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HIM and JFK idren

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Messenger: Prince Hotep Sent: 7/1/2008 2:10:53 PM

The Death of a President
by William Manchester

pages 583-584:

"...Overhead, St. Matthew's choir sang the Gregorian "Subvenite" while the ushers struggled to seat the marchers quickly. The family was easy enough. Jacqueline Kennedy's only special request had been to have Clint Hill directly behind her. Joe Gargan held a space between her and the children for the President's mother until Rose arrived. Bob and Ted were at the end of that row, and their wives, sisters, and children were in the second and third pews. The snag was over the dignitaries. This was Angie Duke's worry, and it was a stupendous one. The slight, sensitive chief of protocol had been working without rest for three days and three nights. Ahead of him, after the funeral, lay two crucial receptions - Mrs. Kennedy's, in the executive mansion, and President Johnson's, at State. Nevertheless it was his hour in church that was to be his hour of trial. First he found that the pews he had earmarked last night had been confiscated by Jack McNally for President Kenney's staff. He was obliged to lead his chiefs of state off to the right, to St. Joseph Chapel - from which, he discovered in horror, the main altar was invisible.

Angie improvised. He seized a church functionary and demanded a television set. There was one in the cathedral, he was told, but using it in church during Mass was unthinkable. It had to be thinkable, said Angie, arguing furiously; diplomatic relations with ninety-one countries were at stake. The set appeared and was plugged in. It would be the only one in the cathedral, he told his charges, and they looked immensely pleased. Their pleasure diminished, however, when he started seating them. It was then he realized that in failing to allow for overcoats he had miscalculated badly. He had forgotten something else; the Emperor of Ethiopia, the King of the Belgians, and the husband of the Queen of England were all carrying bulky swords, more space-takers. Putting four bodies in a pew instead of five made a difference of twenty people - twenty world leaders who would have to stand. It wouldn't do. He would have to start cramming. Like a conductor on a crowded bus he kept urging them to move over. They complied, grunting. Some situations were especially awkward...."They were jammed in like sardines," Angie said of the foreigners later. "I stood throughout the Mass and suffered. Somehow we had got them all seated, but I hate to think how it was done."

From the front pew in the main well of the church young John saw Haile Selassie. The Lion of Judah, who looked like a midget to Larry O'Brien, was a giant to John. Last summer he had come to the mansion bearing gifts: a leopard-skin coat for Mrs. Kennedy (which she, as a token of respect, had worn at the time despite the sweltering heat) and two toys carved of pure ivory, a doll for Caroline and a warrior for John. Since then the children hadn't stopped talking about Haile Selassie, and John pointed toward the side chapel and gazed across at him admiringly. Then the formalities became boring to the boy. He fidgeted. St. Matthew's bronze doors had clanged shut behind the last four persons to enter--Judge Sarah Hughes, Bunny Mellon, Martin Luther King, and Mary Ryan from Ireland. Luigi Vena was singing Leybach's "Pie Jesu" as the crucifer slowly returned the cross to the altar, accompanied by two other acolytes carrying candles. The Cardinal followed them, chanting in Latin. Behind him the casket team, moving stiffly like drugged automatons, wheeled the coffin into position in front of the first pew, a few feet from the widow....

None of this had any meaning for the President's little son. From across the aisle Nina Warren and Joanie Douglas, in the Supreme Court section, heard him say "Where's my Daddy?" The boy lifted his arms. "Somebody pick me up." Agent Foster, lurking near, carried him to the back of the church....

page 606:

...Indeed, everything was over - the burial service, the state funeral, the strangely congruous blend of Old World mysticism and American tradition, the parade of uniforms and vestments, of judges and secret agents, of princes and prelates and anonymous, nondescript citizens who had surged across the bridge in the wake of the marching columns because they couldn't bear to be left behind....

Cradling the flag under her left arm...she walked down the hill holding Bob Kennedy's hand....In the car Mrs. Kennedy and the two brothers talked of the funeral - of how splendid it had been - and as the procession of returning cars came off the Washington side of the bridge and turned left, Robert Kennedy ordered the chauffeur of their car to leave the line and circle the Lincoln Memorial from the right. That way he could see the statue. He told the driver to draw over in front of it, and they did, as thousands of tourists do each day. From the back seat President Kennedy's widow and the two heirs of his political legacy inclined their heads leftward to look up between the columns at Daniel Chester French's nineteen-foot-high figure of the sad, strong, brooding President Lincoln the marble chin tilted in thought. After a while Bob tapped the chauffeur. They drove on without having spoken...

The Kennedy's duty lay downstairs, where Angie Duke was leading their exotic guests to two buffets in the state and family dining rooms...

