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Messenger: Yaa Asantewa Sent: 6/15/2008 5:39:32 PM

Blessed & Royal love, greetings...

I was wondering I Idren how come InI have not had the compulsion to approach the topic of the onslaught of famine in this time again... first in Ithiopia and the surrounding lands? This is not accusatory. I myself am asking it of myself... InI have knowledge of what is happening... I just wondered why on this forum, InI have not brought it up yet. Are InI somehow in denial of the real and pressing rolling in now of the judgement... oil prices, food prices, rice prices, multiple earthquakes... er... lightening and thunder? I dunno... I think InI should reason.

Messenger: Nick1234 Sent: 6/15/2008 8:07:31 PM

At least nine people are dead and 11 missing following Saturday's earthquake in Northern Japan. The quake caused landslides which buried people at both a construction and a hot springs resort site. VOA's Kurt Achin is monitoring news of the earthquake from Seoul.

An elderly woman is helped to pass by a fallen stone on a mountain road at Kurihara, northern Japan, 15 Jun 2008
An elderly woman is helped to pass by a fallen stone on a mountain road at Kurihara, northern Japan, 15 Jun 2008
More than 270 smaller aftershocks have followed Saturday's 7.2 magnitude quake in northern Japan's Iwate prefecture.

Scientists are warning residents to be prepared for even more temblors, and to watch out for secondary disasters such as landslides.

Japanese officials say hundreds of rescue workers are working around the clock.

Japanese Prime Minister Yasuo Fukuda says we have sent all possible help. Our most important task is to save as many lives as possible, and he says we are doing the best we can.

Authorities are also working to restore water, power, and gas service to thousands of homes cut off by the disaster.

Japanese television has been broadcasting frequent images of ordinary residents affected by the quake.

Housewife Tokiyo Kato says she may have to stay at an earthquake evacuation center for a week or more.

Much of the damage is concentrated in mountainous areas, complicating recovery efforts. Hundreds of people stranded by quake-induced bridge collapses and roadblocks have been moved to safety via helicopter.

Japan is situated in one of the world's most earthquake-prone geological zones. An earthquake in Kobe, Japan 13 years ago killed more than 6,000 people.

Messenger: Nick1234 Sent: 6/15/2008 8:08:13 PM

Gas prices hit all-time high
National average price keeps climbing - up more than a third in price from a year ago.
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June 15, 2008: 8:33 AM EDT

What's really driving up gas pricesvideo
What's really driving up gas prices
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NEW YORK ( -- Gasoline prices hit yet another record Sunday, with more than half the nation's states paying more than $4 per gallon on average, according to a daily survey from motorist group AAA.

The national average price for regular unleaded gasoline climbed slightly to $4.077 a gallon, according to AAA's Web site.

The average topped $4 for the first time last week after crude oil prices surged to a trading record above $139 per barrel. The price has swung back and forth in a $10 range since then.

Gas is most expensive in California, according to the survey, averaging $4.597, followed by Alaska at $4.436.

Missouri has the lowest average price at $3.834, followed by Oklahoma at $3.846.

Gasoline prices in the survey have risen 35 percent from a year ago when they averaged $3.018.

On its Web site, AAA says the information is gathered by Oil Price Information Service based on credit card swipes at 85,000 gasoline stations across the nation. To top of page

Messenger: Nick1234 Sent: 6/15/2008 8:09:28 PM

At least 24,000 people have been forced to leave their homes in Iowa because of floods caused by heavy storms.

One of the areas worst affected is Cedar Rapids city, where nearly 4,000 homes have been evacuated.

David Howell is a video editor living in the city. He sent the BBC mobile phone footage of the flooding near him and here he tells how he has been affected:

We've had heavy rain here now for three weeks. We haven't had more than two or three dry days before we get another downpour.

David Howell
We were warned that there was going to be heavy storms but no one imagined it would be as bad as this.

City officials were really quick in organising everything but the water was just too fast.

Around 20,000 people have been evacuated which is roughly a third of the city.

Luckily, my wife and I live on higher ground so the threat of us having to leave our home has gone.

Our basement, which was flooded, is now beginning to dry out but we still have standing water in our backyard.

At the moment, our biggest problem is having fresh water. The rains flooded the city wells so we are all on water rationing.

We've started to use the water that we're pumping out of our basement to wash the dishes and flush the toilet, but we have roughly a day and a half's drinking water left.

I wanted the rest of the world to know what was happening to us down here which is why I did the video.

Most of the country's food comes from here in the Midwest and this flood has destroyed most of the crops.

