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Lottery - The Poor Man's Tax

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Messenger: Ark I Sent: 2/13/2004 8:00:17 PM


The Lottery that the governments run are used to take money from poor people. They use psychology to manipulate people's emotions with the dream of winning millions.

It is poor people that spend the most money on the lottery. More poor people buy lottery tickets than the rich and richer, and poor people spend more money on lottery tickets than the rich and richer. If Babylon government charged people additional taxes equal to the amount of money they spend on the lottery, people wouldn't stand for it.

So Babylon tricks them with illusion to spark their false dreams. And people buy and buy and pay them so much money for nothing. Once in a while someone wins, but most pay for nothing.

If someone came up to 20 people and said, "If all of you give me 10 dollars, I will hold a draw where one of you have a chance of winning 100 dollars". People would laugh at this person and send him away. Why would they collectively pay him 200 dollars, and then get half of that money returned to only one person. While the man that thought of the scheme keeps the other half for himself.

I figure that most lotteries work more or less in the same way, so I will use one example to illustrate. The Ontario provincial government in Canada sold 2.11 billion dollars in lottery tickets during 2002. Only 50% ($1.55 B) of this money went back to the winnings.

The government uses 13% of the 2.11 billion (26% of their $1.55 B) to pay for operating expenses and to give commissions to the stores that sell the tickets. The government keeps the other 37% of the 2.11 billion (74% of their $1.55 B) as profit.

If you take 37% of 2.11 billion, that gives 781 million dollars of pure profit to the government for the year. And only 100 million dollars of this goes to charity, so the government still keeps 681 million dollars for themselves.

Many people think that the loottery is good fun and they don't mind losing the money because it goes to charity. But Only 12% of the ontario government profits (4.7% of the 2.11 billion) went to charity in 2002 and they will never give more than 100 million, so if they make more money in the lottery, the charities 100 million might only be 9%, 6% or less of the governments profit, depending how many lottery tickets are sold. So the only one that wins when more tickets are purchased is the government, it makes no difference to the charities.

I have bought lottery tickets only a few times in I life, but I usually don't because I don't want to support this wicked establishment that manipulates poor people's mind to steal from them. Where the poor people are not just letting Babylon steal from them, but they are eager and look forward to Babylon stealing from them, because the thief keeps on promising every single person that he will share the loot with them.

On top of that, they get interest paid to them from the jackpot money, during the time that nobody gets a winning ticket.

Babylon will fall in their wicked ways.

Ark I
Haile Selassie I

Messenger: Ark I Sent: 7/12/2011 10:15:07 PM

Does the I them see how Babylon advertises for lottery and casino gambling. They give an illusion of euphoria and happiness when people are in the casino, or entice people with the wonder of winning those millions.

Several years ago, I was in Niagara Falls with I wife, and we decided to observe what a casino was like, we had never been to one before. We didn't play at any of the tables, but just played 20 dollars worth in slot machines. When observing the people around us playing the slot machines, they looked depressed or something and were just pressing the button again and again. They looked like they were playing slots for hours.

We never went to a casino again after that.

It is sad to think how much money people lose with their false hope of winning the lottery or one of the many casino games.

One time I spoke to a man at a convenience store and he said some people spend a one or two hundred dollars in lottery tickets in one day.

I wrote the message above in 2004, and I still have not bought a lottery ticket or dealt with other kind gambling, except sometimes if some children are selling tickets to raise money.

I know some people who buy lottery tickets as a group at I workplace. Some of them have said things like, "what if one day we win, won't you wish that you were part of it?", I tell them no and that it is much more likely that they will never win anything significant. Even if they did win, I would have no regrets. I don't worry about things like that, I have too much Faith and Trust in the Most High, and I know that Selassie I will always provide for I and I family.

Messenger: rastajedi Sent: 7/13/2011 12:25:37 AM

Voluntary Taxation. the height of ignorance.

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Haile Selassie I