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Cancel Africas Dept and Stop Vulture Funds-Jubilee Act

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Messenger: kayaisesajah Sent: 9/22/2007 7:20:25 PM

Collegues, I am writing to you seek your support for the Jubilee Act. Please refer below for details. There are two things you can immediately do to support this great cause:

1. send an email through the afsc website ( you just add your name to a draft - it only takes 3minutes - see details below
2. call 1-202-224-3121 and ask the Capitol switchboard operator to connect you to your member of Congress' office and encourage them to co-sponsor the JUBILEE ACT

Your support counts!!! - see action alert below!!!

Shall we let Africa’s children die of curable or preventable disease; prevent them from going to school; destroy their opportunities for meaningful work - to pay off odious loans made to their forefathers? -Archbishop Desmond Tutu
The JUBILEE ACT (H.R. 2634), recently introduced by Representatives Waters (D-CA) and Bacchus (R-AL) promises billions in new resources for Africa and reform of inefficient lending practices by the international financial institutions, including the World Bank, International Monetary Fund, and the African Development Bank.

By freeing up 14 billion dollars in funds currently paid by Sub-Saharan African nations as debt service, countries will be able to redirect those resources for domestic use. Countries benefiting from previous cancellation efforts have increased poverty alleviation efforts. For example:
· Uganda is using its $57.9 million in savings to improve energy infrastructure to try to ease acute electricity shortages, as well as primary education, malaria control, healthcare and water delivery.
· Zambia is using its $23.8 million in savings to support agricultural projects on smallholder irrigation and livestock disease control, as well as to eliminate fees for healthcare in rural areas.

Right now, AFSC and other organizations are working to increase the number of JUBILEE ACT co-sponsors so when the promised hearing is scheduled, the bill has the support it needs to actually be sent to the House floor for a vote. Increasing Congressional co-sponsorship also sends a strong message to the Bush Administration that debt cancellation remains a concern for many people in this country

Currently, there are 44 representatives sponsoring the bill; our goal is 100 members by the end of August. Help us meet this goal!

Take Action today
· Send an email message to your member through AFSC’s action website:
· Call 1-202-224-3121 and ask the Capitol Switchboard operator to connect you to your member of Congress’ office and encourage them to co-sponsor the JUBILEE ACT.
· In August, Members will be in their home districts on summer recess. This is a great time to set up a meeting in their district office to share your support for the JUBILEE ACT.

You can read the actual text of the JUBILEE ACT on the official Thomas website at

AFSC Life Over Debt Campaign | 215.241.7168 | E-mail:

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