As well as affecting us living in Iowa, this flood is going to affect a lot of people in the States.

Messenger: Nick1234 Sent: 6/15/2008 8:10:13 PM

BEIJING, June 13 (Xinhua) -- The death toll of China's massive earthquake increased by four overnight to 69,163 as of Friday noon, the State Council Information Office said.

A total of 374,142 people were injured and 17,445 others were still missing after the 8.0-magnitude quake rocked southwestern Sichuan Province and neighboring regions on May 12.

Hospitals had treated 95,572 injured people as of Friday noon, of whom 77,962 had been discharged and 15,007 were still being treated.

By Thursday, more than 1.4 million quake survivors had been found and evacuated.

As of Friday noon, the government disaster relief fund had reached 53.76 billion yuan (about 7.68 billion U.S. dollars), including 49.15 billion yuan from the central budget and 4.61 billion yuan from the local budget.

Relief supplies continued to pour into the quake zone. As of Friday noon, about 1.17 million tents, 4.772 million quilts, 14 million garments, 978,300 tonnes of fuel oil and 2.09 million tonnes of coal had been sent.

The office said as of Thursday, relief workers had built 107,500 temporary houses and another 28,800 were being installed, while the materials for 95,100 makeshift houses had arrived in the affected areas.

In addition, domestic and foreign donations had reached 45.5 billion yuan in cash and goods, among which 14 billion yuan had been forwarded to the quake-hit areas.

In the 24 hours ending Friday noon, 160 aftershocks were monitored in the quake zone, none above 4.0 magnitude, according to the China Earthquake Administration.

A total of 11,939 aftershocks have been detected in the quake areas since May 12.

By Friday noon, dangers had been basically removed for 12 out of 34 quake-formed lakes in Sichuan, the office cited a report from the Ministry of Water Resources as saying.

The ministry said 6,035 water plants and 40,241.4 kilometers of water supply pipelines had been repaired.

The quake had damaged 8,426 water plants and 47,642.5 kilometers of water supply channels.

In addition, 47,313 kilometers of roads had been destroyed, of which 46,129 kilometers had been restored.

As of Friday noon, power supplies were still unavailable in 11 towns in the counties of Beichuan, Qingchuan, Songpan, Wenchuan and the Wolong nature reserve. Service had basically resumed in Xiaojin County, according to the State Electricity Regulatory Commission.

Messenger: Nick1234 Sent: 6/15/2008 8:11:42 PM

The effect last week's record corn prices will have on Mississippi's farmers could depend on whether they grow the crop or buy it to feed their cattle, an expert says.


Those who grow corn could reap a great benefit from record prices that reached as high as $7.30 per bushel on Friday at the Chicago Board of Trade, said John Anderson, an agriculture economist at Mississippi State University.

Livestock farmers who use corn as feed for their animals could face much higher prices to keep their cattle fed, he said.

"It's going to have a different effect on different (farmers) and different regions," Anderson said, noting farmers in the Delta - where a large amount of the state's corn crop is grown - could get a good amount of money for their crop, particularly if any planting is still being done.

Corn-planting season in Mississippi typically runs from March though late April or early May.

But farmers in southern Mississippi, where livestock is common, could be reaching deeper into their pockets to afford higher feed prices, Anderson continued.

"Feed is a vital component of any (type of) livestock," he said. Higher feed prices could lead to greater costs for consumers who buy beef, pork and poultry.

Flooding rains in Iowa and the Midwest have been cited as the main factor in driving corn prices to record highs last week.

The rain has damaged scores of acres of corn, and the tightened supply has fed into demand for the crop.

The USDA is expecting corn production to drop by 10 percent this year from 2007 levels and its yield forecast to go down by 5 bushels per acre from earlier 2008 projections, largely due to the Midwest floods.

In Mississippi, 670,000 acres of corn are forecast to be planted this year, down from 960,000 acres last year, according to the USDA.

Corn farmer Bobby Mashburn of Bolton isn't so sure he'll reap the benefits of the bullish corn market.

Rising fuel and energy prices have made their mark on the cost of farming, and Mashburn says that could outweigh any extra money farmers make on their corn.

"The corn prices have to go up for us to survive," he said. "The price of fuel, the price of fertilizer, the price of feed, everything is higher.

"I'm ecstatic that (the price of corn) is so high, but the price of gas is high. Our profit margins are going to be the same as they were two years ago."

Corn farmers also can miss out on unexpected price gains by settling on a particular market price before planting, said Erick Larson, a grain crops agronomist at MSU.

