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help young lion.

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Messenger: yunglyan Sent: 5/15/2008 10:42:16 PM

The problem.
mi have to keep a clean look fa school an work, but at the same time i wan praise jah to the most high. Sometime I must trim my beard cuz i make public speeches fi youth to get scholarship me speak and sit fa di president a di university, and all importat people at da university. dem na understand rasta! I feel like its a sacrifice me make fa di higher cause. Same time though me feel bad everytime me trim me beard.
Too many time me see dem guy a roam di street a look like rasta but dem no rasta.mi neva wan get confuse fi dem.


Messenger: Ten Sent: 5/16/2008 4:51:07 AM

Greetings in JAH name, Conqering Lion of the Tribe of JUDAH, Haille Selassie I. I n I can only give advice as the I seeks, but ultimately s/he who feels it knows it. Rastafarai and Babylon will always be at odds when it comes to things of dress, locks etc. But the thing for InI is to find ways we can work within the system in order to do works of RASTA. As in the case of the I, your job is an important one that allows you to give the youth a chance at life through education. You are in a position to empower them and I reason this is very important. HIS Majesty always felt education was key to the development of Ethiopia, hence the University of Addis and School for Young Women opened by The Royal Mennen (Bless Her) AND if the I look at I-Mages of HIS Majesty HE did not wear locks all HIS life, as Emperor HIS hair was always a certain length. But HIM still reigned supreme as LORD of LORDS and HE did all the great things for Ethiopa n Africa: politically, economically, religiously etc....In your case education is a chance at freedom 4 these young pple who might come frm hard life so I THINK you wld have to see this as RAS works, y'nah do it for fun, but u make a conscious sacrifice of trimming the beard in order to benefit many others. No worry for them in the street, they are but flesh your bond with JAH is stronger than that, its a metaphysical bond that is sacred u can't let opinions destroy. Pple will always talk, but JAH knws the works you do so stand firm I. Its not easy but JAH always guides accordingly. blessed love

Messenger: Ras KebreAB Sent: 5/16/2008 5:17:52 PM

Blessed Love and ises

it is pleasant to see the i around Empress Ten

Here is i opinion

It is only right that you feel bad yunglyan

I am Rastafari.No more can i change that than i can change i black skin,seen?

You say they dont understand Rasta
It is upto you to make them overstand by your deeds and words
But if you hide who you are, yes, you might get that respect you seem to need
but do you know what you are doing?
What you are doing is making it hard for the next Rasta youth doing similiar work like you.
When instead you should be opening the door for the next ones that come after you
If you stand firm no matter what and, by example, show them who Rasta is and what Rasta is capable of,they will respect you regardless of their views, and the next youth that comes after you wont have to hide his/her identity because you have already set the ground for them

There is a Ras named Miguel Lorne for example, i do not know much about him still, but i do know he is a lawyer and he keeps his locks and everything, and so if nothing else he has already shown them that one could be Rasta and still do the work just like anyone else, so i can imagine that it will be much simpler for another Rastafari to go through the law schools and such that Lorne went through without ever having to hide who he is.

Like i said i cant change from Rastafari no more than i can change from being black
Look how many black people have been scorned and disrespected and yet still they did their work,unable to hide who they are,and they have set the stage for this generation.
many people get mad at Sammy Davis Jr,because he used to hang around white people who used to disrespect him to his face,for the sake of his work and art.
he opened the doors for everyone of color today who is in that business

Blessed Love

Messenger: Young Lion Sent: 12/12/2010 1:58:04 PM


i'm just reading this post, were u asking me for advice or were u saying just for people to help you? anyways i grow my beard fully long, i think its a sin to cut my beard because it shows dreadness and righteoussnes, just like Haile Selassie never completely cut off his beard, were men so we must be proud we can grow beards! i even had to bring documents from world religions to my job of Burger Kings when i was 18 showing them beard is part of who i am....i had dreadlocks sevral times in my life but i like my afro, i dont really desire to have locks because u have to take care of it, and my lord rastafari never really had dreadlocks, except when he was like 3 little dreads he grow ur beard and be proud of who ua re, and its up to u if u want nazarite vow and keep locks,

jah bless

Messenger: Nazarite I Sent: 12/12/2010 2:52:35 PM

The Reasoning is from two years ago Young Lion.

Iman suspect the Idren who started the Reasoning was asking for help as a young lion in the same way the I uses the I's username.

Blessed love.

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Haile Selassie I