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Recent picture of HIM as a batawi monk? (Haile Selassie is still alive video)

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Messenger: Yaa Asantewa Sent: 3/28/2008 2:34:23 PM

Give thanks young Kings... yes I... we're on the same lines, so let's reason.

It's even more specific. It's like... argh, this computer screen always gets in the way...

Let's say on Monday I ask someone about Haile Selassie. Randomly. Let's say this candidate does not even know what my knowledge of Selassie I is...

Me: Hi. What do you think about Haile Selassie I?
Candidate: Who? That tyrant?! That despot?! Wasn't he holding banquets and feeding his dogs on the public purse?!

According to my hypotheses, on another random day...

Me: Hi. What do you think about God?
Candidate: God? What kind of God would let children in Africa die of Aids? What kind of God would see all this war and famine and not intervene.

Or in the case of the sistrin... on Selassie I...

'I think Selassie I is a great symbol for the future of Modern sovereign Africa. He is not omnipotent or divine. He is just a man, though a great ruler and a Black King'.

... on God...

'God is goodness. God is everywhere and is creation, but does not micromanage human life. We have free choice and God is a good reason to choose good'.

So, say for example in Prince Hotep's case where many of those around him don't know Selassie I... I bet their relationship with "God" is just as removed and impersonal... probably via a pastor and we know what that means.

okay... another elaboration... this is a good one...

I know Ras KebreAb on this forum. Let's say he was also my next door neighbour, but I didn't know that the two personas were actually the same person. Asked about Ras K, I would say he's cool, thoughtful, wiseminded... etc. Then asked about the neighbour I would say pretty much similar things, added to or taken away from by our neighbourly relationship. All of my opinions are still somewhat a reflection of myself, as with all opinions... but the main point is that objectively I get similar impressions from the two personas (it is only obvious to those that are in the "know" that it is the same person).

My hypothesis is that people have the same relationship with Selassie I as they do with their "god" image. We know thats because it's the same person.

Messenger: SunofMan Sent: 3/28/2008 4:11:52 PM

Here is another reasoning about the video Behold!


"My hypothesis is that people have the same relationship with Selassie I as they do with their "god" image. We know thats because it's the same person."

Why would it then be wrong to say His Majesty lives in the hearts of all flesh when that may genuinely be the same person's stance on their said view of God?


Messenger: Prince Hotep Sent: 3/29/2008 2:32:27 AM

Blessed love
Yes I give thanks Yaa,
and Sunof Man
The I should have just read the reasoning it is an answer to the I question, there can't be any view of GOD, because GOD is ONE, meaning that I can only be one I, and the I view pon a person does not change who that person is, well at least not GOD, he is still the same, the I is Right in some sense because we all still have our own reflection of Selassie I JAH Ras Tafar I because InI should not judge the ways of GOD. BUT.

Here is what I can see similar in physics, when light is reflecting pon glass, it may reflect in any angle also it may go through the glass if the glass is clear, but unless the glass is not smooth the reflection is distorted it doesn't reflect the light any more it relflects only the images of light. So it is with people, a person should be Righteous as Christ to reflect the Right image of HIM, like HIM son does.

and yes Yaa
I see what the I means, I guess the I might be Right, I country is Roman Catholic 97% LOL
on some sense, but still it is half pagan half Vatican pagan, with all kind of non Byblical traditions, not to forget the good ol'Roman Catholic Chruch with it's hypocrite Babylon teachings.
So yes, the people that know who Selassie I is(the ones I encountered) have the same image of HIM from HIM as the image of God, because it's still the same ONE.
So this brings InI back to SunofMan, that unless the I knows the inner God who dwells in the I heart while doing this the I starts to know I self more.
So how I see things, that unless a person I encounter doesn't know himself that person happens to not know God too.

So I and I can make a conclusion, that unless one knows about ONE and ONEself or unless one is not ONE with who Ras Tafar I is, he is not ONE with the ONE.

Blessed Sabbath loved ONE's
King Emmanuel I Selassie I JAH Ras Tafar I

Messenger: Yaa Asantewa Sent: 3/29/2008 4:47:18 PM

It is a fact that His Majesty reigns in the heart of all flesh. I never said it is the statement that is wrong... I'm saying it is cliche to many who use it.

Love what the Iemple said, essentially if one does not know Self they do not know God. If they do not know God (His Majesty) they cannot know Self. Knowing who is His Majesty and accepting HIM in his factuality, allows a person to start to comprehend who it really is InI are... Overstanding the magnitude of HIM allows one to look at that 13% thing and real-eyes what on EARTH really has been gwarning. This IS-REAL.

