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Covering Locks

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Messenger: JahRosa Sent: 11/4/2008 3:07:01 AM

Bless up Bredren and Sistren.

You may not know me well. I read the forum but do not comment often. My name is Jahmila Rosario and I am 20 year old sistren, who is in college and striving to clear through the education system, take my own truths and educate myself.

I hope all of you are blessed in the name of JAH RASTAFARI...
What is the ipinion on those who RAS but do not cover their locks, but still stay holy to selassi and the convenant?

Also, Any poets out there? I would love to share and spread my work.


Messenger: Ark I Sent: 11/4/2008 2:36:47 PM

To I, it is irrelevant whether or not a person covers their locks.

Ark I

Itinual Praises unto Jah RasTafarI Haile Selassie I Menen I

Messenger: IDread Sent: 11/4/2008 2:38:45 PM

Blessings and welcome sistren.

I too am working my way through Babylons education system as best I can.
And to answer the I's question, I don't think it is important to cover your locks. Staying true to JAH is what makes the I Rasta, not whether or not you cover your dreads.

RasTafarI bless

Messenger: Ten Sent: 11/4/2008 3:15:03 PM

Yes Sistren there are poets in the House, bring forth your word by all means. As the I them say it doesn't matter whether one's head is covered or not. What's most important is whether or not your heart is consecrated to the Most High, all these things are the material makings of people in their practice of worship. If you feel it livicates your spirit to wear a covering then irie and if you feel your crown must be flowing and still giving ises to JAH then obviously that's what matters. I feel this reasoning must be applied to Daughters of Omega because as a JAHwomban your feeling is your healing.
But I can't deny that I've felt pressure as a Sister to cover I head; that's the Order in the different places and there are times I overstand why its important. And for I, I'm more inclined to cover rather than not. But there are however times when Ras patriarchy is exercised unfairly over Sisters; once a Ras Brethren refused to greet my Sister because her locks were open - funny, same brother was the one we saw lighting up a cigarette a few days later! I'm not judging him for smoking but his gender bias just shows the falseness of his holier than thou vibe.
I feeling is whatever your choice; know why you're doing it and do it for you and for JAH, reflect the ways of JAH not in a turban/locks but in your spirit; that's the essence of the Most High.
Selassie I Bless

Messenger: wahdahdah Sent: 11/4/2008 5:16:37 PM

It is a choice for the I to make within weather to cover locks or not. I&I cover when troding through the town or city durring the business day. When working Iman cover for saftey reasons. When Iditating and prayer praise time I locks are fully extended picking up JAH vibes. SEEN? It is not a thing to I. it is like how the vibes feel. I respect every Bredren and Sistren how ever they may be, locks no locks, covered uncovered. It is not a Hair Faith. It is JAH RASTAFARI . I covenant is I covenant as is anyone who has taken any vows. SEEN? It is not a Hair thing. ONE LOVE AND Peace and LOVE to ALL. SELASSIE I LIVE

Messenger: Ras KebreAB Sent: 11/5/2008 6:40:32 AM

Love and blessings to all.

Have to say i fyah is kindled a bit, but lol, i dont know whether to blaze it or let it cool.
I certainly burn fyah pon words like "this is not a hair faith". I hear this statement anytime locks are mentioned, and i find it very dismissive and overlooks the fullness of the sight. InI all know its not a "hair faith", what fool would think that?, neither is it a "herbs faith",or an "ital diet faith".......but still ini find all those things useful tools of guidance and strength so ini use them, and i dont apprecilove it when ones give the youths the idea that these things are not important by saying words like "it is not a hair faith", if you overstand i.

And this is why i fyah was kindled reading these posts,because i feel that the i them are giving the daughter only half the picture.

Let me leave all the other comments for now and concentrate on Ark I´s words, just because i feel that everyone else has followed up on those words. I think what the brethren and sistren have said can all be shortened into Ark I´s words. Would you agree? I will mention the other posts in a bit.

Ark I,the i said, " it is irrelevant whether or not a person covers their locks"
I have been sitting here thinking about this words,do i agree or not?

Well, strictly speaking, i cannot disagree, i think i sight what the i means.
However,IF, saying " it is irrelevant whether or not a person covers their locks" is equivalent to saying "a person who covers their locks is doing something irrelevant", then i certainly disagree.
And i have a notion that you would agree with my disagreement to that.

