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Covering Locks

1 - 1011 - 2021 - 29
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Messenger: wahdahdah Sent: 11/6/2008 10:31:29 PM

Brahdah Ras KebraAB a True LOVE of JAH RASTAFARI the I does not owe an apology to I&I. Sometimes Iman take for granted things I&I need to take heed to. Such as Adressing the youth about questions asked, I&I sometimes feel it is irrelevent to the teachings of H.I.M. Who am I to JUDGE so, Ras the words that the I posted made much sense to Iman and I felt the need to burn fire on Iself for feeling like the Original question posted was abit irrelivent. It is not, it is what the I said perhaps asked in a peculiar way.
Ras kebreAB I&I Give Thanks for pointing something out to I that I&I could learn. MUCH RESPECT and BLESSINGS to the I and all the children of the Most High How very nice it is to come to this house and feel such Love and Respect from All the Children of JAH. I have so much riches within I heart such an out pooring I&I feel from the Idren and Sistren.
I&I would like to take time right now as I read the post from this stream and it is filled with a real sincere since of Respect and graditude. Ras KebreAB asked about the feeling of the shift. YES I I&I feel the vibe I truelly believe there has been a shift in the Season. Humble I&I Oh JAH that I&I may learn to LIVE LOVE and LAUGH. Give Thanks for the Eye JAH Gives Us to to see.

Messenger: Yaa Asantewa Sent: 11/7/2008 6:14:26 AM

wow wow wow. I'm all kinda overwhelmed. I feel so upful about this sight... imagine that, across these distances!

Well, yeah... I second, or third, the ights about this new rising... not simply in relation to our little online tabernacle, but certainly in my own realm and around us. I mean, even here in the city in which I dwell in the UK... with this recession stuff being spoken of (er, can I get a witness that we the people have been in recession shituation, long time... haha to the heathen who haven't had the opportunity to get used to it... welcome to the penny pinchers club... heh heh)... anyway, I'm sure most of us out here in the madern world have noticed the de-socialisation of the general masses. People are rude, impatient, etc, etc. This is certainly still true. But, I don't know whether it is this recession propaganda or what... but over the recent little while, amongst the same rudeness and awfulness, I have been witnessing little glows of real humanity again, like random examples of genuine human kindness, not just towards myself... but like, where bus drivers are horribly rude in this town, I saw one the other day who was very exceptionally gracious.

Ras KebreAb, I really sight what thee I is referring to. I wonder if we may dare to suggest that the defining line has been drawn, or is being defined, and those on the wicked side shall only get worse and worse and worse until they expend themselves... and the good and gracious shall rise? Who knows how prophecy shall manifest.

Relating to part of the reasoning by Ark-I... the same incient who reasoned with I about Israel being difficult to lead... when InI was speaking with Her (an Incient RasTa womban with grey locs to her calves (I got to see them, even though she is Bobo Empress, so they remain wrapped, but we were in private) - I was like *GASP... I know. I'm very blessed, don't start me... I get a big ball of air in my chest) So I was asking her whether in her ageable wisemind can she just tell by looking at someone if they are Christ, if they are Israel... and she was like, yup (figures). But she continued to say that even those who may not be Israel can flock to build the hive, but they can't inject the honey because they are not bees. That was what she said... the reasoning stayed with me... and I am still deciphering the fullness of meaning. But, I sight it is relevant to something Ark-I is saying.

Give thanks for the gathering.

Messenger: JahRosa Sent: 11/19/2008 2:22:26 AM

Bless up Brethren,
I thank you for your ipinion. I am a sistren, that does not cover her locks. This has come naturally to me, and although a convenant, I feel like my locks is also a part of who I am and I feel inclined to be just me, and praise Jah.


Messenger: Ras KebreAB Sent: 11/19/2008 11:22:02 AM

Sistren, i think this is the second time that you have posted a question and then gone missing with no response to the idren who responded to your questions, so i am glad to sight that you finally got around to it.

"I feel inclined to be just me,"
I have to say, i am always uncomfortable with these words. To i, it shows the false pride of the "self", which ini must always be vigilant and prepared to overcome.....anyway, perhaps thats another reasoning altogether.

