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the only Ras womban

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Messenger: Ten Sent: 4/12/2008 5:15:45 AM

Sabbath Blessings to all the Ites

I've been away from the forum because I've gone away on a programme for a few months. Now that I have finally settled in, I hope to make more regular contributions to the forum... I now overs what other Ites experience being the only RasTas in the places where them live. Its not that I am alone (I'm yet to find the Tafari connection in the place), I know JAH is with I wherever and I and that's more than I'll ever need, but what bothers I is that way the people them look at. Like you are different and so wierd like they have never seen a Black womban and one whose dread. Some might say fire fi them, but to be looked at as different, as the Other shows ignorance but I am tired of that. Its also hurtful to be looked at as different with all the racist connotations of being Black. Why all I life must I be viewed as different and have to tolerate insults and suggestive comments from passersby simply because I am Black and female. In this town being Black and female translates to prostitute, no matter whether or not that is true cars with white men inside actually slow down and them think you will walk over to them. It happened on my first night here, we were carrying my bags from the train station and the cars slowed down & my friend/co-student says just ignore them they think we're two Black women working the streets!!! Even during the day we get comments from white men of all ages or you see them staring lustfully. JAHHHHHH!!!!! Shocking this kind of ignorance still exists, RasTa fire burn! Send Empress Menen's earthquake n lightning n thunder to burn this unrighteousness and foolishness!
Its not all bad though, praises to Jah for showing I many things; for every ignorant person, there are three good people to counter that as I've met some very good-hearted pple out here too.

Jah bless all the I them, give thanks for allowing I to share I first experiences out here.

Lioness Omega Roar
Hail Tafari

Messenger: Yaa Asantewa Sent: 4/12/2008 1:31:08 PM


Which country or town is this? Sounds terrible.

Messenger: Prince Hotep Sent: 4/12/2008 7:12:59 PM

blessed love
here is the same, even worse, if the I was here, an Ithiopian Queen Omega with locks, don't know , tough when it's a woman it might be not that bad, but still everyone would look at the I all the time, and I guess hit on the I, for "the brown sugar" if it was a Ithiopian Bobo Ingel maybe even with a bigger turbon than I have now, it would be litteraly imposible to live here, especially the town where I'm originaly from, Africans are jumped as are other non-Northern European looking people, mostly by the nazi skinheads, with whom the police are on the same side, even in this town the capital of the country, one of my friends had a ticket to pay for sensi that they cought him with, in this police station and he saw some nazi skinhead coming in there and talking with the police officers as if he was their friend or even a collegue, I don't think that he was under-cover cop trying to downstroy the nazi gangs..non logical, what if any skinhead see this?

so anyways, this evening, I have just come from the town center, this evening, two baldhead with delilahs, both with fucked up dyed hair, said something like "Allah achbar"(don't know the spelling) and even Jesus Christ(though I where I turbon, I guess since I have blue eyes and I beard is pehaps kinda similar looking to Chees-us SS.avior in their Ctholic posters, the one looking like Zeus, now I'm a bit I really look like Zeus. Come on man... That is deffinetly not good...

An later that evening some "baldhead playboy, my parents are rich" boy made a remark about Bin laden when I was passing by, but to his friends, sillenty, I guess they didn't think that I can speak native language and even hear what they are saying, but when they saw the Fyah in my eyes when I turned to their faces, by the look of their faces, I'm sure they overstood...

By the way last month the nazi skinhead parade marched thru the main town street, a march that wasn't approved by the AUTO-rities, but police didn't do anything about it, they was affraid of a riot, so they say, I saw it on the news I didn't see the specticale live(nazi skinheads marching and singing stupid 40's Lithuanian Jewish slanders and all kind of other nazi slander) the police was just driving by in their car, "just in case"...

But things are actually a lot calmer here than in other places, especially in the capital, the crime rate isn't that big, and there is little to no gun violence in I country, lethal fire arms are not that popular here, only mentality of the people who are alco-redneck are a bit bothering when I ride a bus or I'm at some other public place, some people stare, people stare if one is talkng in English or some other language or don't look like everyone else, even if one say: "I don't drink" some people seem to be very surprised, and start to ask why, at least. Some people just stare at I as if I was an alien, in some sense I am... So it seems hard for I to think about the vine and fig tree, because I'm actually under I sopposed vine and fig tree, but I feel foreign in this land.

But other than that it's not taht bad, when I was in the street today, in the center a guy passed I by and opened a bottle of beer with his eye-socket(don't know if it's called taht way) in the street, this nation is going straight to the drain of fountain of alcohol, stupid TV shows, more alcohol and pointless misinformative news, and really really bad taste in music, pontless rythmless music, when I say bad I mean it's really bad...crazy combination, not as worse like guns ,poor people and politics, like I French friend who lives here, who is from Sain't Denis 93 in Paris (ones know the place whom know the group NTM, it's the district that has a very high crime rate, maybe highets in Paris) that - where I am living now is calmer, than in other places he's been, dough still some fights happen here, though not that often, he has a little darker European tone, than most people here...

