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Fall of the Yellow Helicopter

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Time Zone: EST (New York, Toronto)
Messenger: Ark I Sent: 1/2/2009 1:30:13 AM

I wanted to reason about a dream I had in 2000 or 2001, and what came after the dream to explain it. The reason I am bringing it forward now is because I was recently looking at what I wrote at that time and decided to do some more research on it, and I research explained what the dream meant.

In the dream:
I was outside on an airfield in Toronto. I looked and saw Pope Jean-Paul standing on the airfield. To the left and the the right of him were between 5 and 8 men on each side.

I immediate reaction was to Chant out "Fire". Right as I said it, the wind became strong. I looked to the left and in the air was a large yellow helicopter hovering over (like those large military carrier helicopters). The helicopter started to sway to the left and right because of the wind, swaying more and more until it crashed onto the ground.

In the beginning June 2002, I realized that the dream was about the coming of the Pope to Toronto, Canada for their World Youth Day in July 2002.

I will first reason about what I found out before the Pope came, what happened during his visit, and what I found out recently by doing more research.

In June, 2002, I did some research about the World Youth Day event that was coming to Toronto. Here is the logo.

The designer said that the yellow circle represented the youth that would come to the assembly. When I saw the symbol, the yellow circle and the cross reminded I of the yellow helicopter in I dream.

At that time I also did some research in the significance of the colour yellow in catholic history. Heretics, those who separated themselves from vatican domination, were killed or punished. One thing the catholic church would do is put a yellow cross on the shoulder and chest of the heretic. The person would be required to where it for the rest of his or her life. The purpose of it was for shame and humiliation for the person and their family.

Here are some interpretations of the dream I made at that time before the pope came. I interpretation at that time was close, but was lacking.
I thought that maybe the Pope would crash, literally or in a sense of his body or mind crashing, or I thought that maybe he would cause the children to crash.

I call of Fire brought the wind, so I felt it must be a judgement that caused the helicoptor to crash. So maybe the yellow respresents the shame of the catholic domination, and he will fall from his high spot and be destroyed.

The relation to the World Youth day might be that babylon has fooled and misguided the youth, and their shame is because they did that to the youth.

On June 9, 2002 I saw on television the ceremony for the arrival of the World Youth cross to Toronto. Some teenagers brought the cross around different parts of Canada on foot. The cross was blessed by the pope, the children retrieved the cross from Rome in April of 2001 and traveled to many different parts of Canada during that time until it came to Toronto for it's final destination. They moved the cross throughout Canada on foot, by having several relay groups pass on the cross during the journey.

One girl got tendonitis from the journey and other children suffered other ailments.

They children spoke of the cross like it was some kind of idol. They spoke of people almost worshipping the cross and how people were touching and exalting the cross.

Then came the coming of the Pope. Out of all days, the pope chose to come on July 23, Selassie I earth day. Look at how he came and tried to use the youth to challenge Haile Selassie I. You will see when I reason later how they got judged for trying to use the youth for that. Their celebration continued to July 28.

Two days before the Pope came, a storm was called, so I answered and Chanted Praise to Jah and judgement to babylon.

The Lightning and Thunder came after I started Chanting. The Lightning sometimes went to the ground and other times it just went through the sky. After a few minutes, I Empress came outside and her Irits strengthened I. I Itinued to Chant and the Lightning Itinued. Not too much rain was falling yet, but there was a lot of Lightning.

One bolt of Lightning hit the ground in the distance and there was some kind of explosion, the sky turned different colors (a newspaper reporter said afterwards, "I saw twinkling red, blue, white, yellow and green lights"). After the explosion there was a shimmering glow in the distance and I could see that it was some kind of fire. What had happened was that Lightning hit a gas line which then exploded with high flames. The news said that the flames rose to 35 metres(115 ft).

I Itinued with I Chanting and the Lightning Itinued. Over I head the Lightning flashes went through the sky like trees without leaves. After some more time passed, I sealed the first part of the Chant and called out Jah, and some Lightning crashed to the left, then RasTafarI. I Chanted two more times, Jah RasTafarI, Jah RasTafarI.

I Empress was holding I hand throughout the chanting. Afterwards I and I spoke a little about it. She told I about the Lightning that flashed when I said Jah and I told her that I saw it. She made a comment saying "this happened right before the Pope was coming, and she shook her head.

