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life the universe and everything from beginning to end

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Messenger: ciriefader Sent: 4/18/2008 3:44:09 PM

Theres been alot of discussion and reasoning at this forum
more recently to do with sexual issues
when i see all the hard work that goes into the posts and all the hard work it has taken over the centuries to make such texts available, I cant help but come back to i thesis as shown below

It condenses everything down to one simple diagram with some simple text

the divide caused by satan and the difference in gods concept of 'I' and satans concept of 'you and I' is very simple and has caused the divide between Zion and Babylon since before the world began

it is essentialy a sexual thing
satand challenge of gods concept by saying it is 'you and I' basically just simply means that we have man and women and sex and babies as opposed to simply having all of life born from god
where god provides all knowledge and runs everything and is everyones only father, one way and the only way..

All the texts written in all religions are based on this simple thing
and it is very long and drawn out and hard to grasp etc etc etc

so i have created this simple thesis for anyone who wants to know..
by carefull indepth thought people can now work out for themselves
and see the truth simple one time period

I feel the world has gone astray partly because religions have failed to teach everyone is not surprising the amount of reading thought and dedication it takes to get through all the massive amount of texts

so here is a simple thing which explains everything without argument
which I with the help of I and I to act as simple alterantive to religious texts for those that want a simple truthfull easy condensed lesson.. but it will cause a new person to think alot about it over many years forever because it is everything!

Previous posts about sexual matters are the core issue and although they seem vulgar perhaps this simple diagram will let one see the problem without having to go into any vulgar detail

I dont know why this wasnt just published in the first place, it would have save thousands of years of struggle and divide etc

All religions may aswell stop what theyre doing and simply just put up this thing for everyone to study
close the forum and put this simple thing in its place

i and i can rest now

Jah rest now in peace


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Haile Selassie I