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Time Zone: EST (New York, Toronto)
Messenger: Ark I Sent: 4/11/2008 9:55:04 AM

I have something to address to both sides of this argument.

Yehyah said something that was misinterpreted. And based on what Rook and Hotep thought he said, it is not surprising that they would feel offended. So Rook and Hotep said things to Yehyah in defense of the attack they perceived, and it is not surprising that Yehyah would feel offended by what was said. So Yehyah said some things in return based on the attack against him, and it is not surprising that Rook and Hotep would feel offended by what was said in return. And the cycle of argument went on and on.

So because this cycle of argument started with misunderstanding.

Rook and Hotep, realize that what the I them thought Yehyah was saying was not what he was saying (This is not just my thought, I know it is so), and concerning what he said in return, put it behind the I them, because just as the I them were offended by his statements, he was also offended by your statements and that was the reason for the manner of his response.

Yehyah, realize that it is not surprising Rook and Hotep would be offended by what they thought the I said, and what the I said in return to their response offended them as well. So since the I didn't originally say what they thought, put what they said behind the I and Iverstand why they responded the way they did.

Too often in the world an argument begins with misunderstanding. And then the misunderstanding leads to people doing or saying things that are an actual offence. And then that leads to the other people doing or saying things that are an actual offence. And this goes back and forth until war breaks out.

That is why Christ taught I and I to turn the other cheek. It is not to submit yourself to the enemy. It is to forgive your brothers or sisters when they do or say something against you, because often this begins with a misunderstanding, or things spoken or done in anger in the heat of the moment. Christ was showing I and I to not fight amongst ourselves, because the enemy is around the corner laying in wait to attack. And fighting amongst ourselves will make us weak and distracted so we don't see their attack, and will also give the enemy a door to enter and cause more arguments and fights amongst I and I, making us even weaker than we originally made ourself.

Ark I
Haile Selassie I

Messenger: Eleazar1234 Sent: 4/11/2008 11:05:09 AM

Yeah Rook, I know parts of Ohio are straight up killaz there. Reminds me of Mo Murda by Bone Thugs in Harmony

Dear Mr. Ouija,
Let 'em know who the boss is, so nigga, you wanna get tossed in the river? Nigga, put 'em in the mud, see them pump blood.
Nigga, no love. Me show with the Bone, when I grab that chrome, gonna hawk ya down. Follow me roll, stroll down East
Ninety-nine. Gotta find these roll hoes. Nigga, if you woke up and all of a sudden, nigga, you was off in my hood, I'm a real
thuggish nigga, so a I would have to kill you, so die. I throw ya to the coffin, pick up my pump, dump chumps in the gutter.
Pain, nigga got too fucked up. Bang. Takin' no shorts, so fuck you, man. Claim my thang to slang them bloody bodies. Kill
'em all. Send them hoes up in flames. Krayzie insane to the brain. Hey, we slay niggas who think we play. Nigga, me deadly
with the gun, (we shoot, they be dead), and Bone runnin' with the gun, steady buckin', leavin' them bodies dumped off alley for
dead. "I'm here. Kill 'em all. Mo murda, mo murda," that's what Ouija said. Gotta put one in your head. Bang. We comin'
to serve ya. Mo murda, mo murda, mo murda, mo murda, mo murda, mo murda.

Mo murda, mo murda come, come again.

Will I die of murder, bloody mo murda, livin' in the Land of the Heartless, comin' up daily? Until-a me murder them all, I'm
never gonna fall, so I murder them, baby. Get 'em up with a me thugs, see 'em on the corner, and they slangin' them drugs.
Givin' up shots out to the glock-glock: eighty-eight through the ten-five, them killas be pumpin' them slugs. Niggas be fiendin',
me dealin', (they thought I spit) twelve gauge eruption, and I 'm on a roll. Total destruction, and steady me buckin', and bodies
be bustin'. Me killa with a buckshot. I'm a peel ya. #1 Assassin's still the realer nigga down for my crime. Niggas be down,
tryin' to stay to the grind. Niggas is goin' insane, takin' a shot to the brain, and man. So, call it a shame, but what be the thang
up off this murder game? And I'm feelin' not a bit remorseful. My twelve gauge just so forceful. So, playa hate when I'm in
your town, a nigga me buckin' 'em down. And I'm givin' up peace to the hustlas, thugstas, and twelve gauge pumpstas. Drug
'em in gutters, mo murda me style, now, put 'em on the ground, lay down. Nigga, check my thang, the way that we swang,
when I'm comin' to serve ya with a nine cocked, and it's ready to pop, lettin' off shots, Layzie be screamin' out, "Murda, mo

Mo murda, mo murda come, come again.