I started to laugh, and she asked I why I was laughing and I told her that she knows, it was what she said about the Pope. We talked a little more and then she went inside the house. I don't think I went in with her, but I might have for a short time. Soon after I started Chanting again, the Lightning Itinued and started to strengthen. The rain started to rain down hard after I Chanted for a few minutes. The storm became more fierce and I started to Chant to Jah to make the whole sky light up with Lightning. I Itinued I chanting and called on Jah a few more times to light up the sky with Lightning.

After a few minutes, Lightning covered the sky with a web of Lightning that was like a dome above I. I Praised Jah for this wonderful Work. On the 23 of July when the Pope came, I was in a park with the Toronto Nyahbinghi Chanting, it was a strong Chant, and I and I blazed out the Pope.

Like I said earlier, a few days ago I did some research into the event and found more that explained what the dream meant.

The yellow circle that represented the children represented the vatican's shame against them when they molested them and protected the heathen who did it. On March 17, 2002, a few months before the World Youth day the Pope broke the vatican silence about the sex scandals in the church. He did it as part of an annual letter for preparation for Easter, it was titled, "The letter of the Holy Father, John Paul II to the priests for the Holy Thursday 2002." (Their Holy Thursday was March 28 that year)

Here is what he said,
At this time too, as priests we are personally and profoundly afflicted by the sins of some of our brothers who have betrayed the grace of Ordination in succumbing even to the most grievous forms of the mysterium iniquitatis (the mystery of evil) at work in the world. Grave scandal is caused, with the result that a dark shadow of suspicion is cast over all the other fine priests who perform their ministry with honesty and integrity and often with heroic self-sacrifice. As the Church shows her concern for the victims and strives to respond in truth and justice to each of these painful situations, all of us - conscious of human weakness, but trusting in the healing power of divine grace - are called to embrace the "mysterium Crucis" (mystery of the Cross) and to commit ourselves more fully to the search for holiness. We must beg God in his Providence to prompt a whole-hearted reawakening of those ideals of total self-giving to Christ which are the very foundation of the priestly ministry.

On April 23, 2002, the Pope summonded the US Cardinals to discuss the sex abuse scandal. He told them that there is "no place in priesthood for those who would harm the young".

On May 26, 2002, the Pope held Sunday mass in Bulgaria in a yellow robe, showing the shame of the vatican.

It seems like the helicopter is showing them trying to escape their sins by displaying their shame, but there gesture is not enough and they will still fall because of their wickedness. Even look at this part of the quote above "Grave scandal is caused, with the result that a dark shadow of suspicion is cast over all the other fine priests who perform their ministry with honesty and integrity and often with heroic self-sacrifice." They are more worried about the scandal it caused and dark shadow over the vatican, then they are about the child victims. If he was going to go into detail about the effects of the wickedness, you would think that the pain, depression and other suffering of the children would have been mentioned, but instead the detail is about what they are trying to do, both in the dream and reality, showing their shame to try to escape their judgement. But babylon can't fly away.

I am still not sure about who the men are standing on either side of the pope, it could be his council or possibly others who are close to him.

Ark I

Itinual Praises unto Jah RasTafarI Haile Selassie I Menen I

Messenger: Yaa Asantewa Sent: 1/2/2009 7:30:09 AM

Greetings My Lord, blessings and blessed love... heart of One; Divine Majesty, the Imperial I.

Give thanks for the very upful posting, although it relates to the "mysterium iniquitatis" (yuck, imagine the way they refer to it). I love that thee I highlights absorbing of the irits in dream, and action taken for better clatiry in the light of dawn. It is most interesting to I. We give thanks to Our Ababa for the powers in life, Selassie I first lives... and reigns judgement and lightening on their blasphemy and discretion every time.

It seems that they know Majesty indeed. Perhaps it is in the study and practice of masonry to attempt an oratory brilliance something like... InI, perhaps... but it is outside of their boundary to speak truth in the way of Majesty (somebody once posted the name of the art of eloquence as demonstrated in High Ithiopian culture... I wonder if the person might remind I).

Anyway, in reading some of the Vatican responses, I found their own representation of truth in artistic oration very interesting... as they omit nothing of their intention and understanding. Like the Honourable Ras comments above on their lack of treatment of empathy in relating to the damage and wounds of the victims. Yet they give ole catholicism a good PR plug... and, well... it does what it says on the tin.

"all of us - conscious of human weakness, but trusting in the healing power of divine grace - are called to embrace the "mysterium Crucis" (mystery of the Cross) and to commit ourselves more fully to the search for holiness."