But i have to say, i am not blaming any of the i them, because to i, the problem comes from the daughter JahRosa´s question in the first place.
Yes,sistren that is a wrong question, you shouldnt be asking about what others do,what others think
How can you ask ini what ini think of those who locks up but dont cover up. Can any of us look pon a person and see what is in their hearts?? Only the Father knows that,dont you think?
So if ini sit here and say, those who dont cover up are false,then fyah blaze pon ini because ,Jah know,there are those who dont cover but are most righteous,.....same way, ini cannot say those who cover up their locks are true,cuz, Jah know,there are wolves under tams and turbans.
The question you should really be asking yourself is, is it good and upful for me to cover i locks, then ini would say to you,Yes,most certainly.
Start by asking yourself why you grow your locks.
As long as you are Rastafari and not some hippie or "dreadie", then your locks should be holy unto thee, so you should cover up when you go into this ungodly world.
If you grow your locks not because you think its pretty and you want to show it off,then you should cover up.
If you think that it is something that it is extremely personal,(what is more personal that whats between you and JAH?) ,then, yes, you should cover up your locks.

Since ini are speaking of Jah covenant, Ark I, i speak of your namesake, the Ark of the covenant.
In Ithiopia,every church has an Ark/Tabot. Without it,a church cannot be called a church. Ofcourse,there is but one Ark,but every church has a replica,made in the likeness and image of the True Ark.
It is the most holy thing in the church, and where is it kept?
Deep inside the Holy of holies, always covered up, unseen, inside the very womb of the church.
So, ini locks are holy to ini, so ini keep it hidden from this world.
INI Father wear HIM Triple Crown pon HIM Ras, He is the King of all Kings, and ini as Kings and Queens, have ini natural grown Crowns, so we keep it holy.

Thats pretty much what i wanted to say..........still, i can mention the other posts now.

Idread, i agree with the i when the i said "Staying true to JAH is what makes the I Rasta"............but when you say "i dont think it is important to cover", i say burn that,that is misleading.
Every way in which you conduct yourself in this world is important.
If you are true to Jah, you speech will naturally be Right
If you are true to Jah,your deeds will be naturally Right
If you are true to Jah,you will grow your locks for the right reasons and you will naturally cover up.

I cannot say,staying true to Jah is what matters so, eating right is not important. Its very important
I cannot say staying true to Jah is what matters so,the herbs are not important. Its very important
So you cannot say that to i either,brethren. Its very important.

Brethren wahdahdah said a most interesting thing.
"When Iditating and prayer praise time I locks are fully extended picking up JAH vibes."

So the i Rightly overstands the power of your locks to pick up positive vibrations.
But brethren,do not be ignorant to the fact that there are negative vibes out there too.
So you tell i, how can you go into this babylonian world,where the negativity is soo dense, and not protect your locks and yourself from these negative forces???
Another reason why no one can tell i its not important.
Just like i just saw Empress Yaa say in the other post.......what she say? She said "InI have locks practically as antennae, right? So... we open our mind to education by the elements... but close it to b*llsh*t."
haha Yes Empress.

Honorable sistren Ten, the most important thing that the i said, in my ipinion is this
"And for I, I'm more inclined to cover rather than not"

Sight that is the fullness of it, sistren JahRosa, ini do not deal in no religion, this is not about rules to be made and broken. This is not about how your fellow human beings judge you,when they have no right to do so.
You sight how sis Ten said it "Im more inclined"
You sight how it come naturally?
She is not covering her locks because he or she or they said so.

And if you grow your locks for the right reasons, what you should do will come naturally to you too.

If you feel Royal, you will act Royal, you will be Royal.

Thats it from i

oh about your poetry, personally i am always interested in anything that it is artistic in whatever form.
If you want to post poems here,feel free to do so.
If you want to share and exchange Word Sounds on a personal level, you can always email i at

Give thanks to the Mighty Life Giver

Messenger: Yaa Asantewa Sent: 11/5/2008 7:22:16 AM

Give thanks RasTafari.

I'm actually really feeling the growth in this forum. I wonder if Ark I can elaborate on whether he is picking that up... ye know, having been founder. I remember some time ago somebody asking this question and it breaking out into one of our brawls. Love mi family :)

I really love Ras KebreAb ights. Well said, nuff clarity there. And Empress Ten ights is sweet and the current is well building. Love that. I love when Empress Ten says; 'your feeling is your healing'... woah. Love it. And as for I... I second these vibrations.