He said they typically do that in case the market takes a sudden downturn after planting has begun.

"That minimizes the risk," Larson says.

Mashburn says what corn he doesn't sell to grain elevators or other customers goes into storage for resale the following year, particularly if prices are higher at that time.

He says his acreage wasn't damaged by April rains that caused major flooding in areas along the Mississippi River and took out large amounts of wheat.

But corn's fate is largely determined by what happens farther north, he added.

"The Midwest determines the market price of commodities," he said.

Corn prices also have been driven nationally by the crop's use as a biofuel source, although Larson says that type of use remains fairly limited in Mississippi.

Historically, there hasn't been much to connect the cost of a bushel of corn with the price of a barrel of oil, but that could change, Anderson said.

Corn's popularity as a biofuel source should better connect the two, and many of the same people who are buying and selling in the oil and energy markets are doing the same thing in other commodities, such as corn and soybeans, he said.

And just as some energy analysts say record-high gas prices haven't kept pace with the surge in oil prices, Larson says corn prices have gone largely unadjusted for inflation in the last 30 to 40 years and remained "largely stagnant."

Messenger: Nick1234 Sent: 6/15/2008 8:13:58 PM

Bush, pope take break in calm of Vatican Gardens
Fri Jun 13, 2008 6:52pm IST

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By Philip Pullella and Jeremy Pelofsky

VATICAN CITY (Reuters) - Pope Benedict gave George W. Bush an unprecedented welcome in the tranquillity of the Vatican Gardens on Friday before the U.S. president resumed his campaign to rally European support for sanctions against Iran.

Under tight security, Bush was driven from the bustle of Rome into the idyllic setting. As birds chirped, the two entered a restored medieval tower and held 30 minutes of private talks.

"Such an honour, such an honour," Bush said to the pope.

After the meeting in the tower, they stood on a terrace to take in the view of 44 hectares (108 acres) of manicured gardens, buildings, ancient walls and St Peter's Basilica that make up Vatican City.

Bush asked: "How big is it?" A Vatican aide responded: "Not quite as big as Texas." Bush then said: "Yes but more important ... this is spectacular."

The talks in the tower, walk in the gardens and a performance by the Sistine Choir as the two sat on wooden lawn chairs were a break with normal protocol.

Bush's meeting with the pope was the first time the pontiff hosted a visiting head of state elsewhere than in his private study. It was meant to repay Bush for the warm White House lawn reception the pope got in April on his 81st birthday.

Later, Bush flew to Paris as he continued his European tour. He was due to give a speech at the seat of the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) and meet French President Nicolas Sarkozy. Continued... Security around the Vatican was tight, with police lining the streets, anti-terrorist sharpshooters in nearby buildings and even secondary streets closed off in case Bush had to leave the area in an emergency via an alternative route.

The head of Vatican security, Domenico Giani, told the Holy See's newspaper this week that two new permanent anti-terrorism units had been set up in the mini-state and would be working together with Italian and American security during the visit.

Benedict's predecessor John Paul II had a led a campaign against the U.S.-led invasion of Iraq in 2003 but the president and the pontiff see eye-to-eye on many moral issues, such as abortion, gay marriage and embryonic stem cell research.

A Vatican statement said the two discussed the "defence of fundamental moral values" as well as the Middle East and a commitment to peace in the Holy Land, globalisation, and the world food crisis.

A White House spokeswoman said Bush and Benedict had "established a good relationship" enabling them to talk on a range of issues including AIDS, Africa and combating poverty.


La Repubblica newspaper said not everyone in the Vatican was happy to see Benedict giving Bush special treatment. It quoted unnamed monsignors recalling that Bush did not heed the late John Paul's warnings against invading Iraq.

But one Vatican official close to the pope told Reuters early on Friday: "The pope is doing this because he is a gentleman. That's the long and short of it." Continued... Condemned by many Europeans for the war in Iraq, Bush is seeking a diplomatic solution to a standoff with Tehran over its nuclear energy programme while also making it clear that military options remain on the table.

From the Vatican, Bush headed to the airport to leave for Paris, where he will address the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development and where he is expected to renew his call to prevent Tehran from obtaining a nuclear bomb and seek support for democracy in the Middle East.

To rally support for his Iran policy, Bush will see his close friend Sarkozy on Friday and Saturday, followed by a stopover in London on Sunday and Monday where he will confer with British Prime Minister Gordon Brown.

"All of us ... need to be sending the same message to the Iranians, which is verifiably suspend your enrichment programme or else you will face further sanctions and further isolation," Bush said after meeting Italian premier Silvio Berlusconi.

