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Black President

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Messenger: SunofMan Sent: 6/7/2008 6:51:13 PM


"I nah believe "Natty nah Vote", as SunofMan says, many Rasta say this but I feel that's a diss to Black civil rights movements, liberation struggles which fought for that basic right. If people didn't vote, they wouldn't be able to express their view in how a country must be governed - we nah live in a time when rule was through divine right of a King and so we adjust accordingly. I n I must reason not to burn the ballot but reason why its important to vote and reason on the consequences and dangers of electoral systems so that we can chant for change and better ways of life."

Empress Ten, I think I do overs where the I is coming from, and I see that it's only the best inTentions that the I has, however the diss to Black civil Rights movements lies not in "not voting" which is certainly a way of expressing Ones' contempt for the system; the dis lies in creating the illusion that voting means something. During the Civil Rights movements height the government may have been scarred because they thought that Ones' might actually step up and take some control. In these times they've pacified pro Rights peoples by letting them vote for something they think will really exist, a righteous Black president for example. EveryOne's free to take it as they please, but I for One am convinced that if Barak wins it will only be because he was put there by the powers that be, in no way shape or form will it be because of the will of the people.

"Same ones who crucified I an'I with the rope, want I to vote now, but Natty Nah Vote Now!"

I vote for His Majesty, that's my vote, live according to His teaching, everything will be peace. In His interview with Ms Fallaci He makes an excellent point which should not be understated, and that is that He was not put into place by the general population and neither are others:

"Fallaci: Your Majesty, of all the monarchs still occupying the thrones you are the one that has ruled the longest. Moreover, in all age that has seen the ruinous downfalls of so many kings, you are the one the only absolute monarchy. Do you ever feel lonely in a world so different from the one you grew up in?

Selassie: It is our opinion that the world hasn't changed at all. We believe that such changes has modified nothing. We don't ever notice any differences between monarchies and republics. To us they appear two substantially similar methods of governing the nation. Well, tell us,: What is the difference between a republic and a monarchy?

Fallaci: Actually, your Majesty, I mean to me, it appears that in republics where democracy reigns the leader is elected. But in monarchies he isn't.

Selassie: We don't see where the difference lies.

Fallaci: Never mind, Your Majesty. What is your opinion of democracy?

Selassie: Democracy, republics: What do these words signify? What have they changed in the world? Have men become better, more loyal, kinder? Are the people happier? All goes on as before, as always. Illusions, illusions. Besides, one should consider the interest of a nation before subverting it with words. Democracy is necessary in some cases and We believe some African peoples might adopt it. But in other cases it is harmful, a mistake."


Messenger: Ras KebreAB Sent: 6/7/2008 9:37:29 PM

To i sistren Ten

"Obama is a great leader like Malcom X, Martin Luther King JNR"

Are you really sure about that sis?
its not too early to say that kind of thing?
I was about to tell you to be careful because, look at bush now, i mean before he became prez,was anyone talking of who he really is,except that he is a bush? was anyone talking of skull and bones? was anyone talking of his ties with the binLadens etc.....?
Not to i knowledge, no, but waaay after it is too late to do anything about it,after he was sitting in that office,it all came out.
Like i said i was about to say that,but i see some of the idren already sight those patterns
so careful of whom you compare him to,
phew,im so glad you didnt compare him to the Rt Honourable Moses Garvey,that would have been too over the line
With all due raspect and love for the struggle, INi are not of the civil rights momement
In the end what did the leaders of civil rights movt.want??
Nothing more than to be Americans
Fire burn that
Ini are of the Forward to Africa Movt

NOw to this "Natty nah vote" thing
You said you feel that it is a diss to the civil rights movement
Why would you feel that
Sight,yes civil rights movement struggled to accomplish that basic right,and YES it is ini right if ini wish to vote,
i say again, if ini wish to vote
but if ini dont wish to vote, it is because ini wish not to vote, not because some white man said ini cant vote,seen
And ini will always give thanks for that.
So if you wish to vote,well and good,i wouldnt think any less of you, but dont think less of i because i wish not to do so
In fact i hope all black people in Amerika vote and elect a black man to the office, just for a change
lol, but whoever said that presidents in Amerika are elected anyway???
elected or selected??? time will tell

"we nah live in a time when rule was through divine right of a King"
As Rastafari Sons and Daughters,that is precisly how ini live and should live, there are no more leaders for ini,no speakers can speak for ini anymore, ini have a KING,ini Have JAH,Now right NOW,there is no one else for ini to pledge allegiance to, No More
Glory Glory unto the Ancient of Days,things of the old are passed away


Messenger: Ras KebreAB Sent: 6/7/2008 10:00:48 PM

Sistren, i think you will like this song,if you havent heard it yet

Messenger: Gizzmo Sent: 6/8/2008 5:49:31 AM

It doesn't matter if the president is white,black,yellow,brown,or what.They are all of the same ilk,they are all tricksters,mini-antichrists as far as I can see.I trust none of them.