It s doubtful that any woman has ever prepared herself for a state function in less time. Before Peter Lawford entered the West Sitting Room to sit with Evelyn and his mother-in-law Jacqueline Kennedy had removed her veil and black beret, raked her simple coiffure into shape, and was in the Oval Room, ready to meet people. She was not going downstairs just yet, though. Here as everywhere she had her own way of doing things. For a little while she was going to be nearly as great a trial to Angie Duke as Jack McNally. A protocol officer must think in terms of nations, not people; he must pretend that every country is like every other country, distinguishable only by the alphabet. Sovereigns understood that. At the buffet Angie proposed that Queen Frederika precede President Lubke, on the ground that she was a woman; she recoiled, pointing out that GErmany comes before GReece. Jacqueline Kennedy didn't like those rules. She only wanted to see four men in private, and she named them: Haile Selassie, Charles de Gaulle, Eamon de Valera, and Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh.

The first stage of the Kennedy reception therefore had three foci: her salon in the oval study, Rose Kennedy's group in the sitting room, and the others downstairs. Various intermediaries shuttled in and out of the study - the Attorney General usually, assisted by Mac Bundy, by Angie, who had reluctantly agreed to "slip them up," and, unexpectedly, by the President's son and daughter. Caroline and John had been assigned no role. They were supposed to be playing with Miss Shaw. Their impromptu appearances were welcomed, however, because famous men are just as susceptible to the magic spell of the very young as their constituents, and brother and sister scored their own triumphs, notably with the Lion of Judah. Bundy noted how he saw their mother "charm the old black Emperor and let him charm her children - which he did most sweetly." Really they were the charmers. The language barrier was formidable - Jacqueline Kennedy and Selassie spoke French, for his English was extremely limited - but the children had their own ways of communicating. "He was," Mrs. Kennedy remembered, "their hero"; she fetched them from across the hall, and as they entered timidly at first, she pointed to his glittering chest and said, "Look, John. He's such a brave soldier. That's why he has all those medals." The boy crept up into his lap and touched one. Then Caroline ran out to get the doll he had given her last summer. Her brother darted after her, and suddenly they were both in the Emperor's lap, showing him the ivory carvings they had treasured. Haile Selassie examined John's toy. "You will be a brave warrior," he said haltingly. "Like your father." They sat there for about twenty minutes, and to their mother the bond between them and the bearded old man in the gorgeous uniform was almost mystical. "He had this thing of love, and they showed him their little presents," she recalled later. "And they were so happy, just staring at him and worshipping."...

While Haile Selassie was in the study de Gaulle had stepped into the sitting room to tell Rose Kennedy of it, and Selassie, at Jacqueline Kennedy's suggestion, had followed him there. Here again the Emperor was especially effective. The President's mother recited his childhood diseases in French; "He was never a strong boy," she said, "but he was so determined." Selassie nodded and described how he had lost his own son, his crown prince. He and Rose discovered that they were the same age. "It's wrong for parents to bury their children. It should be the other way round," she said. He agreed: "It's a violation of nature." ...

Haile Selassie I is InI comforter HIM hides InI in his robe and cover InI there with His palm.

Messenger: Ras Sistren Khamyl Sent: 7/1/2008 7:50:26 PM

What a pleasure to read such an awesome post! Selah


Messenger: Ras KebreAB Sent: 7/1/2008 10:25:39 PM

Who can help but to love such a good Father.

JFK is a good lesson to all.
Because when one knows that he was the only practicing catholic to be president,one would think differently about him, but JAH knows the hearts of all.
As far as i know he was the only good man to hold the highest office of America,which is ofcourse why he couldnt be allowed to live,babylon so cold blooded they used the closest ones to him,the ones meant to protect him,to murder him,not only right in front of his wife,but right in the eyes of the world,sacrificed as another lesson that good is rewarded with evil in this world of men ,for all the world to see.

Messenger: Ark I Sent: 7/2/2008 12:24:49 AM

Selassie saw the good in John F Kennedy, but Selassie I was also there as a judgement. Selassie I showed Kennedy the right path and the Love of God. So when Kennedy decided to sell chemical weapons to South Vietnam to use against North Vietnam, he was judged for his wickedness and perished.

He would not be remembered for the chemical weapons, but for the good that he promoted, as an example to others to do good. Selassie I also wanted him to be remembered for that, because it is a good example for people to see.

But current and future presidents must remember that he is also a reminder that the wages of sin is death. So when Jah shows them favour and commends them for their good works, that will by no means reduce their guiltiness if they go against Jah ways.

