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How are all nations included in 12 Tribes

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Messenger: kglass1 Sent: 3/25/2008 10:21:16 AM

Greetings. I was wondering how it goes that every nation is part of the Twelve Tribes of Israel. What I mean is every nation like for example, Irish, Dutch, German, or Spanish to name a few. I see alot of Dreads who is not African or from the Mid East who is Ras under the banner of not just Rasta, but as "children of Israel". I mean at the time Jah gave land for the different tribes, were'nt most of Europe pagen? Or is it more like an accepting and then being adopted into the family kind of thing?
Give Thanks.

Messenger: I becca Sent: 4/20/2008 2:26:02 PM

Greetings my Lord in the name of H.I.M.

Isaac is the father of Isreal,he had 12 sons. Needless to say he decsends from Abraham meanining he was black so were his two wives who bore him twelve sons. throughout the bible it states that those who did wrong in the eyes of the lord were scatterd to diffrent ereas and then became white due tu change in climate and otehr geographical factors. Adam and Eve were the first people on earth,trodding Ithiopia the garden of eden cradle of civilisation and they were black God and Godess. Out of the darkness cometh the light. Who do you think Jah would choose first between a white budhist and a chinese rasta. Jah will be the judge of spirits and no doubt we are the same people who were led out of the land of bondage but there has been degradation from black to other races due to slavery,intermarriages and multiracialism. So in order for Jah to -seal his people the Isrealites he must now include all nations after all,ALL souls come from JAh since Africa is the mother of all nations. The Ethiopians (isrealites) are those who recignise Rastafari as rhe true God. We are all grandchildren of Adam and Eve we were all black until the Gentiles (white people) decided to fight Isrealites. If we had all listened to father moses and preserved our culture instead of intertwining with banished pagan races there would not be so much confusion. Remember 1 minute for us could be 1000 years for Jah and a million years for hin could be but a breath for us so its useless contemplating how this splitting up happened and how so many diiffrent races came to be from the time of Genesis until now. Fire burn Charles Darwin and his theory -of evolution. When we ethiopians were living in castles of gold white men were still wondering how to light a fire in stonehenge. If neanderthal man existed he must be the white mens decsendant!

Blessed love IandI daughter of the Alpha and the Omega beginning without end. Haile I the Most high Selassie I Black God in flesh.(empress menen is very fair skinned)

Messenger: ciriefader Sent: 4/20/2008 3:09:17 PM

I becca
thanks for the info about ethiopians working in gold/silver etc

I have discovered JAH's golden brick making machine
here at the bottom of the page(rainbow)

it 'might' not be a real one but i think ini should rejoyce anyway

i give praise to Jah for his art that come through i

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Haile Selassie I