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Time Zone: EST (New York, Toronto)
Messenger: Prince Hotep Sent: 4/20/2008 2:16:31 AM

blessed love lawds and empresses

Glory to Father, the Son and the Holy ONE of Iration.

Recently I was doing a little thinking and little research on the 2012, not so on that particular date, but the date of the Judgement directed from space.

What InI all know about the 2012 is that Maya had this calendar and they pinpointed to this particular date as the ending of this world and PURIFICATION period.

What I have found that Native American Hopi nation have actually similar prophecy of the purification with fyah about the same. Actually Hopis where trying to prevent the WWI and WWII with their prophecies, but no one wanted to listen...(gotta fullfil the book)

Giddion according to Hopi

"That time is not far off. It will come when the Saquasohuh (Blue Star) Kachina dances in the plaza and removes his mask. He represents a blue star, far off and yet invisible, which will make its appearance soon."
for more about the Hopi

So this bring I to the Planet X, witch both the Mayans knew about, the Hopi and the Sumerians, the planet witch should be seen in the sky soon, acording to some people.

Also they prophecied the WWIII, witch I think the 6th seal is all about(in I upinion)

"An I-man sight up pon the time Him loosed the sixth seal, an there were a great Earth quakin, an the Sun became black like unto sackcloth hair, an the moon ina it fullness became like unto blood, an like unto a figtree are shaken by a strong wind an cast she pepper fruit -
THIS IS WHAT HAPPENS DURING THE NUCLEAR WAR-ATTACK(according to people who Xperienced it)
Heaven stars fell toward Earth, an Heaven passed bein wrapped like unto a book, an all mountains an islands were taken from them spot. An all Earth kings an nobles an thousand-chiefs an wealthy an powerful ones an slaves an lords were hidden ina caves an mountain rocks, an them told the mountains an rocks(bomb shelters)

- "Fall over wi an hide wi from before Him Who sat pon the Throne an the Sheep anger; fe Him great anger day have come, how about who can stand?"

So back to the planet X

The scriptures actually don't speak about it, but....

"An pon the time the seventh seal were loosed there were silence ina Heaven around a half iwa. An I-man sight up the seven Angels who stand before JAH, an seven trumpets were given them. An another Angel came an stood beside the altar seizin a gold censer; an much ishence were given him fe add fe all Hola ones priah pon the gold altar before the Throne. An from the Angel hand the ishence smoke proceeded before JAH with the Hola ones priah. An the Angel seized the censer an filled the altar fiyah ina it - an cast it toward Earth; an there were iyunder an noise an lightnin an quakin."

I don't overstand actually what this is, is this a meteor hiting the earth or this could be planet x, because the second trumpet is actually what a meteor would look like

An the secand Angel blew; an a thing that resemble a great mountain burnin ina fiyah were cast ina sea; an the sea third became blood - an the irations third that have Life that live ina sea dead - an the ships third perished.

Anyway, that is just in Iterpretation, I can't know anything for sure, all I know is InI Father won't let us perish, because Selassie I JAH Ras Tafar I is real.

And another thing, the sun seems to be brither, when I friend said to I, that last two years the sun is hurting his eyes, I tought at first that he maybe having eye problems(witch may be so), but...
Also the climate is changing, InI all can see that, this winter was warm, very warm here where I live.
And the last thing witch maybe just I am ignorant or what...but I have noticed one thing that I can't say I have seen earlier, when I look onto the moon witch is not full, I can see the patterns of it on the side witch is not lit by the Sun(notice I'm not the only one who can see it lol), I can see that it's a planet though it's not full, witch in common sense means, that something is sheding a little bit of light on the dark side of it...I might be wrong, I'm not a scientist, I'm just thinking...

Anyway, InI can only wait and see how things turn out.
I have no fear of what's gonna be, I have all the Isurance I need from InI Lord God JAH Ras Tafar I.
By the way here is what the Hopi say:
"It is only materialistic people who seek to make shelters. Those who are at peace in their hearts already are in the great shelter of life. There is no shelter for evil. Those who take no part in the making of world division by ideology are ready to resume life in another world, be they Black, White, Red, or Yellow race. They are all one, brothers."

Give thanks to Emmanuel I Selassie I JAH Ras Tafar I

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Haile Selassie I