Messenger: Prince Hotep Sent: 3/31/2008 2:09:44 PM

blessed love
give thanks for the reasoning Yaa,
the I is shining the light that the I got on the I trod,
that I and I all can see.
give thanks to
Emmanuel I Selassie I
JAH Ras Tafar I

Messenger: Ras KebreAB Sent: 3/31/2008 5:38:21 PM

Ises i

Alright, going back on this subject, ini already know that the Word done warn that many will come who say God is here, God is there, so
what is to be said about this thing here,or more importantly what is to be done
i dont know how the i dem sight it, but this is either truth or its blasphemy against the Most High,no other way i can see it, no mind how you define blasphemy,but if one claims to come in the Most High Name and bring falsehood with it,it is blasphemy as far as im concerned, whether by accident or design is another matter.

So, i humbly ask all i idren here, do your best to find out more about this,
i have already started checking things from my side,already talked to a couple of people in Addis,but nothing to report yet.
DO NOT TAKE THIS LIGHTLY, this is not something that can swept under the carpet just so
Here we have a man claiming he met HIS MAJESTY HIMSELF,people, the King of all Kings, that cannot go in one ear and out the other.

Its no pointt in talking in what you believe or dont believe, either you know or you dont, but there are several things that make it hard to believe,
such as the fact that this photo is being used by the Ethiopian tourist board, the man claimed that the Govt.must know something we dont since they used the photo,
that is very hard for i to believe, i know the govt well.
The govt that i know would have destroyed all traces of the photo if they had realised that it showed the presence of the MAN who they "buried" a few times.
Then there is the problem of resemblance

Then there is the curious action of a man who says HE met the Everliving Father in 97,isnt it, and it took him what?? about ten years to let people know about this?
So for those reasons i mind leans towards not believing, but again my beliefs do not matter, ini have to KNOW about this here

The question is,beloved,
if ini KNOW ,exactly where ini Father is at this time then,what are you,what am i, what are any of us doing here.
I dont know about the i them but i man ready fe dash this world away, ready to trod it barefoot,to sit at i Fathers feet,tomorrow i would sell everything i own and be gone

But still the question remains,is this thing true

Mek it come into the light, and if the man a tell the truth, than i will thank him, if him a decieve,,,, well, JAH shall deal with that

Be diligent
Heart of Love

Messenger: SunofMan Sent: 3/31/2008 9:40:53 PM

Give Thanks Ras Kebre AB, the I articulated exactly what I had been feeling. There has been no conspiracy to keep this photo a secret, being hidden from only Rastafari People, for I it just seems silly to say that, especially in light of the fact that the picture was promoted by the Ethiopian Tourism Commission. And why did it take the Ras 10 years to tell I and I?? and why on Earth would His Majesty take a new baptismal name, that simply is not true, it would never happen, yet the Ras clearly states that he knew the Ba'atawi by a different EO baptismal name. and then there is the question of resemblance...

Yaa, Give Thanks, I see the I's point, it is cliche to many who use it, however, many said same such things at a time when there was no doubt about whether or not His Majesty walked the Earth in His Individual flesh. But I can see how the I takes it serious, as I would hope everyone does, and not leave room for obscurity.

Prince Hotep, Give Thanks, I do see the reality of One in everything, I feel that I always have. My last post was just to have Yaa elaborate on what she was saying...I do appreciate the I's words.


Messenger: Ras KebreAB Sent: 3/31/2008 10:05:46 PM

Blessed I

One more thing (i admit i could be wrong,so dont hold i to these words)

but if the i them have seen all the videos on this thing,
is it just i or is the man holding up the same photo in both videos,,
and when i say same photo,i mean the same piece of paper and everything?

If it is,and i think it is, isnt it curious that the man chose to neatly fold the paper so none of the english and amharic writings could be seen on the first video?

its almost as if, after putting out the first video,he found out that many more people know of this photo, and so quickly decided to show everything there is on the paper and say that it is a tourism photo.

ay its strange, when your instincts tell you that you are right,and yet you still hope that you are wrong, isnt it

We shall see

Messenger: ellease1 Sent: 3/31/2008 10:16:49 PM


Yes mi bredrin, jus like the bredrin said in his video, "This is a tradition in Ethiopia, and is nothing new under the sun."

You can go right back to the ending of the 5th century with the arrival of the nine saints (listed below) from syria, egypt and the Greco-roman territory. The rightous emporers, of there timeline followed the tradition of these saint. Once they could see the direction of their kingdom, they retreat into the monasterial world and live a life of ascetism in their palaces during their reign or on monastatic ground after their reign as emporer.

Abba Alef
Abba Aregawi
Abba Likamos
Abba Aftsi
Abba Garima
Abba Gub
Abba Yimata
Abba Pantoliwos
Abba Tsehima

The name below are the saints who arrived before and after the nine

Abba Libanos
Abba Abune
Abba Gebre
Abba Menfes
Abba Kidus - Incidently the name (Abba Kidus) the longer version being: (Abba Kidus Imanuel tekle Amlak) is now believe to be the name of HIM.