Perhaps you can tell i why being yourself means not covering your locks? Why cant being yourself mean covering your locks?
Do you think that because most of ini cover our locks, you are being "yourself" by not covering your locks.

Please do not take i words the wrong way. I do not know you, and you could have plenty other reasons, i am just going by the few words that you have written.

Blessed Love

Messenger: JahRosa Sent: 11/23/2008 7:47:08 PM


I do not mean to say that those that cover their locks aren't being themselves, but what I mean to say is that those that do, are in fact being themselves. We each have an individual bond with Jah and we trod Rastafari in our own way. When I say that I am inclined to be me, (perhaps not the best word choice), I, mean to say that I am Ras for myself, and for other reasons as well, and even though I am not a dread for fashion, I, personally like to wear my hair out, and have no problem with doing so. This doesn't mean I do not know the reasons for covering I locks.
All in all, I still trod Rastafari way and continue to do so. I, admit, Iself is young in RasTafari, and even though I grew up in Ras household, I am now on my own path.
Thank you all for your words and blessings.

Jah Rosa

also, my apologies for not replying.


Messenger: RasRanga Sent: 11/25/2008 2:29:18 AM

Greetingz in the name of ini Emperial Majesty, King Selassie I, Jah! Rastafari!

As i sight it, it doesnt matter whether the i will cover locks. It just means that if you were one who doesnt cover them, the day you cover them there will be some spiritual significance, and if you were one who covers them, the day you do not cover them in public there will be likewise spiritual significance.

Jah Guidance

Messenger: Eleazar Sent: 6/27/2010 8:47:24 PM

I have only had I locks for about 2 years and only have a tam right now, but I want to Learn how to tie a Turban. I have not been covering I locks in public, but I site how it could be useful to block negative vibes of babylon.

I know that Sikhs cover their hair during the day and let it down at night. Also Bobo Shanti Robe and Turban Melchizedek Order show I and I the Right way to Trod.

Messenger: Danel Sent: 6/28/2010 3:39:11 PM

@ JahRosa

I would direct any sistren to follow the path of Empress Menen. In studying the great empress we see that she always had her head covered in public. Also the pictures that were taken when she was among company in the royal palace, she had her head covered then.

Now as far as private intimate settings between herself and her husband, or children, behind closed doors, I can not say if her head was covered at all times in private. From what I know of women with Hebrew Israelite ancestry (as was the royal divine family) it is customary for the woman to have her head covered. But it is not mandatory for her head to be covered when she is among family in a private setting, such as in the home.

Now keep in mind this is ancient tradition mixed with customs. If a woman chooses to let her locks fall and swing in the air, then she too is still an empress, but simply choosing not to assimilate into the tradition. It does not make her any less of an empress. At times an uncovered head shows the world that our women are not ashamed of their hair. For a woman to let her hair lock, is a statement of defiance to this system, and against all western European preordained standards of beauty. For a woman to allow her locs to flow is a symbol that she is a Rasta woman and rejects this society.

In all honesty sistren the choice is yours. But if you lived in Selassie I's household, your head would be covered. I quess it comes down to who the lord of your house is. What your kingman accepts as riteous to god, and what he is willing to permit in his household.

If you are free of a kingman, then perhaps you can ask female relatives who are Rastas. If you are the only one, then ask EL-Rastafari Selassie I & Empress Menen to guide the I in all truth and riteousness. If you do that with an open heart, then your answer will come to you just as sure as I am typing these words right now.

EL Rastafari Bless

Messenger: Danel Sent: 6/28/2010 3:46:20 PM

@ Eleazar

Yeah it was tough for me to grow locks at my place of employment. Babylon don't allow dreads. However my way around that was to grow my locks the way our ancestors did, and the MOVE organization did, which is by total neglect. That is the natural way anyhow. And if Babylon try to get rid of you, sue them for racial discrimination. How can a man tell me that I should not grow my hair natural. That is a lawsuit waiting to happen.

This is why I agree with the Rasta elder abuna fox, because he states that we need a Rasta church, so that we can organize, and be protected as any other registered religion with the federal government. Rastafarians are discriminated every day in the work place. Especialy in Babylon the great.

But as you grow your locks, pray, and EL Rastafari will guide and protect the I's from Babylon snares and traps.

El Rastafari Bless

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Haile Selassie I