Messenger: Yaa Asantewa Sent: 6/8/2008 6:55:07 AM

"Illusions, illusions" indeed. I was trying to remember whether I wrote it in a reasoning here online, or whether it was just in a reasoning with idren... but quite a few months back I real-eyes-d that the Clintons were running to put Barack Obama in power. He is definitely part of the plan. I mean, this nominations media circus is what democracy is about. As His Majesty is getting at in the very interesting interview (give thanks for the ights) the process of election is simply an illusion to blindsight man into accepting a chosen leader... the question InI have to ask is 'chosen by who?'. We have here agreed that these leaders are not chosen by divine right, dare I suggest they are chosen by the opposite. The democratic process is carried out by people who have mastered methods of convincing the population that it is feasible that such and such person can win by vote. Whether they do or not is by the by, and certainly has no bearings on the successive result. If by chance, the polls reflect the intended result, then great. If not, who is ever going to know? After all the hype, someone has to be voted in. It is the old fair ground trick of putting a dice under a cup and swapping around 3 cups... very quickly. The operator is playing the game. We just play the guessing game at the polls. If you choose correctly, you might find there's a prize for you... if you choose incorrectly, well... you lose.

Anyway, it was suggested to me by someone who had worked with the Clinton team in 2006/7 that the democrats were playing a game because if Barack had gone in solo, he may have lost more support than he gained. However, he would take in the support for this great "black" hope... and Hillary would sweep up the rest - the semi-liberal lot who weren't quite into this black president thing, but wanted a 'democrat'... THEN (and this was the prophecy)... the guy said to me... Hillary will then throw in the towel and make the gesture of backing Obama. Once she does this... all those extras that she swept up would follow her... and they would manage to stage a convincing victory. I mean, the guy who was telling me all this was one of those African Americans who thought the Clintons were great and he was telling all this to me like... LOOK HOW MUCH BILL & HILLARY CLINTON LOVE BLACK PEOPLE! EVEN THEY THINK IT'S TIME FOR A BLACK PRESIDENT. But, of course... I was like... yeah, whatever. It was interesting to me to hear about it from a semi-insider viewpoint. So, you can imagine my shock when the other day Hillary goes and does the exact, said thing.

Barack Obama will be president. The only lamb-like thing about him is the way he headed to slaughter. I am unsure as to how much he is aware of what is happening. Like the majority of African America, I think he beLIEves in what he is doing, beLIEves in the process, etc. But maybe not. What RSK says is interesting too. We shall see in November.

Messenger: Nyam Sent: 6/8/2008 6:57:17 PM

I honestly beilieve we should follow Emmanuel I,and not dem!


Messenger: Ras Sistren Khamyl Sent: 6/8/2008 10:38:01 PM

SonofMan, why participate in a process that is only a imaginary one

2000 ring a bell?

go to Youtube and search for bohemian grove

There is no democratic process in the United Snakes of Amerikkka!

Look at JFKii, you can view it by going to

To those who liken Obama to X, time for a HIStory lesson. MLK was a boule member who was assassinated because he began to look into global affairs. The boule has the distinct purpose to maintain the status quo within the country while Skull and Bones is designed to train its members to control global affairs. X was assassinated when? It was after his pilgramige to Mecca and returned to the USA talking about people of different races from different countries being one in religion.

This is not hearsay, study Black Pan Hellenic societies and you will find this out.

Barack Obama is not the messiah people have made him out to be. I contend that Babylon will never produce a solution to itself and/or allow its solution to be within itself as she is her own problem.


Messenger: Prince Hotep Sent: 6/9/2008 12:03:37 AM

"I contend that Babylon will never produce a solution to itself and/or allow its solution to be within itself as she is her own problem."

words of wisdom beloved, words of wisdom. blessed heart of love.

Messenger: Anthony Humboldt Sent: 7/18/2008 7:44:56 PM

I think having a Black president would be a symbol of progress and equality, but I think Obama will be just like all the other presidents. The only one who ran for president who could make good change was Ron Paul and now he's out of the race. Just remember Rastafari rules all nations and nothing can change that. Obama is a tool of the system. I dont think Im going to vote this year.

Messenger: Ras Sistren Khamyl Sent: 7/20/2008 3:20:51 AM

InI have no intentions of voting in ANY elite-shun!

That is the equivalent of lighting an empty spliff. You go thru the motions, but only long for being irie!


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