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Messenger: Bro Dominiq Yehyah Anbesa Sent: 9/28/2007 4:41:46 AM


Well, you say Ithiopians must stop to associate wickedness with Jamaica. Now my Brethren tell me WHY did they start to associate wickedness with Jamaica in the first place?
You think those Ithiopians around whole ithiopia (and especially in Shashe) all together just blindly pointed at the worldmap and said, let's find a (is)land which we will blame for all wickedness!?

No Iyah, they only know what Jamaicans have showed them. And there wasn't much good in that.
As I said, the Ithiopians rejection of everything Jamaican is just the reaction on WHAT RastafarI represented, and HOW Jamaicans have presented Jamaica.

Well people, before I was in ithiopia I didn't think about such direct and harsh words too. That is why I can't expect people who don't know it firsthand to understand how crazy it really is. Because after all a lot of propaganda throughout the whole (internet) rasta world tries to maintain the status quo.
It's not surprising that those who spoke up ALWAYS got a kick in Shashe and then again upon arriving in the west. Because like Nathaniel said, you are destroying a dream and most people just do not WANT to wake up.
Well now it seems I do not only come to shatter the Shashamane dream, but in the same time also the Jamaican dream, which got tide to each other anyway. And the people will crucify me for that.
Now I'm no longer sitting in Ithiopia, that is why I can say those things easily. But still there are people they will find you anywhere. There are people who spoke up and after they were chased out of Ithiopia they needed protection of their personal files so that no unauthorized person could find them (like former scientology members do).... and still their small minibus thousands of miles away from Ethiopia was blown up and nobody ever knew what, why, who.
Now you say WHAT are you crazy, are you watching too many hollywood movies?! I'm sorry to tell you that we are dealing with the most sophisticated devil in our own ranks. People will not stop from anything when you attempt to threaten their status quo.

But now let me still say something about Jamaica.
It is just natural that everybody will bring his own identity and culture which he got through his upbringing. In Ethiopia, and Ispecially in Shashe, there are ALL NATION people. Many people in the west don't even know that their are not only Jamaicans (and some americans). You have Swedish, germans, french, english, black, white Rasses from all around the world. And of course all bring their own culture, language, behaviour etc.
I do not speak against Jamaican Culture in general (although I think we must keep that clearly seperated from RASTAFARI). Jamaicans, like everyone, bring their own culture with them. But unfortunately they also brought the most negative things of mentality with them.... many, not all. And maybe it's really not about Jamaicans, and maybe the jamaicans are really just singled out because they were the first (although the real first in mass was the Centenary Committee from London), yeah maybe it's more about institutions than peoples and nationalities. I for myself found the most negativity in the TTI HQ, among EWF and so on. As I said I did not attend Binghi Service, because JAH did not call me for that, but I was at the grounds and can't remember anything to complain about. (although I saw the same things like Nathaniel, but he takes them more seriously) And most of them are Jamaican too. So it's not ALL Jamaicans. But THOSE Jamaican agreed with me that it's THE JAMAICANS who are the problem. Because everybody who is in ITHIOPIA and STILL considers himself JAMAICAN, english, german, american etc WILL BE a problem for His Majesty's community!
Can't go a Zion and wave jamaican flag! Can't go a Zion and think WE AND THM ("dutty, unhonest, cheap habesha").

And it's by far not me alone who is denouncing those things. That is why I posted Nathaniel's article. And as I said there is already another revealing article circulating in the Rastafari World which will cost much anger, hate and threats. But JAH Soldiers just can't shut up, and I love them for that.