- concious of human weakness... yes, they are that.
- trusting in healing power of divine grace... well, a weak human won't be very good at self-healing, so I guess they still get to fall back on divine grace (this is why the Father & Mother are better than I, cos I would pull that carpet from under them... but we are here trying and learning to be better, as the I in I, right? Right)
- So! Concious of human weakness, they are called to embrace the mysteries of the cross... The cross indeed seems a very mysterious thing indeed.

And relating to their unending search for holiness, well then mek them gwarn, they STILL have not found it. Unless we're talking holes as in gaps and tears.

Give thanks for the reasoning.

Love & Life!

Messenger: Eleazar1234 Sent: 1/2/2009 12:03:34 PM

Fire fe the Vatican!

I have had to deal with the Vatican I whole life because I parents and whole family are Catholic. I used to have to go to Church with I parents because they forced I to. I also went to Catholic School for part of elementary school, 6th grade, and also Junior and part of Senior year of High School.(The rest of time I went to public school). I was expelled from Charlotte Catholic High School because I failed their drug test for herb and threatened the Principle of the School with judgement, who called the police. The Principle and the Dean of the School kept I in this tiny room that reminded I of the Inquisition while they called I parents. I started singing Peter Tosh's Downpresserman, I chanted "Your gonna run to the sea, but the sea will be BOILING, Your gonna run to the rock, the rock will be MELTING". The Principle took that as an excuse to call the police, and the police came. I calmly explained to the police the situation and said I wasn't trying to physically hurt anyone. (The principle of the school had told the police that I was violent and mentally ill. He tried to put I in a mental hospital). The police then escorted I out of the HighSchool. One of the police officer's said to I as I was walking out of the school, "That room they were keeping you in looks like the police interrogation rooms that we use at the station". I then was driven home by I Mom.

Also, when I went to that school, I religion teacher was a Jesuit from Fordham University. And I math teacher was a Freemason.

I have learned through I life experiences that the Vatican is one of the most hypocritical, powerful, and evil institutions on the planet. The Vatican is like the ultimate wolf in sheep's clothing. I have had many other negative experiences with the Vatican.


I thank JAH that I am free to live RasTafarI way now and I know the TRUTH, because only the TRUTH can set a man free.


Messenger: Arkon I Sent: 1/3/2009 2:21:33 PM

Although Vatican is still lying to people, although because of Vatican many people suffered (and are suffering) the I should pray for them everyday. Pray for purifying Fyah that will make them clean - for judgement.

Blessed Love of Internal Parent!

Messenger: Eleazar Sent: 12/18/2009 1:34:43 PM

I recently read that more than 500 people have filed sex abuse claims against the Jesuits in Northwestern America. This has forced the Oregon Province of the Jesuits to file for bankruptcy.

The Order of the Jesuits has already settled previous abuse cases by paying out over $500 million in damages.

Messenger: Eleazar Sent: 7/21/2011 11:14:24 PM

Ireland's Prime Minister (Taoiseach), Enda Kenny, (a Catholic himself) was courageous enough to publicly rebuked the vatican over its iniquity and deception.

Angry Ireland finally confronts Vatican over abuse

By SHAWN POGATCHNIK, Associated Press 10 hours ago

DUBLIN (AP) From the pews and pulpits, Ireland's Catholics are demanding that the Vatican finally come clean on its oversight role in child abuse cover-ups.

It's a revolution of sorts in Ireland, a nation founded on a pillar of devotion to Roman Catholicism, where many now question the church's role in a rapidly changing society. For decades Irish leaders let archbishops vet proposed laws, declared they were Catholics first and Irishmen second, and saw crossing the church as a surefire way to lose office.

No longer.

The Irish are broadly lauding this week's thunderbolt from Prime Minister Enda Kenny, who denounced the Vatican's role in the past 17 years of abuse scandals. He accused the Holy See of downplaying "the rape and torture of children" and hiding behind its status as a sovereign state with its own secrecy-obsessed canon laws.

Astonished cabbies pulled off the road to watch the unprecedented speech on their smartphones. Victims of clerical sexual abuse, who have spent two decades trying to be heard and believed, cheered a day they thought would never come.

"It's a landmark speech in emphasizing that Ireland's historic deference to the Vatican, and to the Catholic Church generally, is over," said Diarmaid Ferriter, professor of modern Irish history at University College Dublin.

Even Ireland's priests, dismayed by their church leadership, voiced support for Kenny's attack on the Vatican.

"The prime minister is a practicing Catholic and has a love for the Christian faith. He's given a powerful voice to what we've all been thinking," said the Rev. Tony Flannery, a leader of the Association of Catholic Priests in Ireland.