Gotta kill, get 'em, nowhere to run, can't get away from my shotgun, leavin' them bodies fucked up. Pump, pump to the
ground, better leave it alone. Nigga, wanna die when fuckin' with Mo Thug, nigga, we killed this bitch? Now you wanna catch
some bang, bang? Nigga wanna die when I let my nuts hang? What is it in me that me feel like I gotsta murder ya? You slip
when I'm high, pullin' my trigger, and nigga you die, soldier. Four killas, we creepin' and comin' to hurt ya, mo murder. Better
pack that five, I'm feelin' like killin', you're dyin' tonight. You don't wanna hear that glock pop, when a glock pop, pop don't
stop. We yell about murda mo, finger on a trigger, Mo Thug let go. We straight from Cleveland, clack back, nigga you're
bleedin'. You don't wanna fuck with Bone, pullin' that chrome. Now, nigga, you're gone. If you wanna die, bye. See you in
gutter, let mama cry. Watch Mo Thug killas pump, pump, put 'em in the ground with his head blown gone. Mo murda, mo
murda, mo murda.

Mo murda, mo murda come, come again.

Eternal, if thugstas die, will I die of murda, now? East ninety-nine, follow me, grind, and all descendin' their body underground,
way down. Me ride and everyone dies, and I'm runnin' with my killas and all of my thuggish-ruggish niggas, no lies. Druggin'
up bloody mo victims, get 'em, get 'em, that'll be little RIPsta, sinister, kill y'all, put 'em in a river, bodies shiver, fuck that nigga.
Hit 'em up, inside mines be blowin' up, I'm dumpin'. Remember: me spray 'em, slay 'em, gauge 'em, layin' 'em up off in a
coffin, ready to fade 'em, to buck or to shoot with the twelve gauge eruptions, creep out your seat, would ya? We come to
stay, found out none of my niggas was bluffin'. For the love of the murder, man, the murder game, the same, but a bang, bang,
bang. Can't resist to bump you, now pow, runnin' 'em all off. St. Clair thugs stay down for the murder mo, oh no, ho, when a
thugsta stroll, forty-fours still pointed at the po-pos, stop 'em, drop 'em, numb those 'til they out cold, they froze. You know,
nigga, we can't be bluffin'. We bang insane. When I put one to your temple, mo murda, then blow out your brain.

Mo murda, mo murda come, come again.
Come bloody murda.

Messenger: Eleazar1234 Sent: 4/11/2008 11:08:26 AM

East 1999 my niggas!
Think about back in the days when the year was '89. Little nigga on the grind, gotta get mine, doin' my crime with 2 in here, steady stackin' my ends, put my serve down on the Clair 9-9. Hittin' up the Graveyard Shift with Real, Little Will, Big Wally, and Wish Bone. Little Wally highrollers, and he wonder why niggas so strong. Krayzie Bone, stack, Rod J--much love, kept a nigga on his toes in the game. It's an everyday thang, when you let your nuts hang, gotta make a grand at least daily, man. Them Cleveland hustlas, never no bustas. Thug to the heartbeat of niggas from the Land fool, and the old school. Just serve out your sentence and be cool. Fuckin' with trues. Rest In Peace, little nigga Ripsta, stressed that Bone love. Smokin' on bud, 'cause a nigga Mo Thug callin' all my niggas when it's time to nut 'em. In the 9-9, haters gonna drop to the #1 with the gun, so run run. Cleveland is the city where a nigga come from, slangin' them dum-dums.

