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Jah Blessing Come Abundantly for our people

Time Zone: EST (New York, Toronto)
Messenger: Prophetess Tonya Sent: 4/6/2008 11:44:30 PM

I been bless Abundantly from Jah, Jah spoke to me when I was reading the scriptures. I was reading Isaiah - Honor your God. I hear the voice of Jah (Beautiful feeling ever)Jah told me to put the Bible down. Jah told me to feed the hungry, poor and sick. repeatly.
My son came in the room, I told him what had just happen. After, I got back in the scriptures the words that Jah just spoke was written in the book(BIBLE), right after he told me to put the book down. FEED the HUNGRY, POOR and SICK. Wonderful feeling EVER.
About eight month later Jah spoke again, this time I was sleep. Jah woke me up calling my ancestor Zechariah, Zechariah, I hear Jah calling Zechariah around about 10 or more time Loud and Louder. I havn't read about him yet. So I got up to see if Zechariah was in the Bible I was shock. Amaze.

I come to tell everyone I was bless abundantly by Jah to know my ancestor is in the Bible. Prophet Zechariah, son of Iddo, son of Berechiah. Zechariah was a Judah also priest. Zechariah goes back in 500 bc in the 6 century. Jah gave Zechariah visions from the past, present and the future.
Zechariah grandfather Berechiah was the gatekeeper of the Ark of the Coverant. Zechariah told our ancestors to rebuild the temple that Babylon destroy.
Jah is calling for all Judean to clean their spirit.
Stop doing evil ways and evil acts.
Don't do like our ancestor didn't believe. That why we're in Babylon now.
We are the post exile children trying to get to the gateway of NEW JERUSALEM.
Many are CAll Few are Chosen!

Jah is speaking now. So please walk rightoues on EARTH.

I have to say to all the RASTAfarian- Please stop the Cussing. Jah is PURE- That the tongue of satan. It doesn't have any meaning. WE learned it from our ancestors and we are teaching it to our youth. We are teaching our children to sin.

I will be studying Prophet Zechariah for Iver more. Jah Bless ME TO BLESS OUR PEOPLE.


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Haile Selassie I