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Elements of the Movement

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Messenger: Nick1234 Sent: 4/4/2008 8:55:38 PM

Elements of the Movement
The Bible taught I an I how the Love of God Manifest through the Love of his Son who taught I an I how to love and recognize love. By our understanding of the dispensation of love we are accused of supporting a criminal Element. We will admint that we are very Sympathic to one who become a victim to the Circumstance of law, Colonial repressive laws: not as an accomplice but one will notice that the Crimmial is public Enemies number one This person who is branded a Criminal and began to experience the reward of his various temptations that lead him into a world of Crime lost the Sense of Love +Peace in his self and if he can only get some one with the touch of love to even talk to him a change is eminient that's what we believe, call it what you may. Only God knows the love of God. The Doctor will give evidince of demunitive mentalities in Certain Specify case where the accussed person is probably from a Nobility or a Son of Gentry or he may be a political Robot-haricari as the case may turn out to be. There is also an intelligent element, This element is the most feared not because they want to take over Jamaica but it involved a lot of things. (1) They can interpret Govt movement and action without having to attend Seminars. They also can implement and save guard. They are the one's who carries the program of positive Resistance. They are the organizer of the Movement, they can used there Knowledge to the disadvanges of Govt, They can also unfluence the Strata of the Society that is considered as the apple of the eye of there parents. These are who attend the very same School and High Schools of that Sector of Society which Classes themselves as elites. I an I are blamed for intruducing them to the smoking of Ganja and the preaching of this new yet old Gospel that the king is God. Truth it is to say Our influence is liken unto our Song when fully under Our Ganja Communion.

The Song
Rastafari is mi God and mi King
Rastafari is mi God and mi King
oh yes Rastafari oh. Yes.
This element of intelligensia have the greatest part of this work of Resurrection of a Culture and tradition. The people who claim that they are denied the Right of Controling there children because the children choose to come and serve the living God. People need Freedom of movement Expression and freedom of Opinion that can be express without interference so also with children and grown ups. The freedom I an I offer every one is felt even by the words of Love. I an I take everything with the word of Love, other part of the Element began to become anxious of the blautant disrespect of ones Right in expressing his opinion without interference. Children enjoying the freedom of self expression get the desire of importance and feel the desire to be great. Some became great when left to develope the Knowledge that come from those who are dispesised and rejected by an element of Society who Children fall victims to the Said Social element that the parents preah against daily and exposing the interest of the movement to their children not realizing. The Ganja Element is the Most refered to and a violent, Element which is attach or attributed to Ganja Users. The Smoking of Ganja in a pipe of peace will have to be recognize by every living Soul. Ganja used as tea or Vegetables will be more appreciable later on when the world have to accept it. Take a close up view of Our Communion. We hear going to used the correct name Herb. Herb is obtain Surce well prepared The pipe is well cleaned: Set with water in the horn and I an I even give Thanks. With Right hand index and third finger raised and recite.

Prince's hast come out of Egypt
Ethiopians now Straches forth his hand unto God.
Oh God of Ethiopia Our Divine Majesty
Thy Spirit hast Come into our hearts; leads us.
Help us to forgive, that we may forgiven.
Teach us love loyalty on earth as it is in Zion.
Endowed us with wisdom knowledge and Understanding
to do thy will.
Thy Blessing to you that the hungry be fed;
The Naked be Clothed,
The Sick Nourished, the age protected and The infants cared for
Diliver us from the Lands of our enemies
That we may prove fruitful in these last days.
When Our enemies are past and decay, in
the depths of the Sea in the depths of the Earth
or in the bowels of a Beast
Oh give us all a place in thy Kingdom
forever. Selah.
let the words of our mouth
and the meditation of our hearts
Be accepted in thy sight oh Lord
Thou art my strength and I Redeemer
That sit and Reigneth in the hearts of man
forever Selah.

Fire is here brought in play to lite the herb which is draw from this pipe of peace and Pass around in Solemn divine and Religious style. Round and Round the pipe goes until it is finish. Then I an I say.

