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Messenger: the rock Sent: 3/27/2004 9:28:39 AM

A fore told prophecy white washed policies, back to slavery same thing they do ina jamica, same thing them will do to you. so sad the that the time really do have to be played through, so sad that ini i die for $30 a mounth, world global sin nations got the wold drive in places were this next time the slave wont just be black faces, this time my words cant stop the tears ,but ini know this part only last so many years. This is true for any Getto, I go to Inglewood, Watts, South Central, they got the policies that will one day be instituded in Upland, Cucamonga, Temecula I guess its just the free zone that we want to exist. Is freedom,is this democracy, I can buy with out the mark of the beast right now this New World Order system is instituted the Roman Catholic Church did kill Christ the Hebrews did sit back and watch, the Jews did invent the Nuclear and Atomic bombs. InI's Free Zone is in Halie Selassie I creator shall be feared. Just had to get that off my chest.

Messenger: Ras John Sent: 3/27/2004 12:50:22 PM

big up the I.... one love

Ras John

Messenger: Nefertiti Sent: 3/28/2004 4:21:53 PM

Blessed Love Jah Rasta Far I....

One, INI hail up the I-dren of teh Most high to leave this Babywrong world of MIND set in slavery.

Each Day "NEWS" mix up the LIES of nationalism to Downpress the feeble.

I have been speaking out about the wars going (against Terror, on drugs, of culture, poverty)...and it is all a bumba klatt of man's wickedness to dominate man.

I took part in a anti-war protest last year when BUSH came to the $hitty I dwell in. The police were all uptight like they were ready to mash down the ones with thier mace, billy clubs and guns....against ones with signs and songs. I have seen that this the end times. FEAR EVERY WHERE. Many so called "friends" empathize with the police.....who fear for thier life. How can the police fear for thier life, when they are the ones carrying guns against anyone who make a move ? Last year a police yelled at me becuz I straightened up a barrier that he did not close completely. HAHAH....Yelling he tried to provoke INI spirit and I sited compassion for that angry crazy cop becuz he had FEAR in his eyes,....fear of INI. It was a mystic thing to site INI power in that moment, knowing that INI could put the man down. IT be a joke to the I that he feared me, a female weighing 100 pounds carrying a sign of peace.

Today, over a year later it is come to reveal that the police are infiltrating the "anti-war" movement. They go undercover looking for what ??? Threats to the WAR continuity ? This HOMELAND security farce is that. It is making all those follow this-SLAVES to a police state, a mind set of victimization, of helplessness. THEY FEAR LOSING THEIER DOMINATION OVER THE IGNORANT.

KNOW History.......Revolutions are wrought by secret means through the militia or guerilla warfare....not through peace movements. The day that one(me, u he, she or they) is a spied upon by an organization(CIA, POLICE< GOCVT) that are spies themselves......well...who is the evil force here. DOING THIER WICKEDNESS IN THE DARK. Those abroad and at home site that there is no fredom that is given,,,it is only to be assumed by INI......FREEDOM is FREE because it is INI birth right.

FEAR NO MAN.....Site the almighty in all movements and nothing can destroy INI. INI don't need any laws for protection, no police for security and no man for LIVITY.

Let INI not be downpressed in spirit by the "loss" of civil rights and such. Notice the WARS that be marketed....Babylon don't claim an enemy...they are claiming wars on that everyone is a possible ENEMY......

This an exciting time,becuz these thigns must come to manifestation. I don't want to stop the time......INI march with confidence, with full knowledge and WISDOM......Radiate LOVE in INI LIVITY so that the ones may know that it is not the flesh that is life...but the spirit of JAH RASTA FAR I.....that lives and reign and rules and will establish INI iternally.

Speak truth.....Live Love.....Forward always.....don't look behind to fall in the polluted river of Babylon.


Messenger: Ark I Sent: 3/28/2004 8:21:32 PM


babylon likes to use any excuse to commit more wickedness and to gain more control over the people. They are always looking to find a way where they can gain more power, and convince the people to give up more freedom to them.

babylon will control more and more in the coming years, as they fulfill there wicked works. When the wicked spring as the grass, and when all the workers of iniquity do flourish; it is that they shall be destroyed for ever. So until the day that they are destroyed, I and I know that they will become more wicked.

I and I will Itinue I and I part to fight against the wicked. I and I ways and fruits will spread to all Jah chosen Ones. And the wicked time soon done.

Ark I
Haile Selassie I

Messenger: Benjahmin Sent: 3/29/2004 5:28:34 AM

Yes Idren,
I`ve seen the same going on here in Germoney as demonstrations for peace and against the war of Mr.Wickedman Bush did occur.
One Demonstration consisted of schoolchildren...taking a day off school and demonstrating peacefully. They were kettled and trapped , beaten and clubbed, blasted down by water-cannons and many many were arrested , held captive for even days , stripped naked ( especially young females of course)...searched for weapons and so on.
I am talking about children here...seen ?...13, 14 , 15 years of age....what a horror it must have been to them to demonstrate for peace and suddenly find themselves in a state of war with a couple of hundred policemen...armed to the teeth.
It is disgusting to see things like this. But that`s the way they go....
Ease down Idren...JAH go burn that down to the very last bit !!

Messenger: peter mloyi Sent: 3/31/2004 1:45:37 AM

Everywhere is the same.
Babylon him try his best to corrupt our minds to think what him want us to do.
Babylon come in different forms some of them are stronger than others they do fight among themselves as they do against us! Most of us are caught in between that fight and or get involved without our knowledge or wishes to end up as poor victims.
I man in Afrika experiences this, Neighbours are not in good terms or mistrusting each other for the sake of belonging to the babylonian religions a most ridiculous thing to think of african neighbours to quarell for alqeida thing and to cooperate for afrikan development.
What is a solution for this bullshit system! i know we haffi get aside and depend on ourselves for what we like it to be.Now where is that aside? if not reclaiming our continent and civillization in afrika.

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Haile Selassie I