In Tehran, leading cleric Ayatollah Mohammed Emami-Kashani, accused Bush and the United States of "setting the whole world on fire" with his campaign against Iran.

"What Iran is doing is merely scientific and economic work. What Iran is doing has got only industrial and peaceful purposes," he said at Friday prayers broadcast on state radio.

(Additional reporting by Eleanor Biles in Rome and Hashem Kalantari in Tehran)

Messenger: Nick1234 Sent: 6/15/2008 8:20:17 PM

BEIJING (Reuters) - At least 55 people have been killed over the past 10 days in torrential rain and flooding across south China, and more gales and storms were expected in the coming days, the government said on Sunday.

Another 1.3 million had been forced to flee to higher ground, China's Ministry of Civil Affairs said in a notice on its website, adding that it had despatched disaster prevention teams to the affected areas to aid local authorities.

State television showed submerged streets and houses in towns along the Xijiang river in the southern regions of Guangdong and Guangxi.

In the Guangxi town of Changzhou, a section of the Xijiang breached an embankment built by residents, inundating farmland and forcing the evacuation of 3,000 people, Xinhua news agency reported.

There were no reports of casualties or house collapses from the burst, the report said.

China's National Meteorological Centre said heavy rain would continue and precipitation in the provinces of Guizhou, Sichuan and Yunnan would be 30 to 70 percent greater than in the same period last year.

Last week the storms brought havoc to Hong Kong, where they sparked flooding and landslides and resulted in closed roads and delayed flights.

The flooding and foul weather is the latest in a string of disasters to befall China this year.

The same provinces were also badly hit by freak cold weather and ice storms in January and February, and the country is still reeling from the May 12 quake that devastated Sichuan province and killed more than 69,000.

Messenger: Nick1234 Sent: 6/15/2008 9:53:17 PM

Peter Tosh

Igziabeher ???

I'm recruiting soldiers for Jah army.
Recruiting soldiers, Jah time is now.

Satan forces they all rise up to fight.
They all rise up to fight Jah and the saints. I say.
Only to fight, yeah, Jah and His saints.

See them fighting against Jah children.
See them slaughter them light slaves.
Hear them come say Jah is dead.
But they didn't show me His grave. No, no.

Anti-Christ forces they all rise up
to fight against Jah and His saints. I can tell you.
Only to fight against Jah and the saints.

But there is confusion in high places
about the lamb that was slain.
And all these years I hear them say
they're building a nation
but all these tricks were just a game.

So I'm recruiting soldiers for Jah army.
Lightning soldiers, Jah time is now.

Lucifer forces they all, they all rise up
to fight against, to fight against Jah and His saints.
But that won't work.
To fight against Jah and His saints.

Hear them praising old Marcus Garvey.
Hear them exalting his name.
Oh is great, yeah?
But all these times they be doing that I say.
If he was here right now, he'd go to jail the same.

Recruiting soldiers for Jah army.
Recruiting soldiers for my father's army.
Recruiting soldiers, Jah time is now.

Satan forces they all rise up.
Only to fight.
To fight.
Fighting a losing battle.
But they fight.
They fight.
They keep on fighting.

Messenger: Nick1234 Sent: 6/15/2008 9:55:21 PM

Peter Tosh

Lookin' at your crystal ball culture man
I say Lookin' in your crystal ball culture man
What do you see culture man
Tell me what do you see culture man

I see people victim
Prices rising
Gas shortage
And the dollar devalue

In the city
In a you shitty
In the city
In a the shitty

Come on lookin' at your crystal ball culture man
Come on lookin' at your crystal ball culture man
What do you see culture man
Tell What do you see culture man

I see them churches locked down
Schools closed down
Politicians promising
Teacher striking

In the city
In a you shitty
In the city
In a the shitty

Come on come on lookin' at your crystal ball culture man
I say lookin' at your crystal ball culture man
Tell me tell me what do you see culture man
Tell me what do you see culture man

I see youths rising
Blood running
Fire burning
Got crying

In a the shitty
In a the shitty
In the city
It is a shitty

Lookin' at you crystal ball culture man
I say lookin' at you crystal ball culture man
What do you see culture man
Tell me what what do you see culture man

I see truth revealing
People cleansing
Downpresser chasing
People seeing

In a the shitty...

I say lookin' at you crystal ball culture man
Keep on lookin' at you crystal ball culture man
Let us have a view on the inside
We see too much of the outside

Give me a glimpse in a you crystal ball culture man
Make me see what a gwan culture man
Long time we blind
So so blind


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