I an I thank thee lord for this food
But most of all through Negus Precious Love
Let manner to our Soul's be given
This Bread of life send from Zion
Through the powers of the most wise God Rastafari
Our living father. Selah.

Some of the youth that is attached to the Movement only learn to pray amount his Brethren who taught him to pray. Some part of the Rastafari Movement has develope an attitude to stop at Rasta. and leave Fari, making the Name inconsitent with the vision. And as it is written: where there is no Vision the people perished. FARI alone is a Righteous Vision of this twentith Centuary for he his the living God. And we are his Children with Understanding Our parents Become Jealous The youth parents is more Jealous of the apple of their eyes who is obviously taken away by the God of Creation. The Imperial Majesty Haile Selassie I Emperor of Ethiopia visit to Jamaica was only the begginging of the end of Babylon. Some where a long the line people began to realize that our Doctrine and philosophies have to be taken into Consideration Our Lord Our God Our Saviour Came we went to him they who never believe also came to See him but none knew that there was a Question of who he his and where he lives. So much things has been said of him yet none ask him the things that was puzzling them. His Imperial Majesty is the Sower who Sow the Seed of Collective Security and people Collective Securities no longer rest in Guns. His Imperial Majesty also brought the Seed of International morality is at stake. what are the Collectiveness of the International Morality that is a stake. It may be the Certain realization of the Black man that Something is happening to him beyond is control. The Compromising System of these who believe everything is alright because they feel like they are alright. Those who like to see the Colonial System go on under the very Same disguise. As one who Represented the Movement in Africa 1961 I believe firmly that our Repatriation would be a must for the Spirit of truth told the Govt to let us go. They not realizing how Serious things can be for them. Not until the Prime Minister and his Deputy and other Members of the Cabinet die in short Succession before this J.L.P. Govt began to give Serious Thought to the Movement. while we were in Africa we were unable to negociate because the Level of the Mission was of an unofficial Nature. -But we made our own observation and Contact which Satisfied our desire, by showing there willingness to do Something as Soon as Ethiopia program get on the way. How did I decide to used the opportunity of the Land grant at Sha-shemance to Coordinate our Brethren organism into the Ethiopian world Federation Organisation. Only to find that George Bryan and Estella Bushell as International Executives began to work against the Rastafarian and try to brake up the Contacts between the Pipers and other members of the E.W.F.Inc. we in Jamaica of the E.W.F.Inc. experience Some of the most various mal administration within an organisation. During our organisation of the Rastas into the E.W.F. Cecil G. Gordon who operate as an irremovable president and International vice President All of these members of the Federation who are not Rastafarian Could not see H.I.M. meaning of granting lands to Black People of the west They did not even know who are the Black People of the west. They began to believe the Land Grant are Specifically owned by an individual so they are preventing people with pioneering spirit from going upon the Land and so by so doing have Kept back the Land Developement. The Earth Most Strangest Man realize by his force of carrying the program of Repatriation it has brought the Sense of awareness that it took many years of hard work of organizing bring to the Consciousness of the Blackman today in the Western world. As the Most Strangest man probe earth he find Time run out on the Pipers Time also Run out on the Clique at 151 Lennox Ave, I an I often time call upon the almighty to send us help from his Sanctuary. Moses Aarons Kaleb Joshua and even Marcus Garvey was sent to gather I an I people but was hinder by Colonialism. His Imperial Majesty Come himself, who shall pluck I an I out of His hand. The people in America of African Origin was caught up by the time Rastafari Brethren travel Internationally. Louis Lomax tried to put myself and Malcolm X on one of his controvesial program on his T.V. circuit, Malcom X was to come and condemn the Rastafari Bretheren and the Earth Most Strangest Man should come and tell the world about the Rastafari God and the things that we are doing to go back to Africa. The Black Moslem policy was to get five seperate state in America. Myself and Malcom X had a social meeting before the T.V. program finalize, but the Social discussion has add admiration to the Book Store at 125st and 7th