Ark I

Itinual Praises unto Jah RasTafarI Haile Selassie I

Messenger: Ras KebreAB Sent: 7/2/2008 9:38:40 AM

Well i,when the i say "Kennedy decided to sell chemical weapons", one cannot put the full blame of that on Kennedy, and at the same time one cannot absolve him of his involvement in such things. For i am sure we all know that a president is only as powerful as the ones behind him allow him to be. And i am sure Kennedy saw this only too well. You can see how he resisted them against declaring open war on Vietnam,and by him choosing instead to send "special advisors" , to me,it seems as if he compromised on what they wanted him to do for he knew he could not openly defy his masters and he gave in..but only to a certain extent. That is why,later he began talking of destroying the CIA and dashing it into a thousand pieces, which is when he couldnt be allowed to live anymore. And right after they killed him,they put in a person,Johnson, who would do exactly as he was told,and the vietnam war took a whole new meaning regarding scale and brutality.
So when the i say he was judged for his wickedness,i dont really agree.
In i sight,he was judged and sentenced to death for his goodness,not by Jah but by men.
We have to remember the oval office is a seat of evil, and even if a good man is sitting in that seat,evil will still come out from it, and kennedy only did the good that he could do.
But like i said,he cannot be absolved completely from his part in such things,he will bear his faults,and JAH shall judge him accordingly

Messenger: Prince Hotep Sent: 7/2/2008 2:47:30 PM

I do agree with Ras Kebre

Remember the 50's my lawd, if one gets called a comminist is the same as terrorist now, so think like this if they make a lot of brainwashing about communism and the goodnes of capitalism, Cold War, wouldn't u help your friend the French, with a undercover plan to help the satellite government of S.Vietnam to keep it's "indipendence" there is a good movie by Kubrick, remember his final movie the Illuminati satanic movie "Eyes wide Shut" with mr. scientology himself tom cruise...back to the point his movie "Full Metal Jacket" has a qoute by some general "Inside of every gook there is an american" that is how the people where made to feel, so they involve, look how no one cares about the war now at least not when they entered Iraq...same situation. Divide and Conquer and I don't know what did Kennedy do or not do, but I know that the war would have taken place any way without his opinion on this, perhaps that's why he was killed, remmember that Vietnam was already like that in the 50's just that it was not a communism strugle, so they choose "sides" the the Red side and then the civil war and wouldn't fellow reds and fellow uncle help fellow cummunism or "democracy" by murdering the president in 1963. Remember the Bay of Pigs, they truly wanted Cuba, then remember how they urged to start the WWIII still with with the Cuba missile crisis, juts one trigger and it all get bigger, actually perhaps I wouldn't be talking here now, that is what HIM preached in 62, humanity had to know and look around, but if history is R in this one than Kennedy saved the day and then he was killed by some brainwashed Babylon assassin, the Manchurian candidate.

Also and finally if this excerpt witch I posted is not lying and HIM did say Isaactlly these words about JFK that he was brave, than He was killed for his bravery he was brave, he was dancing with the devil if all is true, he was like Diana killed by Babylon.

So I don't stand anywhere on this I just know that you can never know on these things especially with one of the most loved presidents.

I stand by
Holy Emmanuel I Selassie I JAH Ras Tafar I

Messenger: Ras KebreAB Sent: 7/2/2008 7:41:52 PM

Yes i,the cuba missile crisis is important to remember. If it was not for Kennedy who resisted all of them who wanted him to push the button,only Jah know what would have happened.

When the i say "he was killed by some brainwashed Babylon assassin, the Manchurian candidate", who is the i speaking of? Oswald?
I myself do not believe that anymore than i believe that America is the land of the free.
One ofcourse cannot speak with surety for only Jah knows,and you know say many theories about this, but to i, the theory most likely to be true is this,Kennedy was dealt the death blow by the person who was sitting right in front of him, the driver of that limousine.
I know it sounds incredible but thats what i believe, for now.
The thing is when people watch the Zapruder film, they cannot help but watch the president,because thats where the action is, but they should be looking at the driver, if they did,they would see,after Kennedy was hit in the throat by a sniper bullet,the driver turns his head,looks at Kennedy,draws his arm over his shoulder with a shiny object in his hand and....boom....and only then does he speed away from the scene. This is i believe how babylon thinks,they were not going to take any chance that Kennedy would survive a snipers bullet,they would make sure that he died,and they made certain by doing it close up. That is why you see Kennedy´s wife try to jump out from the back of the car,she knew where the bullet was coming from,from the front, if one doesnt know where the firing is coming from,one tends to just get their head down,just by instinct,but she knew,so she ran.
This video was actually sent to Japan for computer analysis,and the Japanese became convinced that this is what happened, so much so that they were showing it on the news,as i have heard.

