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Time Zone: EST (New York, Toronto)
Messenger: wahdahdah Sent: 1/10/2009 9:22:26 AM

Greetings ALL Children of JAH
Let I&I keep Holy Today and Itinually give JAH RASTAFARI Thanks and Praises. Thanks Given for the Air I&I breath, JAH Sun that warms and feeds Ibody and I foods. Thanks JAH for the Water to enrich the Planet as well as I&I body. Thank JAH for the Earth. Yes Earth Air Fire Water. Elements that keep I&I strong as well as the Spiritual Earth Air Fire and Water that bring knowledge wisdom and overstanding. Keep in I&I heart what JAH brings from wihin, the abundance and blessings that are given to I&I by the GRACE of RASTAFARI. Bless I&I Oh, JAH and these I&I gifts wich I&I recieve from THY bounty thru SELASSIE I JAH RASTAFARI. KEEP HOLY TODAY as everyday. There is no end to this DAY. It apears the sun rises and sets as I&I see it from this temporary home I&I call Earth. Yet if I&I were to Rise above into the Universe I&I see the SUN does shine ITINUALLY. It does not set or rise. Itinually it shine on I&I, it matters not who are what is there JAH sun shine on everything. Saint or Sinner, there is no partiallity. I&I feel the blessings of JAH and realize everything that flow in I LIFE is from I JAH RASTAFARI. Blessings from JAH. There is no end to it. Give Thanks on this DAY. Thank THEE OH JAH RASTAFARI for this Gift, this Present DAY. I&I HEART is Humbled to the GRACE JAH Give freely to I&I. BLESSED is HE/SHE called to this Bountiful DAY. BLESSED LOVE
Selassie I Live

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Haile Selassie I