Well again I say Ithiopia is Zion.
Why do I say so? It's because I learned that where our Lady Zion Arc of the Covenant, Word of JAH in Stone and Flesh, rests, there is Zion to be found. Nobody can do nothing about that.
How it is written so it shall be done.The Arc shall not remove from Ithiopia nomore, so Solomon prophesied and Revelation prooved it to be true.
Zion does not depend on the circumstances. Otherwise we would have to say Mussolni conquered over Zion and Mengistu and Meles Zenawi too. No way.
But I agree, that the shituation in Shashe does not represent Zion in anyway. But it SHOULD! Because it is we who OVER ALL must represent His Imperial Ijesty.
You say we must wait until His Majesty comes for he must build up Zion and his sons can't. I assume you speak about Zera Yakob, if so, I agree. Because those who want to push Zera Yakob to the forefront are the worst of all! But when I read it so that I n I are the sons of His Majesty, I must disagree my Lord. Because His Majesty said Africa-Ithiopia awaits its creators. And this is like he said ZION awaits its creators! And WE the sons and daughters of His Majesty are the long awaited creators! Ethiopia needs manpower, willpower, spiritpower, moneypower from her sons and daughters from the corners of this earth.

Of course, I am far away from saying Ithiopia is the ONLY place. BUT Ithiopia is definately the FINAL place. If you come with pure heart and clean hand and love for His Majesty, you will find heaven on earth.... and that's NO joke. These are things to be kept in heart and not told to others, as everybody must get his own revelation. But I tell you one thing, "Our King Liveth!" is not just a saying, it is a hard truth. The Mystics in Ithiopia go so deep, and can bring you the next moment revelations of which you didn't even dream of. And the mystics do not care for politricks, and they don't care for some fools down in Shashe, and they also ton't care about EOC politricks. You won't find the mystics in books or on the internet, and not even those who witnessed them can tell you fully about it. And now you think you know Ithiopia enuff to say it's not Zion? My friend I have been to places where Zion was more real and His Majesty more present than most could dream of. And still I know I am just a youthman with my head so fullpacked with travelling that I didn't even come to witness the real Heights of which I heard first hand stories which made my blood freeeeze. I was just witnessing the peak of the iceberg, and still I have seen enuff to tell you my friend, don't be too fast in judging what's Zion and what not.

Yene Amlak Yimmesgan!

Messenger: Yaa Asantewa Sent: 9/28/2007 4:44:07 AM

I think that Ark I's is a fair enough point here... and I think that's kinda the bottom line. We would be treading dodgy ground to take it upon ourselves to vilify the whole term 'Jamaica', for true. As Rook has been saying, many Ithiopians in Jamaica-Egypt, if not all apprecilove the climate, the environment and the their communities that embraced them through horrors of enslavement and exile... and added to that, InI know that the fruits of this revealed truth and light of His Majesty to InI in this iwah. So, yeah... I'm gonna back up a little... cos I get the thing about the slackness vibes in Shasha... but to just say 'jamaican' is pretty awful.

But the brother here is right... anyone who goes to Africa for repatriation and still considers themselves Jamaican, or English or American is definitely going to pose a problem for the aims of the repatriation. And it seems to me the TTI that went there in swarms went with nothing to build, nothing to contribute, nothing to develop. Africa really is a whole different ballgame. I never been East Africa, but I imagine that issues of organisation and facilities is similar to that of West Africa, where I have been. So, people do need to wake up, Jamaicans and all. I do agree with that.

It is important to listen to the Africans at home and learn from them what is necessary to know. I agree that many repatriates consider themselves somehow more elevated than the Africans they go to home to meet... and that is a f***ry for real.

But the levels of ignorance inside of Africa towards Idren exiled in the West is disgusting, equally. The western colonial PR machine did a sterling job of convincing Africans that the black people in the west were slaves, they deserved it, they weren't good enough, etc, etc. So, the targeted venom towards Jamaica is blatantly as a result of the media machine that has not stopped trying to totally tarnish the relationships that Jamaicans have with the rest of the world. The fact that they have been the loudest voices praising the divinity of His Majesty is not coincidental to that fact. And with the legacy of piracy in that area, check out the fact that X marks the spot... and the golden X banner is proof that the Prince & Princess are there for real.

So... I think that InI who have direct generational link to Africa and Africans need to consider the disparity in the relationship between Africans at home and abroad... and with our dual overstanding, we must be able to figure out how to improve mutual understandings.

