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Messenger: JahRosa Sent: 10/7/2008 9:04:48 PM

Hail up all brethren and sistren.

I write as a young sistren on my journey. It has been currently very tough for me, and I have been challenged with great negativity in my surroundings and from someone I loved.
I was confronted as a "poser sistren" because I am a college student, and I have friends who should be considered my enemy because they ae babylon. This idea combines all negavity towards the Rastafari Movement, that revolves around self connection with jah, and most importantly love, iration, livity, and vitality. Where does hate mix into all of this?
Background on my life,
I was raised in a Rasta household and went through great tribulations throught my young life and teenage years, mainly from my peers. I was facing heavy hate from babylon and it changed the way i viewed myself and who i really was from the beginning.
To make my point, I am writing because I am feeling very conflicted now. I love Jah and praise him and hope for blessings in return b/c i choose and want to live this way. I am working on my personal connection, iration, and livity. It is hard to find anyone who I can connect with, or that understands my way of living without calling me crazy. I have and still am finding it within myself, but my journey will prosper more if I can find sistren or brethren to connect with.
I have just come here to spread my thoughts., and ask a question, What do you view the idea of the Americanized Rastafari movement to be?


Sistren Jahmila Rosario

Messenger: Ark I Sent: 10/7/2008 10:23:58 PM

Blessed Love Sistren,

RasTafarI movement can never be americanized. Some can come with an americanized viewpoint and mix RasTafarI ideologies with it, but RasTafarI is not about ideologies, it is about a direction, an Ites, and Livity.

Haile Selassie I promoted people to get an education. Just make sure you don't let the education system fool you, because it is not just about teaching knowledge, it is about indoctrinating people in the babylon system.

Check out this reasoning:

Education- Learn, but don't let it fool

Ark I

Itinual Praises unto Jah RasTafarI Haile Selassie I

Messenger: wahdahdah Sent: 10/8/2008 12:15:46 AM

YES SISTER did the I hear or read correctly what does the Iman think of the american ized Rasta movement? THERE is not such a thing that can be attatched to what RASTAFARI IS. It is moving and has moved and shall continue to move across the earth as do all vibes. If what you are seeing or saying is anything different than when JAH began creation than it is not RASTAFARI movin' SEEN? american mentality is babylonian mentality it does not controle RASTAFARI SEEN? there is no americanized RASTAFARI. I man MIGHT reside hear in america but I follow JAH LAW SELASSIE I is I king not america, SEEN? america is dyin' just like the rest of babylon. JAH is a LIVIN' VIBE I &I continue for ever. there fore RASTAFARI can not be american IZED. it is not a skism or ism SEEN. RASTAFARI is THE REALITY.
As far as worrying what people think about you. who does the daughter answer to people livin in the babylon illusion. well it is up to the I who she want to guide her.
This sight I have only been around this house for a short time. It is Very nice. The bredren who posted to the I, ARK I That is the RAS who STarted this HOUSE. THERE are some very Wise Bredren and Sistren who share some very sound WISDOM. I man feel this is a cool veranda in a strange Land to I. It is One of the most sincere sites with KINGS and QUEENS who GIVE PRAISE to H.I.M. I man have found this HOUSE to be SERIOUS and Of the most Highest integrety. VERY NICE indeed. Iman Must GIVE THANks I too live in a very Uncultured area. SO check out the itations and some of the info The BRAHDAH ArK I has gathered for the I to Check. and again the reasoning streams from this Body is excellent. I learn something everytime. And again I can feel this is a serious House of RASTAFARI . SELASSIE I LIVE ONE LOVE JAH GUIDE wahdahdah...

Messenger: Yaa Asantewa Sent: 10/8/2008 7:04:49 AM

Blessed Love Daughter Omega-I!

Well firstly, tribulation is sent to test... so study for it, and be determined to pass... ace it! As thee I has been doing from that time til this. Give thanks for the strength. I am raising my young daughter (she's 4) in a self-overstanding of herSelf as daughter Zion, ever-living Omega... and Majesty. Now and then, I'm like... argh, what if "they" target her closer and make her hate self, and in essence create a backward effect on what I am endeavouring to do. People are always like... 'why don't you let her decide when she's older'... it is only grace that prevents me from screaming; 'well why don't you let your kids decide instead of stuffing your FREE MASONIC, DEVIL WORSHIPPING IN DISGUISE, LIES & ILLUSION bull-isht down their throats and telling them it's truth and normality'. But, naaah... that's what they want me to say, before committing InI... lol.