Oswald in i opinion had nothing to do with, he wasnt even one of the snipers

Messenger: Ark I Sent: 7/2/2008 11:09:59 PM

Kennedy had more than just a little involvement in the wickedness. In 1961, he signed two orders for Agent Orange to be used in Vietnam. One order to destroy crops, and another order to destroy the jungle. He also signed off on every mission that was flown. Often the missions would be flown by an American pilot in a South Vietnamese plane.

The chemicals used destroyed over 80% of the agricultural land in Vietnam, and killed several hundreds of thousands of people and is still killing and deforming people today. How can a person live with themselves knowing that they ordered the starvation and poisoning of a nation.

Read this:
Hong Hanh is both surprising and terrifying. Here is a 19-year-old who lives in a 10-year-old's body. She clatters around with disjointed spidery strides which leave her soaked in sweat. When she cannot stop crying, soothing creams and iodine are rubbed into her back, which is a lunar collage of septic blisters and scabs.

"My daughter is dying," her mother says. "My youngest daughter is 11 and she has the same symptoms. What should we do? Their fingers and toes stick together before they drop off. Their hands wear down to stumps. Every day they lose a little more skin. And this is not leprosy. The doctors say it is connected to American chemical weapons we were exposed to during the Vietnam war."

Haile Selassie personally experienced the affects of chemical weapons, he still has the scars to prove it. For Kennedy to know what Selassie I and Ethiopia went through and still use those weapons, shows his wickedness. I will never accept pressure from his advisers or whoever else as an excuse for doing something so wicked.

At the time that Kennedy died, the use of those chemical weapons was still top secret, it didn't start getting leaked to the press until 1971. Selassie I couldn't speak of something that wasn't made public. Ethiopia would have suffered if he did, because america would have accused them of using spies against the US. There was good in Kennedy, and Selassie I promoted and encouraged that good as an example for others to follow. But Selassie I show I and I that I and I should be neutral, and not always promote one nation, side, or person, I and I should speak in support of the things that are good and speak against the things that are evil. I and I can't be partial to Kennedy and make excuses for his wickedness. I and I should call his goodness good, and call his wickedness wicked.

As Selassie I show I and I. When RasTafarI is I and I rudder, and the waves crash from every side, I and I will stand firm. But when somebody refuses the guidance from Jah, then it is like they have no rudder, and will be at the mercy of the waves, to be eventually smashed into the rocks and destroyed in pieces.

Nobody who sins is immune to the wages of sin. And what Kennedy did was a large sin. The scripture also shows that if a person deals with righteousness and then turns to wickedness, that he will die in his wickedness. His righteousness of the past will not save him for the wickedness of the present.

Ark I

Itinual Praises unto Jah RasTafarI Haile Selassie I Menen I

Messenger: Ras Sistren Khamyl Sent: 7/3/2008 12:40:02 AM

I believe it was Malcolm X who responded to JFK's assassination as a case of chickens coming home to roost.

The wages of sin is death and the assassination came from within his own government.

GHWB did JFK and GWB did JFK Jr.

I personally would rather focus on the original post and its demonstrative properties that enlighten us as to the wondrous things we can appreciate in H.I.M.


Messenger: Ras KebreAB Sent: 7/3/2008 12:39:39 PM

Ark I,do not misoverstand i
Far be it from i to make excuses for the wickedness done by Kennedy or anyone else
I think this is the third time i am saying this, the full blame of those actions cannot be put on Kennedy,and at the same time,he cannot be absolved of his involvement in those same wicked actions. He has his faults to bear and Jah shall judge him accordingly. I just do not think it is ini place to speak of what the Father´s judgement shall be,for ini know not.
If King Selassie I promoted the good in Kennedy,then why shouldnt i?

The I said
"I will never accept pressure from his advisers or whoever else as an excuse for doing something so wicked."
Iyah,how can you call that "pressure" an excuse, when you yourself and everyone else saw with your own eyes what the result is of a president defying his unseen masters ?
Perhaps there are many who would show their defiance even in the face of certain death, but not all men are that brave or strong.

The i said
"The scripture also shows that if a person deals with righteousness and then turns to wickedness, that he will die in his wickedness. His righteousness of the past will not save him for the wickedness of the present."
And i ask, then would you agree that the scriptures also show ini that if a man deals in wickedness and then repents and turns to righteousness,then his righteousness will save him from his past wickedness?

InI must let JAH be the Judge of such things,for only HE judges in complete righteousness

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