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Is there an English translation of the Ethiopian Bible?

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Messenger: Eleazar1234 Sent: 1/19/2008 2:33:22 PM

Can anyone please tell I if there is an English translation of the Ethiopian Bible? I and I currently read the KJV, because it is the best I can find. I and I would like to read the Ethiopian Version and see if there are differences, which there probably are. The reason why I read the KJV 1611 is because it is preferable to the Catholic Bibles. I and I would also like to get the apocrypha, I and I have not read those books.
# 2 Esdras
# Tobit
# Judith
# Additions to the Book of Esther
# Wisdom of Solomon
# Prologue to Wisdom of Jesus Son of Sirach
# Wisdom of Jesus Son of Sirach
# Baruch
# Letter of Jeremiah
# Prayer of Azariah
# Susanna
# Bel and the Dragon
# Prayer of Manasseh
# 1 Maccabees
# 2 Maccabees
The Book of Enoch is also one I and I need to read, as well as the Kebra Negast. I and I would print out the Kebra Negast but I and I don't have that much computer paper. I and I have printed out all of RasTafari's speeches and the autobiography of RasTafari. I and I give thanks for those invaluable resources to Ark I. I and I have a question though, isn't there a volume 2 to the autobiography? I and I would like to purchase that.

RasTafari is


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