Earlier on, I was very strict with Iself about covering... for the reason relating to negative currents in the surrounding and in the iwah. Then I went to Bobo Hill and of course... YES YES YES... cover, cover, cover!!!

But do thee I them know what?! It actually relaxed my initial fervour and self imposed strictness relating to covering (wait with me... this is going somewhere). On Bobo Hill, the notion of currents is very emphasised and Jerusalem School Room teaches the principle very well. So, here I am... student. Then, another part of the learning is of Self... from Iration... Israel nobility (yes, My Lord... nobility)... and here in this dispensation and heavenly amongst the temples of JAH JAH. So, I mean, this is the part of Bobo Hill that makes ones Heavens LIFT! This learning is soooo strong that a One practically floats down the hill again afterwards. Serious. Anyway... as I am saying, Jerusalem School Room teaches nuff things... and being as we are, in flesh... we LOVE to soak up that stuff and this is the one which InI have in the forefront of the mind. HEY. I'm Israel!!! DO YOU KNOW WHO I AM???!? LOL. So... due to the learning of Self as an aspiration as well as an existence (this is the Melchesidek order - aspiring to being Israel, and the fulfillment through life and works, certifies and proves that InI are it from the beginning. It is a cycle - similar to the ying/yang type theories... we shall maybe reason more on this forward)... blah blah blah... what am I saying..?!

Ok... yeah. I came from Bobo Hill full of the joys of spring. And much more strong in knowing Self through the teachings. So... I had relaxed my mind on the importance of the strength of the principles. Not on purpose, mind you... just... ye know. Just like, it just happened... and I was still wrapping as a habit... but there must have been a sunny period, like a hot weather period... and I might have gone out without wrapping and not thought of it... ye know.

HEY y'all!!!! THAT IS WHEN I LEARNT something. Honestly, only now in this hindsight can I sight the difference. Around the same time, I'm not telling no lie, my emotions were starting to go off balance... ye know, all kinds of doubts were creeping in. Not about livity - awww hell NO. Thats not so easy... but just about normal things, like... if somebody had been talking about me? Ye know that shrinking feeling... I mean, I wasn't getting it strong, I'm not that kind of person... but that was the thing! I'm really not that kind of person, so why was I suddenly starting to think, even to consider it in that sort of self conscious way. I was getting periods of feeling down, getting a feeling of despair and stuff. I mean, I would quite easily talk myself out it, meditate myself out of it... and by the time Sabbath would come round... I would be on my throne again. So, I went inside my ights... searching for the issues I was picking up on. I was looking for an issue to DEAL with... to get my steady again... and during this... I was like... YO! I'm NOT going out of doors without my wrap maaaaan!!!! I wasn't thinking of it as a solution, but rather I was saying, while I'm looking for a solution, lemme just make sure I'm not doing nothing lackadaisy.

And LO and behold!!! I completely real-eyesed that although the machinations of life are not perfect, my sense of balance is definitely mine... and my seat on my throne is also definitely mine. I know it might sound a bit nuts to those of thee I them who do not find it compulsory to wrap, as a rule. Thee I them are correct in that. We fire burn religion. Straight. Any ill reactions I wanna be having to coping with this madern life, I want them to be from within... these are bad enough to deal with. InI don't need no alien currents to get us in the place they need us to be in.

I know for a fact that certain types of thoughts are contracted like a disease. This is real. And I don't feel no way to talk it out loud, no matter how ones might want to perceive it. But... it is a survival thing. It is not even just an honour thing. The Honour a One receives from being one who wraps is related to the Irie balance it denotes a One has achieved. Sight?

Blessed. Give thanks for the sharing.

Messenger: wahdahdah Sent: 11/5/2008 8:16:42 AM

Ras KebreAB Respect to what the I is speaking. I man am in full agreeance with the I. I&I did not feel there was ignorance on I part, for I&I said in I post, I cover locks when trodding through city and towns, this was ment as I&I cover to keep off the neggative vibes. If I took for granted this was overstood.. If I was not clear than full apology. As far as Iman saying it is not a Hair Faith as I stated it is personal between JAH and I. Like the diet or how they Praise and Pray. I&I can not tell anyone they are more rightous than another if they grow locks or not what another should or should not eat.. SEEN? I only know what covenant I have made with JAH. That is what I&I was trying to get across. I am saying as the I has stated that the question on should we cover or not is a loaded question, because I&I can only answer with I feelings and what I&I need to do, not what another should do. Again if Iman caused reason for FYAH let us burn it. I intention was not to misguide. So many time when I&I trod through city or town people see I covered some time not covered and began to assume things about I life. The shallowness of being repremanded or singled out over hair is what I&I am saying when I&I say it is not a Hair Faith. SEEN? I have made I covenant with JAH that is for I. I&I do not eat, smoke or wear I&I hair in some fashion for the outer world. Iman have to keep clean I Temple for JAH and not for anyone but JAH. Perhaps this is a more discriptive stream on this subject that I&I feel is between JAH and I. If I have shown ignorance or misguided interpretation Let I&I BURN FYAH, HOT FYAH JAH RASTAFARI. Repect to ALL CHILDREN of JAH RASTAFARI