"The vast majority of ordinary priests feel incredibly frustrated and annoyed that the Vatican never admits any wrongdoing, is not open to dialogue, and permits this cloud to hang over all our heads. It's unfair," he said.

The rising church-state conflict in Ireland reflects a generation of dynamic economic and social change in this country of 4.5 million, more than 85 percent of whom identify themselves as Catholic on the census but fewer than half of whom attend weekly Mass today.

The decline in Catholic observance has shadowed Ireland's first experience of prosperity during the Celtic Tiger boom of 1994-2007 and its related surge in immigration and cosmopolitan attitudes. Today's Ireland has legalized divorce and gay partnerships, with abortion looming as the next battleground.

Ireland's rapid descent since 2008 to the brink of bankruptcy has radically altered the political landscape to the Vatican's disadvantage. Kenny, leader of Ireland's law-and-order party Fine Gael, was swept to power earlier this year alongside the left-wing and anti-clerical Labour Party.

Suffering a historic defeat was Fianna Fail, a party that made Catholicism a core part of its identity. Its former leader, Bertie Ahern, famously addressed the parliament each Ash Wednesday with his forehead blackened a sign he'd just come from Mass. Ahern's successor, Brian Cowen, defended the Vatican's refusal to cooperate with Irish child-abuse inquiries.

Yet even the most devoted have found their faith tested by those investigations into the church's concealment of child abuse by priests, nuns and other officials.

Judge-led investigations have produced four mammoth reports since 2005 documenting how bishops shuttled known pedophiles throughout Ireland and to unwitting parishes in the United States and Australia. They detailed how tens of thousands of children suffered wide-ranging abuses in workhouse-style residential schools, and how leaders of the largest diocese in Dublin didn't tell police of any crimes until forced by the weight of lawsuits in the mid-1990s.

The latest investigation, into the County Cork diocese of Cloyne, was published last week. It found that officials there were still shielding suspected pedophiles from the law until 2008.

That's 12 years after the Irish church unveiled a new policy requiring the mandatory reporting of all suspected crimes to police. And seven years after Pope Benedict XVI, then Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger and head of the Vatican's powerful Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, ordered bishops worldwide to report all abuse cases to him, too.

However, the Cloyne report highlighted a 1997 letter from the Vatican to Irish bishops warning them that their new crime-reporting policy undermined canon law and had not won the Holy See's approval. For the first time, an Irish fact-finding inquiry found the Vatican culpable in promoting the culture of cover-up.

On Thursday, the Vatican's spokesman, the Rev. Federico Lombardi, said in response to Kenny's speech that the Holy See will respond "when opportune to the demands of the Irish government" following the Cloyne probe.

Lombardi expressed hope the debate on the scandals will play out "objectively" and restore a climate of trust in the church and Irish society.

But the wounds run deep.

Dublin Archbishop Diarmuid Martin, the church's leading voice calling for honesty, went on Ireland's state RTE television to declare, teary-eyed, that honest priests were being verbally assaulted by the public because of their leaders' continuing failure to admit the truth.

"I find myself asking today, can I be proud of the church that I'm a leader of? I have to be ashamed of this," said Martin, who has found himself at odds with other bishops and the Vatican over his open approach.

Martin noted that he had provided state investigators the Dublin Archdiocese's secret files on abuse complaints despite a lawsuit from his predecessor, Cardinal Desmond Connell, seeking to keep them locked away and urged other dioceses to do the same.

He described as "a cabal" those church leaders in the Vatican and Ireland who conspired to ignore both the pope's and the Irish government's calls for pedophiles to be identified.

When asked if he could count on fellow Irish bishops to protect children from abuse now, Martin said, "I hope so," but questioned whether investigators would get at the truth unless granted greater powers.

One of Ireland's foremost Catholic theologians, the Rev. Vincent Twomey, called on the Vatican to fire every single Irish bishop appointed before Martin's arrival in Dublin in 2003. That would leave only seven of Ireland's 28 bishops and archbishops in office.

The Vatican last year declined to accept the resignations of Martin's two auxiliary bishops in Dublin, even though Martin made it clear he wanted both gone.

"The church in Ireland needs to unite behind the call for honesty and openness so ably promoted by Archbishop Martin," said Twomey, who recently retired as professor of moral theology at Maynooth, the only one of Ireland's previous eight seminaries still open today.

"There won't be a church left in Ireland if the church doesn't take decisive action to reform itself. That means new leaders, new bishops," Twomey said.

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