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Amharinya please?

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Messenger: Yaa Asantewa Sent: 6/5/2008 6:29:15 AM

Blessed Love Lords & Empresses... Selassie I lives and guides InI itinual, from that time til this. Jahovia God is King Alpha Queen Omega... beginning without end, first without last.

I am blessed, JAH know... so as I make my trod, the 'oddest' things are always happening, but I love it, ye know. The other evening I was walking with my friend and two gentlemen walked past, but... ahem... they must have felt like they needed to change direction... you know how we do... heh heh... ;)... anyway - serious talk - so they approached I and my friend... and they had accents. I knew immediately they were from Ethiopia... so, I was not interested in a chirpse thing (translation - chirpse means like when one is being checked for or chatted up), but they were very raspectful and so InI know how to deal accordingly, I asked them where they were from. Now, in these regions, there are not many Ethiopians generally... although plenty of Somalians. The gentlemen were like, we're from Africa. I was like, yeah, I know... which part. They were like, East Africa. I know how foreign students and people in other positions can be cagey about specific information, perhaps they have received mixed receptions, so are wary... so I was like... are you from Ethiopia. They were like... "YAH YAH", kinda happy I had guessed spot on, although it was blatantly obvious. Anyway, I wear my locs under wrap so people do not always immediately identify InI as RasTa princess, I usually get muslim first off... you know how it is in today's world, so they hadn't made out my innection to the land as yet.

Then I was like... (their English was not fluent)... 'look' and showed them an Itrait of His Majesty which is imprinted onto my jacket. And they were like... "AH. HAILE SELASSIE." and one of them was like... "JAMAICAN?" And I was like... nah... but I overstood. And then he said he was half Jamaican himself. So they said they would walk in our direction... and it seemed cool. There was no need to be ungracious. We asked them how long they had been in England, they said 2 weeks... and that they had come through Paris, having spent around 2 weeks there. I have a next Ethiopian Idren who I know of his similar story of struggle through Europe, so... you know... it was not about being arrogant or vain about it.

So we were walking up the road. And naturally, we were in pairs, the louder, part Jamaican guy accompanying my friend, and the much quieter one with me. I asked him where in Ethiopia he was from and he said... Shashamane. I was like... wow. For real! Anyway, he started saying to me... "you. you Ethiopian." I was like... nah, telling him my own ethnic origin and background. And he was going to me, "no. you. you ethiopian"... and I was like... "oh yeah. yeah. definitely." but smiling... you know, cos in my head, I was like yeah, I'm Ithiopian in the holistic sense, but nationality wise, ye know. But he persisted and was only half smiling... and was like... "no. no. you. you ethiopian". So, you know when the smile kinda comes off your face, cos then you suddenly get that weird feeling of profundity. And I just couldn't say anything. So I asked his name... which I can't remember now and I'm like aargh. And I told him my name. And he said my name... and was like... "hmmm?" and repeated my name... and then he said another name that sounded similar to my actual name... but wasn't. I was like... say that name again... and he said "Ashai-yish" (obviously I don't know the proper spelling). It was kinda like a-SH-ai-y-ees (but with a very slight shh sound at the end, but more sss).

I was like... what does that mean... and then the language barrier was a killer, because he was stuck then cos, ye know when simple words won't do. So... he was saying... "eehhh? From the moon... eeeh?" and signalling with his hand from the moon to his mind. And I was like... "er... from the moon?" and he was like... "mmm? I... er...?" Ye know all that kinda stuff. So... I just took from the moon. Anyway, we were still walking... and he said to me, "me... and Haile Selassie (I LOVE LOVE LOVED the accent and the way Ethiopians say Haile Selassie... with the accent on the H, and the elevation on the end of Selass-ay) Haile Selassie... we have the same face" and I knew what he meant, he was saying similar features, same people. And I was like... "yeah, first nation"... and he was like, yeah. He was actually about 5'2", shorter than I, slight build... ye know the rest. And he had that hairdo... you know the Ethiopian one which is really curly, but uncombed, so there are individual coils all over the head. So I know he was very original.

Anyway, by now we had stopped and were getting ready to depart... and he spoke to his friend in Amharinya about the word Shaiyis, like trying to get a definition... and they were there bantering back and forth in language. His friend wasn't much better at English, but they must have been discussing a way to get across the core meaning... so his friend said to me, signalling with his hand as well... "I see you. I say, aaaahhhh. Your face... I see it. I know your face"... with lots of hand gestures... so I was like... Aaahhhhh... Okay... And they were like... "Aaaaah. You get it" It was so sweet. We exchanged greetings and parted ways. My friend, not quite a sistren, ye know how it is... was like, "that was probably all bullsh**, they just seemed to want to get in your space"... ye know how some people like to cut a One down.

So, does anyone know some Amharinya and can give me an ights on the name or word Ashaiyish... Shaiyis...? Something like that.

Blessed Love One and All.

Messenger: Yaa Asantewa Sent: 6/5/2008 6:35:31 AM

p.s... if anyone remembers my dream about the pack of cards, I read something by chance just yesterday about knights templar and their pack of cards. Apparently in their symbology, the diamond signifies the goddess. I don't know what the ace of diamonds specific is, in that case. How odd. I did not know this before.

