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Rasta (Black Leaders)

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Messenger: Roots Dawtha Sent: 2/6/2004 9:27:14 AM

Rastafarian as I&I look at the world I&I wanna scream/I&I wanna scream out I&I lungs so loud/where are you creative genius
I&I need you/I&I need you to take I&I hand/elevate/stimulate/educate I&I mind/eradicate all the hatred black on black crime
Teach I&I how to be a leader/a warrior in I&I time
I&I wanna rise/I&I wanna rise as the great poet Maya Angelou writes "Still I rise"
But how can I rise/shine be a leader/follower of Jah
like Sojournor Truth/Queen Nefertiti/Marcus Garvey/Martin Luther King/Haile Selassie
When I&I look in the mirror/I&I see/I&I see a refelction of I&I people rape/misuse/confuse/homeless and lost daddies
Am haunted everyday reliving the lynching/hanging of I&I brethren
I&I sistren are tired/angry/restless/children crying/hungey
I&I brethren running/in prison/dying of this thing call Crack/Aids/as I speak
Where is I&I vision Rasta/how can I&I survive/be strong/stand tall/assist/in your absence
Yet I&I must never give up because of JAH
As I&I look at the world I wanna scream JAH RASTAFARI keep on sustaining I&I/keep close to I and love I&I unconditionally.

Just one love to all!!!

Roots Dawtha

Messenger: Nefertiti Sent: 2/6/2004 11:18:20 PM


ROOTS DAWTHA................Bless for that I-tation. I site that call up for guidance and wisdom and courage. Lately doubt has been burning down pon me. INI know that INI have all the power of I-ration, yet mi thoughts been playing with doubt.....

Thanks and Praises for the strenght of the ancients b4 i....INI have that power and more ...Jah Rasta Far I. I k ow that INI called to great destiny to Jah.....not i......

Lord open I's to I-ration of all that is of JAH Rasta Far I.

A littel Marcus Garvey for
Bravest Soul
August 22, 1927

The toil of life is never ending;
It passes from one stage to others;
We live beneath its sombre bending,
And ape the customs of our fathers.

We glory in its radiant joys,
And smile with the everlasting sun;
This eternal change that man employs,
Has been so from Adam's day begun.

The bravest soul truly conquers all,
In seeing God in our fellow man,
This planet is just a spinning ball
Of God's wondrous spiritual plan.

In this life we may know no better;
But in death we pass to Spirit Land,
Where the Soul is free from all fetter,
To join God in His creative hand.

Messenger: Roots Dawtha Sent: 2/7/2004 11:36:04 AM

Give thanks Nefertiti!

I & I is here to spread love, wise info, uplift and share. Jah is in the I you will conquer all confusion & downpressor. Keep Strong. I& I will say a prayer for the I. Marcus Garvey was and still is a great man. Rastafari!

Roots Dawtha

Messenger: peter mloyi Sent: 2/8/2004 5:19:44 AM

Dis a great itation from i sisteren Rooys dawta.
I'n'I haffi rise, outa belly of the beast, outa downpresserman, outa slave driver, outa antichrist....But i'n'i strucked by my own "leader" turn my oppressor, my crack dealer, my backbitter. him supply guns and killing machines to my brothers to fight mi down, Him nuh tell me truth bout aids and hiv ting.
Hariet tubman drive de undergruond railroad outa no pay, thousands of my peoples become free, partially?. my leaders we give them diplomatic services 1st class life, modernfast cars but can't reach our people to set them free.
Massacre is afrika's common word, I wonder who will remain from dis Hiv-aids ting eating my people's, i feel like crying when i see my brother or sistren dying inna hospital cue for not having money to bribe the doctor! Malaria is a common desease but a main killer in africa!
Development is our cry but they ARE leading us in a wrong path knowinglly. Africa can't feed it's self! what a shame for us. Our father in strugle edward Blyden Wilmot dreamed of creating a great civilization in Liberia to shine all of afrika to freedom and advancement. Where are we his decendants. Can't we feed it like what the great...America is doing to it's people.

Messenger: the rock Sent: 2/8/2004 9:00:17 AM

the man made weapon that this man made, to stop the grouth of the orgional people,is now in there own town. i live in cali,there is a lot of people out hear dieing (gun,druges,hiv,genisside,selfdestruction).

it is hard everwere,the only way that i see people comeing out of this is knowledge of self... then the loss of seld so that one can join with all..INI..

the money make the youth want to kill so we must show them by our actions (FAITH WORKS INA JAH) that money is just part of the picture. once the youth get money it must be used so that the money make more money.NOT to kill them people that do not have....

life is one big road with lots of signs, so.. when your are rideing throught the ruff don't complicate(bob).you know the rest..

peace to all all to peace

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