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Sarcophagus of His and Her Majesty

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Messenger: SunofMan Sent: 12/20/2007 6:12:38 PM

Give Thanks...

Ras KebreAB, I think the I has the word Howelt, as the same as I was trying to say, monument sounds like what I friend and I were getting at. I'm curious as to what the I sees as the differences of Ethiopia and Kemet, as I for One see overwhelming similarities. I will however go as far as to say that pre Judeo-Christian History in Ethiopia is less available. Also, Kemet saw a greater deal of foreign invasion and influence than Ethiopia, so Kemet was subject to a larger cross cultural dilution of their original culture. But this is the nature of things to be in constant growth and motion, although not all things expand at the same rates. Again, I do see massive similarities, and less differences, and would be very interested in the I's own views on the differences should the I choose to elaborate...

and as the I pointed out, and it was my impression that the questions were rhetorical, that most civilizations were influenced greatly by their elder neighbors.

Ark I, I was glad to see the I back in the reasoning, and since it sparked the I's interests I hope to reason more. Please elaborate on "additional findings". I didn't really mean to imply that Ge'ez was an off-shoot of Saebean languages, but I own research has led me to believe that they shared a similar source, although I am aware that there is disagreement between many authorities on the Ge'ez origins. If the I knows of any information regarding the origins of Ge'ez, please share.

The Ethiopian Orthodox Church maintains that Ge'ez was first divinely revealed to Henos (Enos, Enosh) the grandson of Adamu (Adam).

"To Seth also a son was born, and he named him Enosh. At that time people began to invoke the name of the Lord." Gen 4:26


Messenger: Ras KebreAB Sent: 12/20/2007 7:06:52 PM

The obvious differences ? Giza. Luxor, AbuSimbel, Saqqara,Karnak,Heliopolis
Where are they in Ethiopia
Axum ?
Lalibela ? Lalibela is new Jerusalem
Where are the pyramids? where are the sphinxes?

Ethiopia taught the whole world of the concept of One God. So the people who travelled up to KMt must have been of the same faith.
You can tell i that KMT had the same faith in its beginning, but you cant tell i that that is how we know it in this time
At a certain point in time, something changed
You have to sight that.
And i will never accept that KMT changed because of cultural influences. What ever changed in KMT changed from within Africa
It is that change that afterwards brought all the other cultures running to her while Ithiopia,the mountain of JAH remained hidden in the mist from the prying eyes of the world , sorry european grave robbers , no tombs for you to come and dig up and "investigate". I will go so far as to say it is my opinion that KMT is the beginning of the downfall of Africa, for it is the beacon that enchanted all the world to come seek her out, and what was taught to them they went and applied in Babylon, Persia,Greece and Rome
So you see, when they put the pyramid on their dollar sign it is no idle thing, just i dont wear I Ites green and gold for no idle purpose
Trying to achieve immortality through your own hands, JAH will prove to you just how mortal you are
Rose to such heights only to fall into dust
Mountains of Ithiopia stand firm and shall not be moved
JAH hid and protected his Holy Place until HIM time came

I am sure you know as well as i do that half the things you are talking about are assumptions and guess work, whether on your part or on the part of all the Egyptologists and researchers
you know as well as i do how much the theories of Egypt have changed since the beginning of the study of Egypt and how much will change tomorrow....not to mention half the researchers right now dont agree on half the things they talk about, they cant even agree on dates and you put so much faith in their theories
This is by no means to discourage you from your study
As long as your faith in Emperor Selassie I is firm and unwavering, i say by all means investigate, for that is the only thing that will keep you on the straight path
but if you are looking to KMT to somehow justify your faith, then i say you would be on a very slippery slope....and we have seen many fall of that cliff

Idren, i for one am tired of seeing these same pictures again and again which dont prove anything one way or the other, except perhaps to demonstrate that the christ concept has always been here, just like the flood myths of cultures all over the world dont prove anything except that people all over the world have a recollection of something devestating happening on the earth

I would suggest to you to read this book, it will explain to you more of how i feel about what happened in KMT

Messenger: SunofMan Sent: 12/21/2007 9:07:47 PM

Well, Differences do exist, I am not trying to deny that, and as Kemet and Ethiopia are there own entities they of course changed and grew individually, yet they are of One source.

The One source has inspired, directly, some major similarities. From Ethiopia to Kemet and back to Ethiopia we are able to witness some major flow of tradition and culture.

Worship of the One begotten Sun of God is an Icept stranger to neither Ethiopia or Kemet, and both raise Phallus to the sky...

The Iception of masonic brilliance is obviously in the hands of those who started masonry whether it be Luxor or Lalibella, they both hold the roof over traditional stone work (with the support of columns, and the Greeks will tell you they started it, hmmm...?)