He told I a story about what's going in Moscow, where he saw a nazi skinhed(witch in Russia are brainwashed crazy fanatics, who kill little kids (5 baby was even targeted I remmeber hearing it from some one and reading similar stories, but in this particular case, as I remmember she got lucky but her father didn't live) so my friend saw this skinhead beating some Afrikan, kicking a man on the floor, so as I friend knows Thai Boxing and all kind of other Martial Arts he knocked the skinhead out and he called the police who were not far by, the police came and picked the skinhead up, started cleaning his jacket with his hand(symbolically), then came to the Afrikan, kicked him and shouted to him in Russian: "DOKUMENTI!!!" I guess no one needs a translation here. And said to I friend who at that time knew Russian but could hardly speak it: "Your are a foreigner. I can see that you don't knwo how things are here. Don't worry.

All over the world death, anger. Babylon is rulling the world,there are no safe place, some people might think that they are very safe, but reallity is that is just Eye-loosion provided by "Affirmative Action", UN, NATO, their gun, but really no one is safe, unless the Father wants One to be safe, no one can save one, the dead are rulling the earth so what can it look like?

Of course one can think that white people are safe, since they are thinking taht themeselfes, but reality, dough they are at the top of the ladder in this shitstem, but realy it's like a curse, one can't see reality the way it is...but still babylon won't even think twice to sacrifice any one, and I mean anyone to save the system, to def-end it, from some thing that they themselfs make up, terrorism etc. President can't just come out and say "Well we want to continue to rule the world. Any questions?" in a press CONference.

By the what's up with Babylon and the Mayan. Mel Gibson, 2012 turmoil and today I saw somekind of a horror movie preview at I friends house while TV was on. Is there somekind of a mayan babylon conspiracy, on the other handl I guess everything in Babylon is a CONspiracy, even little teletubies or other TV shows that promote homosexualism in little children's minds...
Got carried away

The point I am trying to make is that anywhere I live, the I is not safe anywhere one lives unless the I is under the guidance of the father, "One who will try to save his flesh will loose it"

though I think Iself I'm missing one important thing in life, a princess and I people, Righteous Rastafari children of God near by, because I do think that No Man is an island, but other than that it's cool, carnal things are just unimportant when dealing with Rastafari, doesn't matter, I have full trust in I Father and I know that if I won't let HIM down, HIM won't let I go down.

If needed HIM can give InI strenght of Sampson, wiseness of Solomon and the powers of Christ, if One walks as Christ and does things like Christ, if one is JAH in flesh what can the devil himself in flesh can do to the I, one can only surrender Iself to the devil as much as one wants to do it.
Of course I could talk for hours about not being afraid of no gunman, no bullets etc., but I don't live in a place like ROOK does and I'm not black I'm not the target, anytime I can start using I white privilege again, but for I it would be the same as start eating flesh and even wors, it would be as if just having a refreshing shower and jumping strightly to pool of shit, but anyways I can tell the I sencerely that it's truly hard to walk the walk sometimes, this overstanding helped I to see that I should never judge One as Selassie I say, at least not until one can really put one in the other mans shoes, but I see that with the guidance of I Father, Lord God JAH Ras Tafar I, InI can accomplish anything, meaning that everything for I is strive to live in perfect harmony with JAH, there is no other important thing besides hailing JAH, free the soul, have full control of the mind and body, as mind works for the body, even such a horrible thing as pain are signals of the attack of JAH temple, only signals as Yogi can endure pain so did show us Iyesus Christ, but if JAH don't want, one doesn't burn even get burned by hot fyah, as happened to Seedraq an Meesaq an ‘Abdenago in Daniel chapter 3.
As Ras Kebre once said that InI father only gives us as much hardship as I can endure, by this HE honour us with HIS trust that InI will stand tall.

Emmanuel I Selassie I JAH Ras Tafar I

Messenger: love Sent: 4/13/2008 3:25:51 PM


to the lonesome sisters we call: don´t forget and stand firm my nyahbinghi sisters and all other spiritual sisters, because through the fate and divine foreordination we are strangers in this world and are living in worldwide dispersion.
Oh Ras Tafari, we are longing for community, but still we know: "that we are united in the holy spirit Iyahbinghi, and in the holy Issemblies with His Iternal and Holy Majesty Emperor Haile Selassie I and with our nyah brothers and sisters. think always about: we are the elected and called outof the community of the holy spirit Iyahbinghi, His Iternal and Holy Majesty Haile Selassie I.

Itection and Guidance

sis one love

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Haile Selassie I