Niggas it's goin' down, up in the C-Town. Get 'em up with the thug (thug) and that nigga with the bud (bud). Get the fifth of Rose, but the liquor store closed and I'm all out the forty. Raise up, nigga. Burn up the buddah, smoke it all up. Nigga, don't stiff on the reefer. Mo! runnin' up outta the cut with this fresh sack of hydro, and this shit is creeper. Peep the street, bust again on Double Glock-glock with-ah-me rocks. Cops sweatin' me block. Copper better drop when the gunshot pop, blood, dumpin' the body and the bullshit stop. Whenever the trouble knocks with the po-po, niggas roll solo, split up, and swerve. Krayzie take caution. Take all my llello and tossed it. See none when they roll to the curb. Runnin', duckin', jumpin' up in the Land. My niggas, it's crazy. We slang and we buck and we bang on the Glock and my nigga, that's daily. Who the nigga with the twelve gauge? [Pump.] It's Mr. Sawed-off Leathaface, so you better pray. Eternally thugsta. East 1999 where We Roll with the devil.

Gotta give P's to them SCT's! and I roll, big thug on the Glock. Pump, blast for the cash, then I'll mash the gas, gotta dash away from them cops. Got Lil' Mo! Hart steadily flippin' off Rose. Rippin' up flesh with six blows. Rest, that thugsta, yes, I pump slugs, and I be druggin' 'em off in dumpsters. Fuck them po-po. Lightin' they bodies--they burn, burn. And I guess that hood'll never learn. Gotta dip both them ones in sherm. When I 'm on a mission for my city, bigger niggas be bailin' out with me. Roll up the window. The wind blow, fuckin' my indo, why that hittin' me? Even though the barrels of me twelve gauge are empty, me scandalous niggas up outta the woods, buckin', no fuckin' with the family. Now feel a nigga, understand me. Much love, much buck for them St. Clair thugs. East 99 is where you find me slangin' me muthafuckin' drugs.

Done-done, leavin' the niggas stunned, cock & pop with-ah-me gun. They lettin' me leadin' they head off, and I gotsta have me fun, leavin' 'em hung. Breakin', fakin' you studio-gangsta bitch! Trick niggas they get picked. I'm hittin' the shit, and I split in the midst of the darkness. Consider me heartless. Oh, yes Flesh be runnin' a ho check. Better check your Rolex, your time now for givin' up respect to them SCT's from C-L-E. We're scandalous niggas that dwell, hail off on the far side, and bail leavin' the trail of the bloody victims. The fifth thug maulin' 'em all, and never they'll catch me slippin'. And sippin' a fifth of that wine, and nigga me dyin', and steadily trippin'. We flippin' the scripts on over. See the Bone'll be never sober. Niggas told you, triggers showed you. East 9-9. Five soldiers.

Murder one, redrum! Try to run and get away, but it's just too late. Watch out buckshots, when I come, buck-buck, better guard that fuckin' face! Dumpin' them slugs on you, fool. Rollin' with me trues, drinkin' brews. Don't start no shit. We come equipped, so niggas, stay cool. One-eighty-seven, you think that you're goin' to Heaven, put slugs all up in that chest, under hell is where you'll be dwellin'. Pop in them clip and them bodies me dumpin', watchin' you fall to the pave with me 9-milli pumpin'. Puttin' them bodies all off in them graves.

Wish [Layzie & Krayzie]

Cleveland is the city where we come from, so run, run. [run] [*4]
[East 99] East nineteen ninety-ninety nine nine nine nine [*8]

Messenger: Eleazar1234 Sent: 4/11/2008 11:15:31 AM

"Down '71 (The Getaway)"

Playa hatin' ass muthafuckas man fuck dat
Man put that shit out man
You ain't 'posed to be smokin' no muthafuckin' weed in court
(Man fuck dat man they got my nigga)
Man that shit ain't cool man
(Okay order in the court)

[Woman:] The people versus Bone Thugs N Harmony
Case number C601999
[Judge:] Will The defendant please stand,
Is there anything you wish to say on this matter
before sentencing Bizzy Bone?
[Bizzy:] No man
(You know the muthafucka did it)

