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Israeli army bank robbers

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Messenger: Ark I Sent: 2/26/2004 5:06:07 PM


I just read in the newspaper today that Israel soldiers held up a Philistine bank and stole 9 million dollars from it. They said the the money is used to fund terrorism. That is a weak excuse for robbery.

A week ago I read something that I already knew about. They were talking about how the Israeli army goes to villages and kick Philistine families out of their house at gunpoint, men, women, children and all. They then change the locks, put an Israeli family into the home, and guard the home so that the Philistine people can't take it back. They do this until enough Philistine people are kicked out of the neighbourhood to make them a small minority. Then Israeli's go to the next neighbourhood and do the same thing.

The newspaper article said that this happens regularily, but is rarely reported in North American Newspapers.

And then the Israeli people cry innocent blood, when Philistine people kill the citizens that are taking over their country. How innocent are people that get their army to do their dirty work, to kill Philistine people and kick them out of their homes. Almost all Israeli citizens that live there are there because their army killed and pushed around the Philistine people to make room for them.

What is the difference between the ones doing the killing and the ones ordering the killing. I would think that the ones ordering the killing would be worse. The soldiers are just doing their job without question.

These things are pure wickedness, Jah will burn fire on the wicked for their actions.

It seems that I would be called anti-semetic for criticizing the wickedness that the Israeli is doing in these times. This is wickedness too, just because they are Israeli, doesn't give them the right to deal with wickedness and for others to keep quiet about it. I am anti-evil, so I speak against wickedness, no matter who performs it. I have nothing bad to say about Israelis that are not doing wickedness.

Ark I
Haile Selassie I

Messenger: Nefertiti Sent: 2/26/2004 7:59:19 PM


Ark I, thanks and Praises for the article. I meditation lately has been on overstanding the Anti-Semitism, Jews, Jewish RELIGION, Israelis, Israelites, and the Biblical "evolution" of Jah Creation from Creation to HEBREWS to JEWS and the "appearance" of Gentiles...

Three years ago I read the Bible I-storically, metophorically and spiritually I started to trace WORDS that (in Religion) are taken for granted in thier root and overstanding. (ie, Christ, Messiah)

Judaism, how does it relates to the Hebrews, is what i have been trying to realize full awareness of TODAY, PROPHECY and World leadership.

*Jews are a tribe, not a nation.
*Judism, is the RELIGION that JEWS adhere to.(like Christians to Christinaity, Muslims to Islam.)
*Isreal, is a Nation exclusively Jews.
*Jews are diaspored all over the world, but how/why ?
*Jew's are refered to often as a race, parallel to Africans, Arabs, Asians, Hispanics, and Caucasions. THEY ARE NOT A RACE

I realize I am digressing here. Violence is taking place in the Mid-East seems to always be biased against the Philistines and when one mentions this it is always taken as "anti-semitic". (at least in the USA) I site taking part in this continual conflict in the mid east is just hatred without rightouesness. NOW....I know that not "everyone" is taking part in this, even though information is always negative. Yet InI KNOW there be people who are not involved in this tiring murder. FOr what ????

I consider that the "pride"(and u all know how I feel about pride) of the USA/Western world is its Judeo-Christian b-LIE-fs. Some sort of political institution to promote WHITE MALE NATIONALISM. So that is how I overstand the pre-emptive actions that WHITE NATIONALISTS always take, as in this robbery.

The US sends more money to Isreal than to anyother foreign nation? WHY. Isreal is not a Third world nation. The US sends more money to Brazil thatn to the entire continent of Africa.

Again I say these "race" and "nationalism" are tools used to conquer and divide by promoting certain agendas. Is it the mere small numbers of "caucasions" and "jewish" that have brought forth a united front against everyone else ? Why are the Arabs so hateful of the Jews, or is it the ISreali's ? Is it racially or religiously or politically rooted ? (Not spiritual for ini)

I read Gold Meir's auto-biography last month and I t was very enlightening, the grass roots movement of building the Nation of Isreal, Repatriation. The power of the movement of its people from all over the globe called like salmon callled back to thier place of birth. Golda had a lot to say POSITIVE and admirabley, in regards to Haile Selassie I and the African Diaspora, but felt disappointed that HIM would not publically support(nor not) the Israeli state.

InI don't distinguish people on thier nationalistic or religious CHOICES. If they want to hail these up to I, I site that it is becuz they want to test my "perceptions" of such and such "LABEL" or they want me to treat them as such.

I site people as people. MAN made "nations" "races" religions" , "politics" and MAN choses to identify by these.

IN created ny the ONE Creator in the Creator Image.

This is along winded post, yes i, To end with I original thought is that in my studies of these things I site that the Bible is full of HOLES that could not answer the root of Judiasm.....Hebrew is the more contemporary form of Amharic (of Ethiopia). The complete "WHOLLY BIBLE" is in Ethiopia...why is it not available to be purchased in English anywhere?


Messenger: Ark I Sent: 2/27/2004 12:01:15 AM


The I is right, babylon has their agenda and they manipulate nations and people for their own purposes.

Babylon gets many benefits from these things. They encourage someone else to fight and kill to destroy a nation that will not trod with babylon, especially if that nation is strong or is getting strong. Babylon doesn't have to risk their soldiers or use their resources. They just invest in a war and get their money plus interest returned to them. Also, the nation they use to fight for them also gets weaker. More of their people die, more of their resources go into war, and they become in debt to Babylon for the weapons they provide.

Babylon is also able to spy on both nations, the one they destroy, and the one they use. They spy as outsiders against the enemy nation, but they spy as insiders against their "freinds".

Babylon is like a puppet master with control over so many nations. But they can never control Jah, and they can never control I and I. RasTafarI lives and reigns Iternally.

JAH RasTafarI

Ark I
Haile Selassie I

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Haile Selassie I