Now in the Sphinx we have One of the greatest affirmations of the knowledge that His Majesty was always here as the Lion inside of the Man, with the head of the King fused to the body of the Lion we can see the Moa Ambessa (Conquering Lion) has existed longer than some might like to think...

And the pyramids, they are shrines built in honor of the King, and built by the King, as tombs to hold sarcophagus. Now why did the Kemetians favor pyramids over cubes, I can't say directly, however the triangle and the square are not strangers either.

Of course Christ/KRST consciousness has always existed in a land where moral precepts were truly born within some. It would seem that now a days many are being taught that it doesn't exist as an inborn function but rather something we have to become rather then something to cultivate from within. And some still think that heathenism is fine so long as we say our prayers, say we have faith, and ask for forgiveness.

Yes, Ras KebreAB(and anyone else), most of what I'm writing is my own theory or theories based on those of others. But, I must say that the evidence herein is very compelling and I for One think that to ignore such things is unimaginable to I. I would also need to say that my devotion to His Majesty is based not on faith, but on knowledge and direct experience. I need not to hear a story of H.I.M., I can read His own words, I can see Him speak, I and I have all witnessed His actions and there is in I own heart no space left for faith, for I am utterly convinced as I stand face to face with fact. My original intention for this reasoning is to point out that His Majesty's view of the life after life on Earth is One view that has existed since the beginning of humanity, and that it is possible to see His Majesty as One who existed in human consciousness before the Judeo-Christian lineage, and there is evidence left by His Majesty to prove this. Study of Kemet and her relation to RasTafari is not a path of faith justification, but rather way of seeing the spectrum in brighter colors. I do feel that Ones do not need Kemet to create a foundation, for His Majesty came in the flesh in a time long after Kemetian heights, and His purpose is to teach the minds of humanity how to properly cultivate Christ consciousness from within...Give Thankhs and praise unto H.I.M. Girmawi Qedemawi Haile Selassie I, God in flesh.

As I said before, study of Kemet and her relation to RasTafari is merely to illuminate the spectrum of colors in which we see H.I.M. and Iration.


Messenger: Ras KebreAB Sent: 12/22/2007 2:34:25 AM

Just as the I admits that there are differences, ofcourse i admit that there are similarities, how could there not be when they are the same people from the same areas.
I think the difference in your thinking and mine, is that you seem to think that Ithiopia and KMT are the same with some differences
while i think that they are different from eachother with some similarities
the i see it?
I am not going to compare Axum and Lalibela which were built at a much later date to what is in KMT, and besides, i thought that when i mentioned that Lalibela is new Jerusalem you would keep in mind that it is a Judeo christian site, so to compare that to Luxor, even if
they have architectural similarities, is strange to i

And if we are to keep speaking of architectural similarities
I will go so far as to say, even after having the same basic people from the same geographical area, there is more similarities between KMT and South America, mexico and peru, than KMT and Ihiopia

Another surprising thing to i is, i didnt expect to hear a man who seems to study KMT so well would repeat what is in i opinion that old lie, that the pyramids are just tombs and shrines

Anyways, when i was speaking of the pyramid in the earlier post, i was speaking more of its symbology.
I mean who do you think taught the world how to rule people?
Who taught the world how the few could rule the many?
And that is the major thing that seperated KMT
INI Africans went from living as free men and women who travelled distances freely, teaching and spreading civilisation, and i mean civilization in its truest form, love and honour and respect for eachother, One God, to farm, how to live with one another in peace....but then in KMT, something happened, and civilisation began to mean something else, it became the buliding of great cities,monuments,Temples etc....and so began the down trodding of people...the few sitting on top while the many slave to earn a little.
That is why you see it on the dollar today.
That is the student giving honour to his master, the i see it

Still though, like i said before , keep studying, and feel free to share what you find
No one is asking you to ignore anything

i am glad for what the i write, specially on your last paragraph

The i say "I would also need to say that my devotion to His Majesty is based not on faith, but on knowledge and direct experience."
That is exactly what ini faith is built on, knowledge and experience.
lol but perhaps we are using different senses of the word faith

Still, i will admit that it makes i a little uncomfortable to read "it is possible to see His Majesty as One who existed in human consciousness before the Judeo-Christian lineage, and there is evidence left by His Majesty to prove this."

If you know HIM to be Almighy God in flesh, what is there to prove? That God was here in the beginning ?

Messenger: SunofMan Sent: 12/26/2007 6:30:45 PM

Yes I Ras Kebre AB...

There is nothing to prove when it comes to the force which gives life, for I simply Am the proof.

In comparing Lalibella to Luxor, it's not just a similarity of architectural styles, it's the continuation of the ancient culture and traditions. The same way Christianity is the continuation of Kemetic culture and traditions, is the same way Kemetic culture and traditions where a continuation of those pre existent in Ethiopia. I am asserting that Kemet is of Ethiopia not the other way around, for surely Ethiopia existed first, and His Majesty is of Ethiopia he is Qedemawi. As the first shall be the last, His Majesty was the first Earth King and He is the last.