Although, Babylon has to burn still. So... I'm not in a rush for everyone to get along... cos there are MANY MANY corrupt and ignorant Africans who remain just as much of a scourge on Africa as the Europeans. So FIYAH for those who stand in the way of the manifestation of Zion, on both sides!

Give thanks!

Messenger: Ras KebreAB Sent: 9/28/2007 7:41:58 AM

As Ark I said "I have heard about much wickedness that goes on in certain parts of Ethiopia, but I would never go around talking about removing the Ethiopian cancer"

better to say, remove the cancer from ethiopia, remove the cancer from jamaica, remove the cancer from off the earth.

"But the levels of ignorance inside of Africa towards Idren exiled in the West is disgusting, equally."

The i said it perfect sistren, I could say somethings about ethiopian people but i wont. I will do my job when i get home. But it kinda surprises me that Bro Dominiq would put down the hostility of ethiopians to anyone with locks just as a reaction to the actions of a few so called Ras. That would be ignoring the history of ethiopia in the last 3 or 4 decades. Besides how many ethiopians actually know of the inner and international runnings of the TTI or EWF

As an aside, once this discussion runs its course, i am still waiting to hear of some of your good experiences there, Bro Dominiq

Blessed Love, a blessed day to all

Messenger: Bro Dominiq Yehyah Anbesa Sent: 9/28/2007 8:29:39 AM


I can only tell about my own experiences. And this is what I do and I will go on doing that. I was there as an observer and I have to share those experiences. Many people won't like that.

Ras Kebre, the I say you don't overstand why I say the hostility of Habesha against Dreadlock Rasta comes through the example of "few socalled Rasses". If it was that case, I would perfectly agree. But I thought the I is a man who knows the shituation first hand. It's the opposite, it's only a few Rasses in Shashe who show a good example. The masses show the Ithiopians the image they already know. Just the last weekend in Addis there was another reggae concert at Meskal Sq (Abiot). Headliner was Luciano, also there during my time was Mutabaruka. Besides that I do not like reggae concerts in the first place, you just had to take a ride in the Taxis... knowing some amharinya and listen to what the habesha think about the reggae clowns. For my part, a serious representation of Haile Selasie First High Order does look different.

And you say you wonder if the habesha know about the international runnings of TTI, JRDC, EWF etc. The Habesha (and Oromo too) are not that ignorant and dum as the Idren there like to think. They may not have insight in international runnings (although many have some insight through dealing with the Idren). But they do have eyes to see, to see that there are people who do not work nothing, sit around all day drinking beer, smoking and flirting obscene with ethiopian girls AND STILL have enuff money to look down on the natives and treat them like a dirty servant. They have eyes to see. And they understand and it's no secret that big money is flowing from abroad through organisations and funds. And the inhabitants see that. And the I knows that in Ithiopia the saying "only he who works has a right to eat" is a hard truth. But here are guys who don't work for their big money and lifestyle, and don't even use their money for good things. Opposite the JRDC school you have the biggest (TTI) villa I have ever seen! It looks like the beverly hills. I don't say anything about that, and I say we all should work for such prosperity cah we kings and queens pon earth! But people come and tell you WHERE that money is from, and WHAT this money is used for.

Yes sorry, originally I wanted to tell about the beautiful experiences. And I tell you one thing, don't get me wrong, ALL my experiences were in the one or other way beautiful. Shashamane didn't frustrate me because I already knew those stories and knew what awaited me.

Well I already gave an overview on I n I journey. So maybe the I has some specific questions. You have the highest Ightes there. But it's too much to tell, and some things are just to keep in head heart and mind and not to tell.
But I will try to tell more about the positive things. Just remind me of the northern highlands.... the thiopian mountains.... the greenest and most beautiful scenario I have EVER seen in my whole life.... garden Eden still life and present.


Messenger: Yaa Asantewa Sent: 9/28/2007 8:39:03 AM

will we see any pics??

