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Recent picture of HIM as a batawi monk? (Haile Selassie is still alive video)

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Messenger: Yaa Asantewa Sent: 4/1/2008 3:33:26 PM

It is a very good reasoning. Give thanks Ark-I. Given the very nature of InI trod, it is important to hold a (kind of) defensive cynicsm. I know I do in a general sense... but it is for real that deceivers and back biters will come with manipulative information, as they have been doing. It is important to remain vigilant in the most SENSE-itive way.

But... erm... I'm really down (actually UP) for what my Lord, Hon.Ras KebreAb was chatting about let's go to Ithiopia! Who needs an excuse..? Not me.

On the real though, how much of a feasible idea is it to forward to Ethiopia? I'm not interested in Shashamane, sorry... not for now. But, Addis on the other hand looks like my kinda place, NO DOUBT. But work-wise, infrastructure-wise, accomodation-wise... what is it really saying for those of us who are yet to know our family there? Are there genuine repatriation schemes, initiatives or incentives? Anyone know, let I know.

Honour & honour!

Messenger: Ark I Sent: 4/3/2008 11:46:38 PM

Here is another reasoning about the video Behold!

Shortly after I wrote the previous reasoning, something came to I mind. With the computer video editing technology of today, people could, if they had enough money, make a video that looks like Selassie I is in a room with them and even talking to them.

They would just need to find some old video of Selassie I and pay somebody to use the computer to put Selassie I in a different scene with different people. Or if they had more money they could pay people to make a video of a person of the same size and proportions of Selassie I, that is in a room with them and goes through the movements they want him to do, and then the video editors could use the computer to make it look like the person is Selassie I. All they would need is to use pictures or videos of Selassie I and get as many viewing angles as they can to build the computer model to show Selassie I at all different angles and even different facial expressions to simulate talking.

All it takes to make a video like that look real, is enough time for the video editors to make it look real.

When I sight Selassie I in person, I will know it is HIM.

Ark I
Haile Selassie I

Messenger: Ras KebreAB Sent: 4/5/2008 2:13:59 PM

Yes Iyah

The i speak reality, kinda remind i of that movie,Forrest Gump, remember they had him meeting with presidents and such who were long dead at the time the movie was made, these days i sometimes even see tv commercials starring people who gone already, so yes, there is not much that they cant do with technology today

Still, ini have to get to the bottom of this thing,like i said before, it doesnt matter what you or i believe about this, the point is ini cant let someone,Ras or no Ras,just spread such rumours without facing the consequences,or else ini wont have done what ini supposed to do


Messenger: Elohim ras Sent: 2/7/2012 2:47:11 AM


Messenger: jah_cedes Sent: 2/7/2012 3:37:59 AM

Haile selassie I Ras Tafari and the Elect of God is Still alive! I thought He was Ras Tafari Mekonnen Rastafarian and Jah Ras Tafari! is that the whole reason of being Son of Ras to Keep H.I.M. Alive or in life?!? but that image! I personally think if His Imperial Majesty's Hair Grew into locks and very long wouldn't his Beard and Mustache also Be Long too? or do Monks Shave their faces? so God is turning 120 this year and is going to be Abba qiddus but Its I-n-I who is Going to be Working! for I-n-I have the knowledge Of the I and is knowing of the I! One Love

Messenger: Elohimras Sent: 2/7/2012 4:08:01 PM

I seen the picture
The nose is not the same

Messenger: Har-Tema Sent: 5/18/2016 6:30:40 PM

They can be some truth to this....

It was said the only person who was permitted by the Derg to be with the King in his so-called last days was a Hermit. He said Selassie wanted to end his life as a Monk. Then their is the story of another Monk named Abba Dufar, who was inspired by his dreams and visions to hue multiple rock churches out of the Mountains. He also said within one of his vision that a Bahitawi (Dreadlocks Hermit) carrying a long pointed cross told him to tell the people to "celebrate the coming of the Chosen one." The word Heruy (Herui) means 'Chosen one' in Ethiopic and is equivalent to Heru, the Kemitic god.

Also the culture of Ethiopia is very rich in the ascetic monastery life style as king lalibela was said to be a hermit before he became King.

They are also the Talmud tales (Apocrypha texts/Islamic scriptures) of a demon who ruled in Solomon's place for 40 days while King Solomon wandered the land as a Beggar.

The 40 days Solomon wandered as a Beggar (Monk/Sadhu/Rasta) can symbolize the 40 years absent (disappearance) of HIM (1975-2015), so will 2016 mark his return? Hmm.....

The word Beggar does not mean a homeless person, but a Hermit (Monk) in eastern religions. In Buddhism the word for monk is Bhikkhu literally means "beggar" or "one who lives by alms". Even the Sadhus of India/Nepal are seen as "Beggars".

The Book of Sirach also called Ecclesiasticus has one passage when read in Amaharic says (Sirach 11:5) "Bemeder(On earth) yi wedequ (fallen into tribulation) mekwanent(nobility) bizu nachew (they are many), Zewd (the crown) yeteqidaje (the one who's victorious at the end) Bahitawim ale (is a Bahitawi (monk/hermit).

The very first dream I had of HIM was many years ago. In this dream I saw people protesting about something on the streets. Now while walking on the sidewalk I saw an old homeless man dress in a purple shirt coming towards me. As we passed each other I realized he looked similar to the King, so I said, "I know who you are, you're Selassie" and he stop for a minute with his head down and continued walking. However, being persistent as I am I said to him again but this time saying his full name, "I know who you are, you're Qedamawi Haile Selassie!". This time he responded, not by words but in the military posture "at attention". He then took an empty brown paper bag he was holding and made it Levitate between his two hands. Strangely, when he began inhaling deeply (pranayama?) his hands also started to retract from one another, while his stomach expanded simultaneously with the hovering paper bag until it suddenly burst (Popped!) and he quickly went back as he were, walking the streets as a beggar.

Now after having this weird dream I saw this Abba Qidus story on Youtube couple months after the dream. I was like hmmmmm...... This happen 8-9 years ago

Messenger: Ark I Sent: 5/19/2016 4:52:27 PM

Whether or not Selassie became a monk, that picture was not of HIM, but was an intentional deception.

There is no truth in what is claimed about the picture or his claimed meeting with Haile Selassie I.

Messenger: Har-Tema Sent: 5/19/2016 4:55:21 PM

You're right indeed for I've seen couple bahitawi monks bearing similar likeness to the king as well, and by the time that picture was taken HIM hair would have been All White or All Grey... Unless like the movie "benjamin button" he began to age backwards..


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