Messenger: Ras KebreAB Sent: 6/6/2008 8:02:16 PM

Blessed heart of Love Beloved

That was a very enjoyable story to read sistren,had i smiling all the way.You always seem to take back to london,that was the last time i heard a word like chirpse. Its funny and kinda true how many like to avoid stating where they really come from.Strangely,iself as an African,i found that same trait from idren from the west, like i have asked some idren where they are from,and they answer with something like,from Africa,we all from Africa, lol, well i know that but i want to know where you are from,JA,England,where, i want to know your Isperiences,i want to know the Black isperience where you come from, but anyway

Well this Amharina thing is hard,i been thinking on it,but i cant really figure it out properly,perhaps someone else who knows the language can point i to something im missing.
The thing with amharic is that there so many phrases that are almost impossible to translate directly,so its understandable that the two men found it hard to explain,even despite their bad english
I will give you an isample of how amaringa works sometimes
we have a thing that we call "sem" and "worq", which mean "wax" and "gold" respectively, which is to mean that a given sentence can have two different meanings depending on how you say it or write it,the obvious meaning which is the "sem" or "wax" and the "worq"or "gold" will be the meaning you have to look for,i.e the gold under the wax.
one example they used to give us in school which i always remember because its so weird is
if i write
"bere salai metahu"
it means " i came without seeing a cow"
but if i write the same phrase as
"beresalai metahu"
it would mean, "i came on a corpse"

lol, i know very strange, not only do i remember it because it is so strange, but it always remind i of Bob Marley´s song Mr Brown
but its the simplest and quickest isample i can think of right now

Anyway thats off subject,just wanted to show how different Amharic can be sometimes
So back to this word
I feeling is that,there was more to it than just that word that you remembered, ofcourse i could be wrong and the problem could be just the sound,and not the word
this are the similiar words i can think of

i must say that i dont sight any innection to the moon from that word, and thats why i am wondering if there was more to it than what you remember
The word for moon is very distinguishable,its "Chereka" with a very strong "Ch" sound
Actually,now i think of it,the word you said "aShai-yish", is more similiar to the word for the sun, but it would be "tS-hai"
is that possible?, if the man had said "tshai-nesh", that is saying,"you are the sun", in the feminine sense
But their english would have to be very poor to confuse the word moon for the sun,but could happen,i guess
i actually think that is the most plausible possibility,as far as i can tell
because tS-hai-nesh, is also a name.
the "t" is almost silent

ok,what else could it be
you said he said something like," i see you..your face ...."

There is a similiar sounding word which is "S-hayish", with a slight shh kinda sound at the end ,as you said
that word means "when i see you", again in the feminine sense
but for that to make sense,there would have to be more to it than just that word,

another word,which is even less likely is "aShai-yesh"
whic means "i will show you", feminine sense, but again, needs more to complete the sentence

So as i said, if it was indeed a Name that he was trying to tell you, then its very probable that it was tShainesh
but if it was more of a sentence,then it could have been the other phrases i mentioned

It would be good,if you saw that man again, because now even i really want to know what it is he said lol

Apologies ,i couldnt be more help, if i think of anything else i will let the i know

Blessed Love, Give thanks for the Sabaath

Messenger: Yaa Asantewa Sent: 6/8/2008 7:41:30 AM

Ras Tafari Love, Honourable Man of Rights... God inna flesh!

I was hoping thee I would be able to give me a heads up. Give thanks. This has been helpful. Firstly... I really like the name Tshainesh... that is pretty. But that wasn't what the guy was saying. I think, like thee I said... there was more to it, that once I was asking him to repeat and repeat... cos I was trying to get it in my mind, he probably shortened it down. There was more to it. And like I said, they had like a 3 minute debate in Amharinya and probably just gave me a quick run down... by then it was clear that we were never gonna get it across properly. But I think you got it when you got... S-hayish. That was definitely the sound. And the thing about the guy saying, 'when I see you face'. There was definitely more, but it was probably long and inexplicable. With the gestures and explanation and what the man was saying about Ethiopian... what he was trying to communicate was like, when I see you, I know you. Like recognising someone. That was the essence. So, what would that sentence go like?


Messenger: Ras KebreAB Sent: 6/8/2008 9:17:02 AM

Heart of Love beloved

Alright then, if we are to work with "shayish" or "when i see you"

i feeling is that the rest of the sentence would not have contained the word for "recognise"
thats just not proper Amharic
If he had said recognise, he would have just said i recognise you

but if it was indeed "shayish" that he said, then the more likely word in the sentence to follow would be "remember" as in , when i see you, i remember, or when i see you,i am reminded of...

so while i think more on it, tell i if you rememebr a word that sounds like
"tez" or "tezeta"

Ill be back

Messenger: Nyam Sent: 6/8/2008 7:06:16 PM

That was a great story Yaa Asantewa! I don't realy know any Amharinya,but that story realy is enjoyable!!


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