Messenger: Ras KebreAB Sent: 9/28/2007 3:20:06 PM

Blessed Love i idren Dominiq

Well, umm, let me see

First to say, believe me iyah, i know the the things the i is talking about, although, you have informed i of a few new things since you arrived back, and i am most thankful for that, yes. And i dont want you to get the idea that ini do not want to hear this things, well, lol we may not want to but we NEED to, so have no fear of speaking of what you know to be true..

I did not say that the hostility of Ethiopians towrads rasta couldnt be due to the actions of a few rases. I said it couldnt JUST be due to the actions of a few Rases.
Of course the i is probably right that there are could be indeed more wolves than sheep around there right now, but when i said "few", i just meant the number of the whole rasta community in comparison with the vast ethiopian population.

And when i said, how many ethiopians really know about the inner and international runnings of Rastafari, i was responding to the line you made about "You think those Ithiopians around whole ithiopia (and especially in Shashe) all together just blindly ......"
Thats what i meant. Really how many people around the whole of ethiopia have even ever met or sat and reasoned with Rastafari. Even in Shashamane, i would think that compared to the whole region, only a few would really know what is going on

This is what i am not overstanding, the i say things like
"knowing some amharinya and listen to what the habesha think about the reggae clowns. For my part, a serious representation of Haile Selasie First High Order does look different."

But you and i both know that, regardless of reggae and what not, those very same habesha you were riding with in the bus would still call you a clown, even if you are upholding True Rastafari principles.
I know this very well. i grew up in it. i have been considered a clown by many ethiopians ever since my locks were just little buds
Which is not surprising at all, not after decades of anti Selassie propoganda by the Derg and this subsequent government
You know already, that you do not even have to speak of King Selassie as the Almighty. Just speak of him as a Great King, and you will find many ready to disrespect you.
Thats why i said it surprises i that you would put their hostilty JUST as result of the actions of some wolves in ras clothing

So, why is anyone wondering why the idren in Ghana are not experiencing such harsh things ?
Well, Ghana is a bit removed from Ethiopia, wouldnt you say, in terms of distance and sphere of political and domestic influences
But a different thing in Ethiopia. There, the name of King Selassie I still has strong ramifications, politically, domestically and in the church and ini as Rastafari Sons and Daughters of HIS Majesty can expect to get fight from all three sections
You have the politics, where they are telling you already to keep out of their way
domestic wise, you will have people from your neighbours to your own families fighting against you, persecuting you for HIS names sake,
and the churches know a threat to their authority when they see it for sure

I am not sure how this is reading, lol, so excuse if i am a bit erratic, but i am rushing to prepare everything before the sabbath starts

Anyway, ini should already know and accept that it is going to take years of sweat blood and tears to build ini nation, so, no time for weakness

As the ingels chant

I say we may not know
we cannot tell
what trials await us there
But Jah Himself will be our light
to guide us by the way

Holy I Selassie I JAH RASTAFARI LORD of the Sabbath
Hail ye HIM, all ye nations of the earth
Rastafari Is

Messenger: Ras KebreAB Sent: 9/29/2007 6:27:51 PM

Blessed Love

Yes i

"But it's too much to tell, and some things are just to keep in head heart and mind and not to tell."
I know just what the i mean iyah, keep the things that are meant to be kept. Ini just want to hear some of the things that jump to your mind when you think of your trod in Ithiopia, maybe something you saw, maybe someone you spoke to...

I do not have much specific questions for the i right now since i am not yet sure of your total experiences yet. But as the i tells ini more of some of the things the i seen and places the i been, some specific questions might come to i mind to ask. I did already ask one question if you had a chance to meet any Bahtawi Nazarite. I do not know if you remember but i did say to you once long ago that when i forward home, one of the first things i want to do is seek out those mystics. There is a serious lack of knowledge about them i that is one thing of interest to i.
I do not know how long it has been since the last time the i was there, but i would love to hear of how much it has changed since i was there, like Addis Ababa, i can imagine they must be ruining my city in their mad rush for modernity. And what about the Rastafari community in Addis ? things like that.....

and like sis Yaa said,,,,will we see any pics ?? lol

Blessed Love
Rastafari is

Messenger: Bro Dominiq Yehyah Anbesa Sent: 9/30/2007 7:56:49 AM


Well brethren now we come to talk about those things of which I think they are most essential.

