that this is all of the flesh. As a Spiritual Warrior the I must see this as flesh and it will pass. It will not pass within thee if thee holds anger or resentment to these people. No One can enter into the Gates of ZION with that discord. Let it Go. It is not for the I to concern what others "try" to say or do to the"name" of RASTAFARI. The Truth shall always shine ALWAYS, Like the shinning SUN. It only apears to the earthy that the sun sets. It Shines ALL the TIME, CLOUDS or no CLOUDS the Sun is there. If I said to the sun ,"man the sun is foolish, it is not really the sun." does it stop or change the Manifestation of the Sun. I can give the sun a bad name and say, man the sun causes cancer. and start a revolution against the sun. The sun will still continue to shine and give I Life, the sun will give I food energy and keep sustaining I. It does not take personal what I may have said ""bad" about it. Same thing as the Creator. JAH RASTAFARI does not take personal the afairs of men/women. It is our own ego or flesh that takes it personal. The war is not about people who wear colors or apear to be kinda into Rasta as Style or not. So what, It really matters not as to what RASTAFARI IS. If I&I see colors of Red Gold and Green, or see someone with Locks, If it moves I to check them I will and Hail them if they no not what I&I am saying about RASTAFARI or say YEH MON< BOB MARLEY, well I can respond and judge them or I can not respond and be tolerant and think maybe it will sink in. Everybody is at different levels of learning. It is not I place to judge. Iman was troding thru JA a time back and met a very kind wonderful RAS we Reasoned for much a time. At the time I man was very young and full of I own misconceptions of RASTAFARI. and I had heard Gregory Isaacs did lots of cocaine so I did not listen to him and went as far as to say rude things about a man I new not. Well, without I realizing the very wise RAS Iman had reasoned with was he and he was very much within RASTAFARI. It is not always the cover or even the first part of the introduction of a book we shall not judge. I have come to learn Every person has a story and within that story lies a piece of truth. the System may be false and have many sleeping but the TRUTH is AWARE. Every Living thing will come to LOVE RASTAFARI. WHEN and HOW is not I place to wonder. Iman have too much JAH works to do to worry about that.

Messenger: Ark I Sent: 1/11/2009 10:31:23 PM

I and I must Live Strong and show the World who RasTafarI is, to counteract the wolves misrepresentation of RasTafarI.

When the wolves come into I and I circles, I and I must blaze them out. But when these people walk the streets don't pay them no mind, there is not enough time to chase them, it is better to look for those who are RasTafarI, so that I and I can build I and I gathering and increase I and I Inity.

Ark I

Itinual Praises unto Jah RasTafarI Haile Selassie I Menen I

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Haile Selassie I