But no. I have decided that actually what InI am doing is encouraging her to know herself as a free and natural human. I mean, in this dispensation, I am actually responsible for her fleshical well being... Her irits belong to her and the Most High - it is probably a difficult thing for mothers to accept. How can I steer her iritical growth, when I am still working on mine. I feel like I just need to be responsible for a physical surrounding of health & safety that will be conducive to her spiritual growth.

I mean, I actually refrain from passing on dogma (which we all are guilty of developing) in the livity. That part, I will let her decide for herself through her own personal journey... but I do let her know of the tools I have found, through the order of Melchezidek (give thanks Emmanuel the 7) that have encouraged my own bringing forward of Self... and as Mother, I will always encourage the value of anciency and inheritance... that is family. So, for example... she knows about sabbatical order... (she's been to Bobo Hill - already!! Is that bless or what?!)... but if she has a plan to go to Grandma... or wants to play outside... I don't enforce Sabbath as a RULE for her, it has become one of value for I... so, I think she will find value in it at the appointed time. Or at least, I have to trust that! Know what I mean? Tell me what thee I thinks.

Anyway... yeah, I don't think thee I meant americanised rasta... as in... americanised. It's like a contradiction in terms. I felt that thee I more meant... how do you value the breadth of your personal experience and journey within the identification of InI RasTafari? Because you shall not discard all you know, in favour of the dictates of this "lifestyle"! That is also a contradiction in terms.

I think anyone who is living RasTa like a religion to be adhered to is wasting their time... and simply replacing one noose around the neck, for another. I mean... you know the jewISH... they created an idea that they are a race and not a religion... or are a race and a religion. They got that CONfusion from InI (figures, of course). InI are an ancient identity (I don't wanna say race, cos that's just what happens in the olympics... but you get what I mean). So one is either RasTa or is not. Some are RasTa and not living according to the order that is most productive to our spiritual awakening. Some are not RasTa and are pretending to be by trying (and always failing) to live according to a set of rules, like a religion. Those RasTa who are running from themselves simply cannot - and will not. And those who are not RasTa will go down by the wicked man said way. Ye know, this is all pre-ordained and written down in the book of life (Give thanks Ababa Jahnoy).

SO! I wouldn't worry about condemnations and judgements from outside of thee I. It will happen. InI are in this world... yet not of it... so we have to take the good experience with the bad... and in fact, there is no bad, only stuff we don't fulljoy having to go through. I think the big test here for thee I is learning how to live in this world... but keep the temple out of it. The temple is where InI go within to convene with the Most High. It is a place of solice, to go for advice, comfort, to weep over the bumps in the journey, and to give PRAISES, lest we forget THAT!! etc, etc... the flesh (that houses the temple) is simply the vehicle to go through this, like a treasure hunt or something... all of InI have a point (in fact many points) to being here... InI Israel fulfil these every blessed day... but we don't real-eyes it. We can gather more strength by operating more in the temple, using the livity to train ourselves in how to do this... then we will reach more overstanding, and the challenges will become clearer in purpose because we are reaching the elevation of knowing God in Self... Alpha & Omega... this is example Haile Selassie I sets by trodding flesh for all to see... InI LOVE LOVE His Majesty (it rhymed!).

So, my dear Sistar!!! Listen to this... I'm just getting to the point even in my own mind, I hope this helps... I think Majesty sent it for you... THE LUCKY ARE BETTER OFF THAN THE WELL-BRED! Each of us are going to go through all kinds of awful things, such is this life and this time... even the rich & celebrity (who this culture is supposed to serve so well) have plenty of problems... people will always cuss anyone for the things they know will most hurt the person. InI are not exempt from dealing with people in the 'normal' way. BUT... InI have the temple of JAH within... and why is that... because InI are Israel! InI Is-REAL. So, your advantage is not that thee is RasTa in flesh and in order alone... all this things of the flesh manifest in the temple and it is there you go, consult with the Father & Mother... and gain more strength.