[Judge:] Well the court sentences you to death by electric chair

[Some guy laughs]

[Verse 1: Bizzy Bone]

We had to get 'em up wid two thugs
Runnin' side by side wid number one
Murda mo drop my guage on 'em
When the po-po chase,
If they catch me barehanded I'm done
Rip's gripping the six shot pump, so spill it
Copper lettin' the lead off
Copper thought that he had me caught
Little Layzie blew his head off (AAwwwwwww)
Get him up, and get up,
The bullets they start to get lit up,
Number one best start duckin' wid ah gun already buckin'
Bust me lead on the double glock 'n
Where the fiends roll up for rocks 'n,
This perfect getaway,
From the pigs when I peel and I hit the fences,
Rippin' up the trench and,
I'm bailing while they trailing
Better in hell than in the cell
And it ain't no telling where the coppers be dwelling,
One had spotted me, pick up ah piece and shot a me
But I practice what I preach
And see that these slugs up in his body got him,
Run, wid smoke coming from the barrel ah me gun
Hit the bend, oh what the dum dum I got yum yummed on the dead end
They set in, then they lead in,
They wanting me off in the coffin
Cops from everywhere was yellin and wailin' I went unconcious,
From the stompin' taking ah loss, and waking up in the coffin,
And without no stallin'
Cell I was tossed in to be arreigned at dawning,
Looking in the eyes of a judge,
He knew right where to put that thug
Made to be so, wid no parole
In the hole but I won't budge
Sent me to deathrow,
Watchin' the time by fly past
But Rip'll be sittin' mindless never spineless, in silence
Hoping I die fast, but chill,
Never do, sleepa, gotta get put that on all me reefer
Somehow must beat ya, so peep out the creep or the reaper will meet ya

[Verse 2: Layzie Bone]

Bailin' on ah mission, flippin' the script
Betta check what the wind just blew in
Betta think again, it's a preacher wid ah grin
On ah mission for revenge, wid that Mack-10
Little nigga Rip, had to empty the clip
Gotta pump them slugs up in them cops
Steady made 'em drop glock went pop pop
Goin' out like a thug on the double glock,
Back from hell and ready to bail,
Time to hit they trail cause they wanted my nigga fried
Holdin' the Bible when I got a grenade I'ma go inside the squad,
Gettin' ready for the rumble
When I heard them mumbles, pullin' me guage in laughter
Keep buckin 'em faster all I was thinkin'
When I see them bustas scatter
Betta watch out for them buckshots
Cause them can't fade me guage,
Gotta bust them souls in the grave,
So I'm buckin' them straight to the pave, can't be saved,
I'm bucking, little Ripster reinforcements comin' in faster
Blast give my nigga double Zs the Mack-10
Lettin' the gun gun blaze on they ass,
Gotta rip in them chests through vests
Mack-10s, sawed off eruptions, got plenty ammunition
No missing listen destruction I'm bustin'
Cause I'm making that getaway, bound to getaway,
Niggas got to escape and it's never to late
When you dash and tryna' break
Nigga just can't test the Bone fate
We steadily runnin' duckin'
Comin' up to the front door barri-caded,
And I pulled ah grenade, tossed to the door, let it explode
And we made it, creepin' in the courtyard
So Krayzie feelin' safety coming
Hittin' the fence and jump in it quick
From Krayzie's tech-9 bullets humming.

[Bridge: (Two guys talking)]

Well it seems as if them two boys Bizzy and Layzie
Done got theyselves into another jam
(Well I'd love to see them boys get theyself outta this one)

[Verse 3: Krayzie Bone]