Well, i myself did not make THOSE experiences. Nearly nobody laughed about me or looked down on me because of His Majesty. But it's the opposite that occured and surprised me very much, the growing awareness and love for their Imperial history and also His Majesty. Nearly every taxi you ride you see the Selassie pictures. People on the streets wear selassie t-shirts. so THAT was not the problem.
That is why I say it's so sad, because finally our people in Ethiopia come and start slowly to stretch out their hands unto I n I God, and those who claim to represent I n I God in Ithiopia show a ridiculous example. That's the sad thing. Many love and respect the King and show it openly on the streets... and I believe many many more would do the same if they didn't fear to be put in one of those boxes with the reggae clowns if they showed their love for the King openly.

That is why I say we have to seperate I n Iselves from that and show a completely NEW and serious image of Haile Selassie I Sons and Daughters that is respected. And in order to do so, I n I must do it in the Ithiopian way. In Ithiopia, if you want people to respect you, accept your help, accept you as a builder of betterness, one of the creators that Africa awaits, you can't come in torn clothes and smoked up the whole day. We need people to work together with the Addis Council, the AU, the ECA and UN in general. We need to see I n I people walking the streets in Addis in suits like His Majesty showed us, doing big works economically and politically in representation of I n I Majesty's throne. There are so many forces, and Rastafari must show that I n I is the highest force dealing on the highest levels. If RastafarI would trod like His Majesty showed us, the habesha would love us and not laugh.

Like I said, I say it again, His Majesty was never (except for one time) the reason why Ithiopians laughed about I n I, first of all it was ALWAYS the association with Jamaica and THE jamaicans.


Messenger: Ten Sent: 9/30/2007 8:08:41 AM

Blessed Love
Aya, how do Ethiopians feel abt reggae music then - is there a difference to them between mainstream reggae and conscious vibes? And do they know Rastafari is first and foremost a spiritual order? Did you meet sackman and sackwomban in your trod?
Ises High
Hail HIM

Messenger: Bro Dominiq Yehyah Anbesa Sent: 9/30/2007 8:10:25 AM

Ises again

To your questions.
As far as I know, you can't go just like that and meet Bahatawis. I know people who were called and saw things which we can't even imagine. I was not called this time. I met priests and monks, but no Bahatawi. But I too would have found them much more interesting, as it is said that they live outside of EOC.

Well, Addis is Africa's capital and tries to show that. The whole of Addis is one single construction site, new buildings, new roads etc. Yes everything grows and gets modern. Now you have the mobile mania, everybody has the best, newest and "coolest" mobiles.... people carry it like symbols. And it's still the extreme contrasts, the rich bizness three piece suit people who you see on open street bowing to a historical priest kissing the ancient cross.
In fact the basic overstanding of the is not too bad, because this is what His Majesty taught us what he called Modern Ethiopianism. Material progress alongside Spiritual progress. You have western technics and Incient spirituality, meeting on the streets day by day. But still I don't get along with the mental conceptions of most Ethiopians, but that's just my personal impression.

The RastafarI community in Addis..... well, as I witnessed, there is no COMMUNITY in the whole of Ethiopia. Sad but true. There are SOME FEW people who work together. Some years ago one of the leading pillars of RastafarI in Addis (who did the greatest works) died because of his "ital diet". Now you have the different people who worked with him trying to build up something again. But fact is everything lies in pieces and everybody is on his own.

Well, yes we have fotos. But I do not know how and where to load them up. I only know to post pictures which are already on the internet. But we nearly only have personal pictures and no "representing" ones which could give an objective impression of the situation.


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