Monarchs who were Ascetic in their home and palaces, attained sainthood and had churches constructed in their names

Saint Abraha 4 th century A.D
Saint Atsbaha 4 th century
Saint Lalibela
Saint Yimharane Kristos 12 th century
Saint Gebre Mariam 12 th century
Saint Neakuto Leab 12 th century
Saint Tsadiku Yohannes etc. 17 th century

Extremes of austerity
The bahatawi's are an indepent class of hermits who represent the anchoritic tradition some of the monks live completely isolated from society living in holes or trees, eating very little and reducing sleep to a minimum.
The Daga monastery of st.Stephen, which sits on top of a 300 foot volcanic cone and is said to be most sacred and the monk that inhabit it are the most recluse.
Within this monastery there are several lists of Kings. You can even find mortal remains of the KIngs listed below.

Yekuno Amlak (A.D. 1268 - 1283)
Davd I (1382 - 1411)
Zara Yacob (1434 - 1468)
Za Dengel (1603 - 1604)
Fasiladas (1632 - 1665)
Fasiladas' little son Izur who reigned only six hours.
Bakaffa (1721 - 1730)

The information is out there bredrin, seek and ye shall find

ONe luv.

Messenger: Ark I Sent: 4/1/2008 1:28:57 AM

Here are the links to each of the videos so people can see all of them.

First Video
Second Video
Third Video

Matthew 24
[23] Then if any man shall say unto you, Lo, here is Christ, or there; believe it not.
[24] For there shall arise false Christs, and false prophets, and shall shew great signs and wonders; insomuch that, if it were possible, they shall deceive the very elect.
[25] Behold, I have told you before.
[26] Wherefore if they shall say unto you, Behold, he is in the desert; go not forth: behold, he is in the secret chambers; believe it not.

KebreAB, I think there is a good chance that he is using that exact same copy in both videos, but he said that what he had was a black and white copy of the original colour poster. So he could have more than one copy. If you look at the close up of one of the shots below from the first video. You can see the white part at the bottom of the picture that looks like the back of the sheet that was folded behind, and you can also see part of the E and T in Ethiopia. If this person was being honest, he would have shown it was a Ethiopian tourism poster from the first video, instead of trying to make it look like some photograph he or somebody he knows took.

Here is the full Ethiopian tourism poster:

Some day in the future, A group of people might come and say they are in consultations with Haile Selassie I and only they are allowed to see him in his secret place, and then they will come and tell RasTafarI people new things and they will claim Selassie I tell them to tell I and I. I am not speaking about the bredren in the video because he hasn't done such a thing. It is just the fact that many people, not just on this forum but all over, seemed to believe that the picture was Haile Selassie I just based on a picture that is too dark to be able to see the details of the face. So how much more effort would it take to convince people of much more serious things.

So many people never wanted to heed the words of Selassie I from since the beginning. Even the first Man and Woman didn't want to heed. When Selassie I came in old times, He taught people so much greatness and how to Live in the example and direction of the Most High Jah RasTafarI. But soon after Christ was crucified, they disregarded His teachings and come and convince people that they are saved from their sin because Christ was crucified. Even though Selassie I already told I and I how to be saved from sin as it is recorded in Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. And what Selassie I taught I and I was not what they claimed, He showed I and I that we are saved from sin by becoming One with the Most High Living Perfect as I and I Father is Perfect.

They just tried to find any excuse to not Live the way of Christ, either because of his resurrection, or the claimed mistranslations of parts they didn't want to accept. And the excuses got worse and worse over the centuries.

Then Selassie I came again in these times. And taught I and I that the way that he told us before is still the way today. And also taught I and I other things that we forgot, that would guide us in these times. And now some people try many ways to make excuses to not Live the way of Selassie I.

I have heard some try to say that his words were mistranslated, so that they could ignore some things that Selassie I say. Others say that since he said this or that to a certain group of people, then we don't have to live by it because it wasn't addressed for us. Or others come as say "where did Selassie I ever say that he is a teacher", they try to imply that Selassie I is not a teacher and the things Selassie I said were not teachings for I and I. And every time that people come and say these things, they want to replace the teachings of Selassie I with their own philosophy. They will pick this a that thing that Selassie I say to join with their philosophy, but disregard any thing that Selassie I say that goes against their philosophy.

So how long until they claim that Selassie I is giving them new teachings and orders and only they are allowed to be in His presence. How long until they try and claim that their own philosophy is what Selassie I is telling us to do.

Ark I
Haile Selassie I

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