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Reggaenerated Arkon I

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Messenger: Arkon I Sent: 1/2/2009 12:12:35 AM

Greetings in the Name of His Imperial Majesty Haile Selassie I JAH RasTafarI, the Light of this World and the Conquering Lion from the Tribe of Yahuda!

It has been a long time since I showed my ignorance in the "Turban" topic. First I didn't know why everybody were against me, but now I don't have doubt that I disrespected Bobo Order, by my question.
Although my ignorance were in my mind, I purged my soul and now I don't have even a shadow of ignorance. I would like to say again WELCOME TO ALL THE COME-UNITY OF JAH-RASTAFARI.COM . Now I am wiser and I will try to gain wisdom from every post on this forum.

Blessed Love and Maximum Rispekt!

Arkon I

Messenger: Ark I Sent: 1/3/2009 12:15:00 AM

Arkon I, you said,

I purged my soul and now I don't have even a shadow of ignorance

That kind of thinking is dangerous for a person's progress, you might not notice your ignorance and your ignorance will grow without you realizing it.

Purge yourself for what you think, say or do that is contrary to the Most High, but don't close your eyes to your foolishness of the present or future. You have to be watchful of yourself so you are aware when ignorance starts to grow, so you can stop it right away.

Humbleness Arkon, you have to learn Humbleness, and most importantly, Humbleness towards the Most High God Jah RasTafarI Haile Selassie I. Burning Spear sang, "Is a lucky thing I never get swell headed". Don't get swell headed and be premature in your declarations. If the time comes when you don't have even a shadow of ignorance, you will not announce it, you will just Live it.

Ark I

Itinual Praises unto Jah RasTafarI Haile Selassie i Menen I

Messenger: Arkon I Sent: 1/3/2009 8:23:29 AM

That's why I am still learning. To gain knowledge and good life. Without whickedness and ignorance. I know that I have to watch out for bad seed of ignorance and that is one of the most important thing - consciousness.

Bless Up!

Messenger: wahdahdah Sent: 1/3/2009 9:15:40 AM

SILENCE! IS THE MASTER OF TEACHING. It is not Words that make the Man or Wombman. It is the POWER of SILENCE before the WORD. the PLACE where the WORD is Manifested. ONE with JAH. Selassie I did not come back to conquer and first say,"OK, I am PURGED I AM no longer ignorant. It is the way in wich the I even still has presented himself, That show I what is going on. It is hard for the I to SEE because the I is still in a dream state. The Spirit is working to emerge yet the Flesh(ego) continues to control the mind. It has been less than one 1/2 of the moons cycle that the I speak of that now thee is no longer ignorant. Yet in the very beginning of the post the question the I poses is "I did not know why everyone was against me". Right in that sentence it says to Iman, Arkon, does not see what had happen and now it is continuing. It is the same Arrogance. I&I am against nothing. I&I AM ONE with JAH. It is the I's way of thinking that is against. I&I LOVE everything even Iman enemy. So JAH SAY. Ark I work with the I shedding light for the I. and the reply Arkon give shows defensiveness. Why? because the I seems to feel he must be 'understood" instead of BEING SILENT and listening and OVERSTANDING. I will say that the I Arkon is trodding a path and I recognize as all hear in this house do that the I is "trying" do not try, just BE and do JAH WORKS. The I said the most important thing is CONCIOUSNESS. It is TRUE, The way I&I thoughts stream from that conciousness are equally important when adressing I&I. It is One thing to KNOW and the Respect comes and then HUMBLENESS as the Bradah ARK I repeated. Working at driving that point Home to the I. wich from the reply it apears the ARKON missed it again, worrying only to let I&I know he "KNOWS" I&I can see what the I Knows by what the I SHOWS not what the I SAYS he KNOWS. A BABY feels the insecurity of the parent or the confidence more so than the parent ever having to tell the baby, OH, I KNOW. SEEN?
Remember Sprout the I Left the house for a couple of weeks, the house never left thee. There is not ONE I here that is against thee, that is the way the Arkon SEES LIFE. Wich explain alot to I. There is no Ignorance in this, only unconsciousness. I&I BLAZE FIRE so I&I can SHINE JAH LIGHT. It is One thing to acknowledge the Presence of JAH RASTAFARI but a LIVITY to express and Pracise it. When Christ said Leave your nets, he ment leave all of the material mind conditioned things that are man/wombman made from thoughts we, not JAH has strung together that leads to our misunderstandings. Leave the nets that continue to catch and trap ourselves. I&I Tell thee to practice Listening to the SILence. Just Listen without responding. A river does not stop flowing so it can let the banks know it is flowing nor does JAH stop manifesting in Order to let JAH know it knows. JUST BE ONE with JAH, and when it happens there it is the mountains and everything will know without a word said. JAH has away of teaching I&I exactly what we do not know. Therefor I&I do not need Arkon to tell I what he Now knows. Against no, ONE WITH I AM YES I. Now do not feel thee I needs tocome back with an explanation, or a defence, I&I LOVE thee BRAHDAH and when at first I saw thee name on the post I&I smiled, then I saw the itle and read the first post and thought, FIRE will BLAZE. lol. It is good to have thee in this house. Work at just letting go of the arogance and Let humility shine forth. that is the Window of JAH. Jah Light can not shine through dirty glass and when our own preconcieved and misinformed thoughts want to go first it mud up the window. Then when the I becomes aware the windows of the mind must be wiped clean, that is Humility, JAH will SHINE LIGHT the MORNING SUN.
ONE LOVE SPROUT. If sometime the fireget hot let it. do not walk away because the ego has been wounded. All who respond and even do not respond wish thee ONE thing and that is the LOVE and LIGHT to shine on Young ARKON SPROUT. Sometime when the Fire Burn the youth want to run. The strongest Metal stays in the Fire the LONGEST so to be the strongest. Against is in the mind, IRON sharpen IRON. If I&I were against thee I would not respond to thee in this time. and yet hear I AM.