Soon as I went in the smoke, rollin' real fast like a dog
And began wid a rage and the guage can't let go
They done labelled my nigga psychotic
Bitches is got him sittin' on deathrow,
Scoping out the tower peeping the scene
So when my niggas trail,
Screaming out one eighty seven and bail,
Gotta get my nigga Rip out that cell, it's all over now,
How my nigga number one disguised as the preacher,
Won't be pullin' ah Bible mission for survival nigga so I creep the
Tech millimetre, somebody done pull the alarm now it's on,
Slaughterin' Bone, sprayed off the tech
Gotta let 'em know which way was on,
We got gone but them police was pullin' up quick nigga what's up
Quick bust in first when he hit that fence niggas got cut the fuck up,
We steady bucking, steady duckin' buckin' while I was jumpin'
All we was thinking is don't get caught
Nigga like me get the gun running
Gunning fronting wid thugs gotta get to the smug
Turn around and we pump slugs, put 'em in the mud,
And all across my face was the red that lay in blood,
Dodging the who, make the gun flip wid ah swoo,
Bailing back on wid my troops,
I'm runnin' wid 4 crazy niggas
That's down wid they niggas they ain't scared to shoot,
Now I'm rolling, no more than ah half ah mile we get stopped
Cops surround Bone, we load glocks
And squeeze say fuck all these road blocks
Busted ah U, then put that bitch in reverse
And I get the swish and I push the button
That boy came out the trunk and,
Put it in drive see that Souljah boy bucking,
Back in the other direction,
Po-po came quick then heat up,
Niggas blast at each other,
Open up they doors and they get they feet up,
I jumped outta the car, had to jump over the hood,
Cause I'm headin' straight for the woods
So the niggas they follow behind me
We getaway smooth, ah nigga made good
Came up quick to the hideout
Wait until midnight till we ride out,
Hit ah car so we can drive out,
While we waited we all got fried out, fool
If youse a thuggish ruggish thug nigga scream mo,
Took one ah my niggas off deathrow now we got one mo to go

(St.Claire, St.Claire)
(St.Claire, St.Claire)
(St.Claire, St.Claire)
(St.Claire, St.Claire)

Messenger: Yaa Asantewa Sent: 4/11/2008 12:48:49 PM

I think the idren them were probably basing an assumption, not only on that which was typed, but also from some of his general attitude.

I think there was a lot of space for misinterpretation, no doubt... but only because it is clear that Bro. Anbesa is one of those Ethiopians that shrug off most 'other' people who hail the king, as being misguided etc etc. I doubt he has a specific problem with Boboshanty. If you read back on many of his opinions, especially from his trip to Ethiopia, ones will see that he seems to have an issue with Jamaican (exiled Africans) influence on the basis of internationalised understanding of livity. I have seen him downplay that a lot. He could be called an Ethiopian (national) patriot and a purist one at that, Raspect anyway. But that is the reality, to act like he is innocent of dissing Boboshanty is using avoidance. He would blatantly do that, he has done similar already.

Messenger: Bro Dominiq Yehyah Anbesa Sent: 4/11/2008 3:30:52 PM

Ises and Love

Well, my family, basically I felt everything which need to be said was already said a long time ago. And yes I overstood and realized that all this con-fusion came at me because my words were misunderstood, Ark I, and thus not really a need to go on warpath against that. maybe what got me a little vex was the thing that I felt the reason why all this confusion came about was, because one man misinterpreted one sentence, and I think this could have easily been avoided. But yes, I am not free from guilt, and as I said, sometimes my english is a bit difficult. But HERE in this particular case I really felt it was not necessary to turn around the whole thing like that.

And oh my LORD, is it now that all people with whom I once had an issue is gathering and grabbing stones now?
Yes thank you for the kind words Sis Yaa, but I think there's already enuff fuel in that fire.
I am no more nor less an Ithiopian than any man on this globe regardless of race colour nationality, who overstands himself as Ithiopian through his father I n I King and God Quedamawi Haile Selassie. And I hope I made that clear. All those issues which you bring up are from a totally different context.

Furthermore, it is an evilous claim to say I am dissing Bobo Shanti. And I am sure even here on this board ones and ones can bear testimony to that. over the years I have seen many come and go on this board. But those who know me from the beginning (though there aren't many left) know that all this is without any solid foundation.

Besides all that, I think what needed to be said has already been said. And I think those brethren who came to the assistence that truth shall prevail through the thick clouds of con-fusion also did their best to bring some clearance. I give thanks for that.

And I give thanks for Love and Overstanding.
Let all man speak their own judgement.
Selassie I

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