I am curious as to what the lie is, regarding the tomb/shrine of the pyramids. My study has led me to see that Kemet was for the most part a holistic society based on the manifestation of righteousness in Self (otherwise known as Ma'at, later to be know as the Commandments). Kemet as a symbol of power over many held by the few, I feel is a demonization. We wouldn't say this about the Kingship of His Majesty, for if in correct practice we have witnessed the perfection of the Royal Monarchy. I will absolutely agree that the beauty of Kemetic civilization deteriorated and utterly fell apart, and the reasons why would better suit a different discussion, as the theories are many. The beauty that did exist does still in certain aspects of the Ethiopian Orthodox Church's livity or rather by the livity practiced amongst some great faithful.

And, since I mention faith, let me apologize if I turned the I's vision of faith into semantics, it was not my intention, and I see we are on the same page regarding the definition.


Messenger: Ras KebreAB Sent: 12/28/2007 12:41:56 AM

I did not mean to imply that you were lying idren, just saying that i consider the idea that the pyramids were built just for the purpose of burial to be pretty far fetched

Messenger: SunofMan Sent: 1/1/2008 2:19:14 AM

Brother, I saw no implication. And I will agree that the pyramids are not merely of burial significance, however, I also cannot agree that they are merely symbols of power of the few over the many. With the Astrological significance, the continuous reliefs of homage to God and life after life on earth, the geometrical significance, the masculine and feminine symbology, as well as the importance of burial to the Kemetians, we cannot conclude that the pyramids held any One meaning, for the mystery may never be made transparent. So of course I am reading meaning into them, and that meaning is real, but not the whole picture. I feel I and I can agree on this, and build on this.


Messenger: Ras KebreAB Sent: 1/1/2008 12:26:24 PM

Iyah, the i said

"And I will agree that the pyramids are not merely of burial significance, however, I also cannot agree that they are merely symbols of power of the few over the many."

You make two errors within this one sentence........perhaps not errors, but you misinterprete i words

one,i never said they are MERELY symbols of power

Two, i never questioned that they are NOT MERELY of burial significance, i am questioning whether they are of burial significance AT ALL.

Messenger: SunofMan Sent: 1/1/2008 7:04:05 PM

Aznallo...Didn't mean to imply that the I meant they were "merely" symbols of power of the few over the many.

The pyramids do contain burial chambers and we can therefore concur that they are most certainly of burial significance, amongst other significances. The pyramids also contain many written testaments to the life after life on earth, these are texts very important to the Kemetic Icept of burial and the transitions in life. How does the I see that they may not be of burial significance at all?


Messenger: SunofMan Sent: 1/19/2008 8:32:53 PM

Meroe Pyramids

These pyramids in northern Sudan were built from the 4th century BC to 3d century AD. They belong to Nubian kings.

The number of pyramids in ancient Nubia (aka Kush & today Sudan) were a total of 223, (Kerma, Napata, Nuri, Naga, and Meroe), double the pyramids of its neighbor Egypt. The underground graves of the Nubian pyramids were richly decorated. All pyramids were not monuments of kings is evinced by their great number. Other grandees of the empire, especially priests of high rank, or such as had obtained the sacerdotal dignity, might have found in them their final resting place. The well-known British writer Basil Davidson described Meroe as one of the largest archeological sites in the world.

History Note:

Around 1000 BC, following the collapse of the New Kingdom in Egypt, the Nubian kingdom of Kush re-emerged as a great power in the Middle Nile. Between 712-657 BC, Sudanese kings conquered and ruled Egypt, as the XXVth Dynasty. By about 300 BC the center of the kingdom had shifted south to the Meroe region in central Sudan, where the pyramids and tombs were built to house the bodies of their kings and queens.

All the tombs at Meroƫ have been plundered, most infamously by Italian explorer Giuseppe Ferlini (1800-1870) who smashed the tops off 40 pyramids in a quest for treasure in the 1820s. Ferlini found only one cache of gold. His finds were later sold, and remain at the museums in Munich and Berlin. His aim was not to study the pyramids

Kush and Meroe are names used to describe land once collectively known as Ethiopia, while we all know of Ethiopian borders that exist in the present, we also know that Ethiopian borders of ancient covered vast regions of, if not all of, Africa. For I, Kush and Meroe are synonymous with what is Ehtiopia, and I would encourage Ones to not limit Ethiopia to the borders her namesake has been limited to. Surely His Majesty knew well Her History and Inciency, and it is under His protection that Her name has remained the same even through the atrocities that She and the rest of Her body has endured.


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