Messenger: Arkon I Sent: 1/3/2009 1:03:53 PM


Your words are very wise and I have learned a lot from them. When I said about purging ignorance I didn't mean that I am without sin, or without even a little piece of ignorance in I heart. I still can be better, and still I can be worse. However I choose the way of good life and leaving my nets in order to see JAH Light.


Messenger: wahdahdah Sent: 1/3/2009 7:11:15 PM

Sprout Arkon Yes Man, Give Thanks to JAH RASTAFARI. Iman can not take credit for what JAH Teach. I let Words Pass with positive vibes. I&I like an instrament in JAH Band. So it is not I words that are wise it is JAH VIBE. WORDS are taken the way the I take them. No, Howevers or them things. NO Good or Bad ways, Just ONE the ONE the I AM. SEEN? I can only say again SILENCE. SILENCE and STILLNES are the conversation of JAH. WORDS and I own thinking without JAH are just a bad translation of the POWER in the STILLNESS..
Selassie I live

Messenger: Arkon I Sent: 1/3/2009 8:07:31 PM

Yes I. I even started to Iditate ina Zen wey, know what I mean? Sit still and think about sitting. That is very good way of learning tolerance for other people (even though Iman sit alone). It helps to clear I mind. However I didn't stop praizing JAH, because stop praizing JAH is like to stop Nile from flowing - it's impossible.

Keep the Fyah Burning and Thank You again for inspiring words!

Messenger: wahdahdah Sent: 1/4/2009 10:12:15 AM

No what does the I mean. here is no "ZEN WAY" it just IS. LIKE the I AM. NOTHING needs to be done. It already "IS" RASTAFARI. IF there is thinking it is not the I AM it is the ARKON thinking. CLEAR the mind FEEL it. The thinking can not comprehend it. To sit and think of anything is the I sitting and thinking. To just sit sill is just sitting still. To Be without thought and SILENTLY LISTENing with no thoughts. That would be Prayer to JAH. TO just be without anything in the mind. Let the thinking go. When thinking is occuring Listening to the silence is not happening. If the I is mentally concious of the process I assure thee it is not meditation. The I is still using thoughts. it is the silent spaces between the active flesh mind that JAH will be HEARD. Just BE Silent without thought.
ZEN is the I AM ZEN means to BE ONE with JAH not thinking about things. LET JAH DO the TALKING. I tell thee it is the POWER between thee thoughts that is pure conciousness. Once thinking comes in it is no longer PURE conciousness, it is the Flesh taking over. JAH is PURE POWER that emerges from that SILENCE> When the I feels like WHAT? I have been sitting here and it is 10 minutes or an hour later, where did the time go, that time may have been spent in Pure Silence, but once the thought comes in and takes over. Then there is no more Silence. The Flesh never wants to quiet down. It wants to feel in controle and alive so it keeps thoughts streaming.
Watch an animal in the wild or a plant, something with LIFE flowing through it. It does not think, or put labels on anything it just is in the PRESENT MOMENT. ONE with JAH. JUST BE, do not try to be. STAY SILENT. BE STILL. There is a saying "the devil is in the details" ( the details can be any type of noise mental are physical) SO if that is true than JAH is in the SILENCE waiting for the details to subside so it can emerge. JAH is always there, I&I just get caught up in the nets of our thinking and how I&I want life to go and do not hear JAH speaking. POWER IS. It is not force like our minds try to force thinking upon us and we began to identify withour thoughts. and then there it is we are living "IN" the world and not realizing we are not from it. I&I am not the thoughts as I said I&I AM ONE with JAH. The POWER of the MOST HIGH RASTAFARI.
DO nothing in a "wey" as the I say. Just BE. BE ONE with the Father and Mother ALPHA and OMEGA. JAH RASTAFARI.

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Haile Selassie I