Messenger: Ark I Sent: 11/5/2008 10:07:32 AM

Ras KebreAB said,
I certainly burn fyah pon words like "this is not a hair faith". I hear this statement anytime locks are mentioned, and i find it very dismissive and overlooks the fullness of the sight. InI all know its not a "hair faith", what fool would think that?, neither is it a "herbs faith",or an "ital diet faith".......but still ini find all those things useful tools of guidance and strength so ini use them, and i dont apprecilove it when ones give the youths the idea that these things are not important by saying words like "it is not a hair faith", if you overstand i.

I completely agree with that, when people say it is not a hair faith, it comes across like they are discounting the importance of I and I hair in terms of reception to the Irits and energy around I and I. RasTafarI is not about I and I locks, but I and I grow I and I locks for a very good reason. It is not symbolic, it is functional and natural. I and I locks transmits the Vibes to I and I nerves in the scalp which transmit the vibes to I and I brain which tranmits it to I and I Irits.

You can usually hear a radio without an antenna, but with an antenna it will be much clearer and you will hear more stations. I and I locks are like antenna's, but they recieve Irit Vibes instead of radio waves.

In regards to what I said about it being irrelavent to I whether or not a person covers their locks. Like Ras KebreAB said, it was a response to the question asked. What I look to when I sight a RasTafarI person is their Irits and Livity, not whether they cover their locks. If the question was instead, is their any usefulness to covering I and I locks, I would have a different answer.

I have gone through periods of covering I locks anytime I step outside, to never covering I locks at all (because of the Fire I was blazing at the time), to even covering I face for a season, to now where I usually cover I locks when I go out, but not always.

I have covered I locks in the past to block out the vibes of babylon. But I have learned since then the power of I and I Irits and to not limit Iself that way. Because I know if I have faith that I am weak to the vibes in babylon and need to depend on a head covering, then I will make that weakness a reality for I. But since the Power of the Irits is so High, I know that the vibes of babylon can have no affect on I unless I let it, so I refuse to have faith in any weakness. But I did not always have this kind of faith, so for those who have faith that they must keep the vibes out by covering their locks, then covering their locks will have some use, because they have faith that they will be protected that way.

When I cover I locks, I still recognize the usefulness in blocking out some of the vibes in babylon, but the main reason I cover I locks when I go out is to protect them from dirt, dust and chemicals floating in the air, and to keep them from coming in contact with the filthiness of people and the objects outside. Also, I cover I locks with a turban and crown so that I can bend over and move any which way, and I know my head covering will not fall off and I locks won't come into contact with anything around them. I and I will have I and I locks for I and I whole Life, so I and I need to make sure they are kept in good condition.

Ark I

Itinual Praises unto Jah RasTafarI Haile Selassie I Menen I

Messenger: Ark I Sent: 11/5/2008 10:25:51 AM

Yes I, Yaa Asantewa, the Ites are Rising in the forum. Since I first started the forum, it has gone up and down from time to time. But since I made the New Season post and I and I have built up the defences (through the Fire and Efforts of many Ones and Ones) to make those who would bring it down stay away or only stay here for a short time, since that time the ups and downs have been leaning more towards the ups.

And the comment the I made about at one time their might have been a brawl in this reasoning. Keeping the disturbances out of the forum is part of the reason it didn't go in that direction. Because when some of the heathens came in the past with contention and vexation, it caused vexation in others and people became more defensive and ready to jump against something that looks like a threat. So that reasonings that would get a peaceful response at another time, would get a more harsh response because of the level of vexation in the forum. So by driving those people away who are not interested in RasTafarI, but seek to bring contention against I and I, others don't feel the need to be as defensive.

Ark I

Itinual Praises unto Jah RasTafarI Haile Selassie I Menen I

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