P.S. even the heathen have the temple within, but they don't have Melchesidek to show them how to nurture it. Melchesidek is the constant promise to Israel... the constant keeping of the covenant between HIM and us. Hearing Melchesidek call is how you know you are Israel.

Bless UP right back!!

Love in the house Empress Omega.

Messenger: Ras KebreAB Sent: 10/9/2008 4:07:57 AM

Blessed Love Sistren Jahmila Rosario,it is bless to have the i here with ini. Love in Rastafari I Name
Empress Yaa Asantewa has said everything and more of what i could say to the i,so for now i just send i blessing and greetings.

Give thanks Empress for the word sounds. Though it is directed at the sistren,ini all can learn much from it.

lol,i just might try to keep this post on top of the topics list for the next few days ,i hope all read it.

Blessed Love

Messenger: Ten Sent: 10/9/2008 5:05:06 AM

Blessed Love
I just read this now as I was abt to leave and praises I did, its so nice to read the Empress word, sound. Its good to know the I is well, and JAH take Royal care of the I and the little Princess. There's so much Fire in your words, the very kind of Fire One needs as yet another day in Babylon begins (for I, work and studies)long after JAH sun has risen. Most ily bless, Empress. More reasonings to come later in the day when JAH moon shines her light.

Messenger: Yaa Asantewa Sent: 10/9/2008 6:14:06 AM

Blessed greetings Royal Family!! Nice to hear from thee I them... always and everytime! Ras KebreAb & Empress Ten out of TEN ;) Love love love...!

Forward again after much trodding the Earth and iceiving the grace & blessings... so am entering a new (iration is ever New, only ignorance is a constant end) phase of settlement... awaiting instruction and overstanding of purpose, said way!! And I am looking forward to sharing again in more frequency with thee I them in the coming time.

I will let thee I them know that prior to this passed year of trodding, a lot of my preperations were developed among thee I them, on this here cool veranda, for real... and the tools served me soooo well along the journey. So, I'm forward to give thanks and praises, to pass on these tools to the next in need... and to develop some more!!

Royal thanks, with a bow, hand on heart!!

Selassie I First lives.

Messenger: Ras KebreAB Sent: 10/9/2008 2:27:25 PM

Hand on heart, Blessed Rastafari Love, bow, Give thanks for the humility that Emmanuel teach ini

Messenger: wahdahdah Sent: 10/10/2008 1:41:55 PM

THis stream of reasoning is so very Positive, Iman give THANKS and PRAISES. How very good and pleasant it is to dwell in the House of RASTAFARI. I&I SHIELD and DEFENDER. The vibes come through so STRONG and REAL when Iman hear and see these words "HAND on Heart, Blessed RASTAFARI Love, BOW, GIVE THANKS for The humility that Emmanuel teach I&I" It humbles Iman and brings such good feelings I want to SHOUT RASTAFARI SELASSIE I LIVE!!! YES I, so very Positive. These words do resonate in I heart Itinually and opens I heart to recieve the Grace of HIS MAJESTY. ONE LOVE BREDREN and SISTREN it is good to feel and be So alive with JAH VIbes running through I&I that I can visualize the IDREN when Iman read these words. RESPECT and THANKS GIVEN to ALL CHILDREN of RASTAFARI NEGUS HIGH SELASSIE I REPECT TO ALL HOuses and IN this Stream Iman Shout out RASTAFARI and Respect to the BOBO who I feel the Vibes of THE RAS and QUEEN RESPECT TO THE I. ONE LOVE SEEN Iman LIVE LOVE and LAUGH for the Joy of knowing JAH RASTAFARI bring such Love in I heart I cup does flow over. THANK THEE for KNOWLEDGE, WISDOM and AND OVERSTANDING. Iman can do nothing REAL or LASTING without the guidance of JAH RASTAFARI, BLESSINGS to ALL wahdahdah... SELASSIE I

Messenger: Ras KebreAB Sent: 10/11/2008 5:15:37 AM

And Blessing unto the i, brethren
And blessings to one and all on this Seventh Day of rest

Hail the Lord of the Sabbath,Holy I Selassie I JAH Rastafari,King Alpha Mama Queen Omega

The earth is the Lords and the Fullness thereof,of whom shall ini fear?


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Haile Selassie I