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book of revelations

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Messenger: MICHAEL Sent: 3/6/2004 1:31:09 PM

greetings bredren an sistaws......give praise to H.I.M SELASSIE everliving....JAH....

Idren feels the book of revelations was written by John the Elder

but Idren say he took the idea from the book of Daniel

who in return took the story from the king of Persia

so whos right or who is wrong or who is plagerising ?

gets a bit confusing for this Idren

the I am 42 years elder an still learning an researching everyday

Idren knows that it will take more than one lifetime to learn all the truth........

peace to you all brother an sistaws of ZION.........

Messenger: Ark I Sent: 3/6/2004 3:07:20 PM


The stories are passed through the generations to show I and I what is, what was, and what will be. And they are there to teach I and I the ways to live and also show the things that we are supposed to stay away from.

The people that made these teachings made them to be flowing, to spread through the world so all could learn. Jah made these teachings to be so.

So I and I should just learn what I and I can learn, and filter the things that are not acceptable to I and I.

Ark I
Haile Selassie I

Messenger: Bro Jahphet Anbesa I Sent: 3/7/2004 9:00:07 AM

Greetings I

But Revelation say, that Isus HIMself revealed that to John.
But to me it sounds clear why people think John just re-wrote earlier revealtions... because Jah Words remain the same!
He do not change his plans... so one revelations is maybe a bit more detailed or different interpreted... so they seem to be similar.
By the way... even the revelation of Isus himself in the gospels say the same like John.... not in detail, but in the message....

Bro Gad I

Messenger: Nefertiti Sent: 3/7/2004 9:52:28 AM


KNOW that the Bible that ones have now are translations not from original scriptures but that have been hand written translated fron one language to the next with each scribe interpretting accordingly to that time. Site the KJV is that...THE KING JAMES VERSION........THe King Of England....The grrek texts b4 that were written by Jewish scribes working under Roman rule.

KNOW too that church leaders who put together the BIBLE pickd and chose which ancient scrips that they found would fit the precept sof the church. Before the book was published, only the priests had access to the scriptures (as so for today, many scripts are held by the church and scholrs that do not make these available to u or me)The Apocrapha was left out, so called "gnostic" texts, goespels of the desciples left out, Book of Enoch left out.

Hebrew is a symbolic language, each character having a mystical meaning, so interpreting it into greek and then into modern languages, well the flow of INTENTION keep getting diluted and polluted man's institutions.

Read with an OPEN HEART...Sharp mind with INI spirit...It is a mystical things....not magic, not "beyond our conprehension(as some churchical leaders would have u beLIEve)Paganism highly influenced the writing of the Bible as the church leaders lifted a lot of myths from older civilizations.

The truth will set u free....


Messenger: MICHAEL Sent: 3/7/2004 1:48:17 PM

seeeeeeeeeeen ......JAH Blessed

Messenger: Bro Jahphet Anbesa I Sent: 3/8/2004 8:38:38 AM

Greetings I

Yes, but maybe the most important about this you forgot, Nefertiti. "No matter in what language... " ;)
You know... I used to think like this for a long time.
But then I started to think, what HIM told us all this... no interpretation... just listen to the King when he say "no matter in..." !
His Imperial Majesty HIMself ordered the EOC Version to be printed! He HIMself knew each word of it!
Yes still this version is a bit different from mine.... but this blaze all my doubts in the bible away!
We should start to OVERSTAND the parts we can not easily understand, instead of IGNORE and REJECT them!
That is what His Majesty teaches I!

Read it with overstanding! Read it with historic background... and try in all your efforts to realy OVERSTAND it!
Many Iditations on each word are needed... but never reject it!

Bro Gad I

Messenger: mdjonas Sent: 3/8/2004 5:28:09 PM

42 years, solar revolutions, since the I earth day. Old means age, which is a death reasoning. Time to come out from the wilderness. Know that life is forever. Age of flesh is not reality. Babylon try to convince INI that death is coming when time passes. INI know death is the wages of sin.
All around INI is revelation. Revelation mean seeing something that was hidden before. If a book talk about some things that would be revealed, what that have to do with INI? Nothing. Live in reality and do not seek in books when creation is real all around - revelation. Seek knowledge and truth. Africa, culture, love, peace, one. Revelation.

Messenger: Bro Jahphet Anbesa I Sent: 3/9/2004 8:10:19 AM

Greetings I

Seek truth in the words of the Most High!

Bro Gad I

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Haile Selassie I