Ave Mr Mieusuax Repatriation Book Store was like a theatre as I an I realize that such meeting Could be Used to bring to the Black People of America a message where hope play a great part and seems to find an Answer to the Question. If the American Government fail to meet the Moselm demands what would be there alternative. I brought that Answer. Africa is the only land for the Black man when the Black man all realize that africa can not Refuse her Son when she can so identify her Son. Malcolm X invited I down to Temple # 7 when we finally broke off the T.V. engagement Program. This was the first time Malcolm X began to feel free and friendly. I was unable to go at the Temple #7. For other meeting engagement kept me away, but I notice many relative change in Malcolm X from that day in July of 1961. until the day he was Gun down Malcolm began to show he changed. Brother Malcolm began to wear a beard and his doctrines was now directed to a back to Africa program. Malcolm went over to Africa and the System now began to seriously fight Brother Malcolm. Elijah Mohammid did not want Malcolm to Changed his policy of the Moselm demand for an impossible seperate state of America. It was not only Malcolm X who changed this Black Struggle and set it in the Right Course. Brother Martin Luther King was doing his own Religious thing until the Earth Most Strangest man Trod the Soil of America with a Natural Ethiopian Beauty Culture and a doctrine of Return oh holy doves Return to Africa' Burn not the head boycott the Manicure System and more bills can be met, wage war against falsehood and keep your own personality be your true self was the Message Love one another reguardless of Various Political or denominational indifferences for Africa and Africans are facing a problem of misunderstanding who is his real enemy. I an I waited upon the time when our True Enemy appear killing, because they become afraid of what the Blackman began Saying about power. The word Black Power is a terminology that Dr King Student Brother Stokely Carlmichelle and Brother Rap Brown. The Coloration of this type of Power cannot be fully understood so lets color the American Dollar and call it Green Power, Color the American Administration as white Power, and let us challenge this Black Power. I an I pointed out to those who advocate Arm Rebellion in there bid to disrupt the the internal Security of the State That is Good when you are thinking of Calling the Govt attention to your problem. Only to Understand that when the U.S.A. Govt ask for problem and get them they can solve them. I an I know America would prefer to see I an I going home to Ethiopia more than stay and pray that the last of the drag of the dragon is dragged to the table of Realization. They are met face to face with realities: This Blackman African, Ethiopian, Negro, any name we are called by also realize that now is the time for confrontation. It is a known fact that Repatriation is the Unfinish Business of the African Element in the west. After all is said and done the Republic of Guanya already broadcast on the very first day that Country become a Republic on 27th Febuary 1970, A call for Commonwealth Caribbean Citizen be migrated to Guanya to come to that Country and develope the untapped Minerals. This is where Green Power is playing an off setting part to Repatriation to Africa. Neither of the people of the Caribbian nor the America realize that It where the Carribbean Revolution look Possible. I an I advocate to be sent to Ethiopia through the Economical Commision on Refugee of the U.N.O. I an I problem only become a problem when people treat the Subject, without the intention to do something to eleviate the Situation. I an I know that the Internation crisises will causes some Govt to start thing of Changing there Policy to more moderate approach to the Subject. The Same Rights Free men enjoy I an I know I an I should even start to see the hope of enjoying freedom. Ethiopia do not show that it is Suffering from overcrowed Population nor do Ethiopia unable to feed her people if all nation should acceed to the Call to recognize the depth International morality has fallen and is sinking deeper down in the bottomless Pit of Hell. what place Education has taken in the western world? what will the History look like? How can those who pretend to help refused from seeking what type of help and assistance the freedom loving people of the world want and try help them get what soever they wanted when the Case is realized as the Earth Most Strangest Man as stated it. I will try and direct I thought to the subject of Repatriation of the Rastafarian Movement and the Black People of the west. The Time is not in any special one favour. Time wait for no one and will passes you by.

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Haile Selassie I